How To Overcome Shyness In Your Child?

Most importantly, as parents you need to understand this fact that being shy for child is completely normal and nothing like that needs to be worried on. You should definitely put some sincere efforts to help them come out of their shy shell but in such a way that they don’t even come to know that there were ever struggling with this. The reason behind shyness in kids is generally their extreme innocence due to which they do not know how to behave or react in new environment or with new people. They are not that quick and smart enough at that age of theirs to relate things with any past meetings and behave in the correct way. So, the problem is not that big as you are thinking and if you step up in the right way, the solution can also be attained quickly. Shy nature in kids is just a phase, and if taken care of on time it’s not a big deal at all. Some of the best ways which can help your shy kid gain back their confidence could be some of these which will definitely help in building up lot of confidence. Creating those situations in advance as dummy ones and divulging him or her to them under your counseling and direction is the excellent way. The more guidance he or she gets, the extra understanding he or she will develop and this will further enhance his ability to handle any new circumstances easily.

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According to child expert advice, it is suggested from their end that kids with shy attitude should be handled very smartly. Before they are about to enter any new situation or meet any new person, sharing some prior details regarding them is an effective way. When they are meeting any new person, you can introduce them earlier to their meet by showing some happy photos with them, explaining your relation with them and you can even share some good memories you had with them. This in return will make your kids familiar to them even if they meet that new person for the first time. If there is any situation that he is new to, you can brief out some details regarding it and even try reasoning with them. Though, the technique of reason works very well for some kids but for few, it is not a good idea because they are over driven by emotions. Try some of the below given ideas which will surely help in overcoming shyness and gaining confidence in your child:

  1. Begin with small things like: If you are going for purchasing to any store, let your kid pay to the cash counter and teach him/her to how to count money before giving, signing the receipt, checking the items etc. Correct your kid softly, if mistaken. In case if you are going for lunch or dinner to any hotel, ask your kid to place the order to the waiter. So, try some of such methods which boost the inner confidence of your kid. Not only this, such ideas also make them feel that they are equally important and initiate the feeling of self reliance.
  2. Let them feel comfortable at social gatherings. Shy children often surround their parents or hide besides them and you as a parent initiate them when they do so. Instead, stop doing the same and give him his own space. Introduce them to the kids of your relatives and make them friends. Allow them to attend their friend’s birthday party alone meaning thereby drop them, stay for a while and when you see him or her busy in some fun filled activities, let him go on and leave.
  3. Children spend ample time in school and so it is equally important for them to overcome their shyness there too. As a parent you can understand this issue of your kid easily but everyone cannot. So, the best idea could be to interact personally with their teachers and share their shy nature. You can request teachers to increase their involvement in more of group activities, projects and games. This will help the child to have a comfortable environment in the school by having friends, initiating helping nature and discussing and exploring new ideas.
  4. As per study, it has been noticed that there are two major activities that can formulate the level of confidence and suppress their shy nature most efficaciously. They are dramatic play and games done in the form of group activities. Both of these activities have all the capabilities to enhance their physical power, mental power and build self assurance. In dramas, they learn to speak publicly and represent themselves in a confident manner and while playing games, their hidden talent is revealed and their urge to win also makes them work harder. You never know which such activities can make you child a future star.
  5. Spend some qualitative time with your kid and understand them deeply. See if there is anything that is worrying your kid and if yes; be friendly enough to share the same. Do not give him any such feeling which makes him or her bad about oneself; instead try such ways that can actually help in overcoming his shyness.
  6. A shy kid is not good at making friends as well and that is because of his shyness. So, being a parent it is your responsibility to make him learn how to make friends. You take a step forward and show him how to enter the playground, introduce to them and make them friends, request them to join him in his game. Next time, encourage him to do it himself.
  7. Become the role model of your child and teach them how to take a stand for oneself in different social situations like: teasing, bullying etc. You can even do role plays of such situations and make them understand so that whenever he or she faces this type of situation can handle it very well on his own.
  8. Never tag mark your child as “he is shy” or “she is shy” especially before others else this won’t let him overcome his fear and hesitation. In addition, he won’t be able to share a comfort zone with you (as a parent) as well and will develop a feeling of hatred and frustration.
  9. Initiate more and more opportunities for your kid to interact socially on regular basis so that slowly and gradually he/she will be able to make a space outside his shy shell. Don’t try to do everything at one shot because it is not a miracle that will happen suddenly. Slowly & gradually, make efforts and cherish the results soon.
  10. Last but not the least; make it a point, not to force him to do anything compulsorily else he will do it half heartedly or might result to increase in irritation and frustration in his attitude. Your job as a parent should be to become a friend of your kid not a Hitler.



Amazing Gift Ideas To Bestow Your Wife On Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth… A day to express and celebration love between a husband and wife!

Karva Chauth is celebrated all over the North India with lots of enthusiasm. It is one day fast which is specifically performed by the wives for their husbands. It is one of the famous festivals of Hindu religion. The fast is kept by the wives from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and long life of husbands. If we talk about the toughness of this fast, Karva Chauth is considered to be one of the most difficult fasts. Women don’t even take a single drop of water during the whole day and evening till the moon rises. They apply mehandi on the previous day and get ready on the day of fast by wearing traditional saree or suit and jewelry, bindi, bangles, sindoor and doing complete make up to look most beautiful. Then, they hear the story of Karva Chauth and when moon rises, they offer water to the moon and looks at their husbands with the help of sieve. Wives even touch the feet of their husbands after this and then break their fast. Such beautiful, this day is and so gifting something to your wife is the way to unveil your hidden love for your wife!

Are you confused thinking what should you gift to your beloved wife? When your wife is showing her sincere love, commitment and dedication towards you in the form of keeping fast then as a husband, it is your responsibility to make her feel special by gifting her something that she loves a lot or she has been desiring for long. There are various gift ideas that you can gift your dear wife on such an auspicious occasion. It could be any among these:

Bouquet of Flowers:

boquet of flowers

Flowers, especially red roses or white lilies are loved the most by woman. Red roses are said to be the symbol of love. You can get a beautiful bouquet prepared from a good floral shop which includes a bunch of beautiful flowers with pleasing fragrance. You can even get a heart shaped bouquet prepared of red roses, which will give a perfect look on this day of love. Adding a small greeting card will add five stars to this gift idea. So, what have you decided??



Jewelry is the second love of every woman and nothing can impress her more than this. Irrespective of the collection she owes, her craving for jewelry keeps on increasing with the passage of time. Depending on your budget, you can gift her any jewelry item like: ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet, necklace or anklet. These can be of silver, diamond or gold as per your choice and the size of pocket. But the best part is that whatever you gift her will be the most precious one for her because it showcases your love and respect towards her. So, the price of the gift does not matter but your feelings hidden behind it definitely matters.

Simple or Designer Saree:

model no 31005PRICE:- 2170

Now, this is again something that woman keeps adding to her wardrobe without counting the existing ones and why not, after all it’s her right! Depending on what your woman loves, you can make a decision to whether purchase a simple saree or a designer one. The best part about this gift is that it suits within the range of every man. All you need to do is to go to a good saree shop and select the latest style saree of the color she loves to wear and get it gift wrapped. Isn’t it an awesome idea?

Designer Attire:

designer attire1

If your beloved wife loves modernized wear, then you can make a choice of any designer attire. The entire woman is not comfortable to carry saree always, so any designer outfit will serve to be a superb idea. If your mind is blank with what to purchase, then just drive to any designer boutique and quote the choice of your wife to the owner and then he or she will help you in making a decision. A designer one piece or top or kurta, you can choose any among these. The right way could be to close your eyes and imagine her in the attire you chose!

designer attire 2

Personalized Gifts:

personalized Gifts

Nothing can be more than amazing gift than giving your beloved wife any personalized gift. These could be: coffee mug, cushions, pillow covers, bed sheet or photo frame with the imprint of your romantic photos and messages in them. You must be thinking, where to purchase them from? Well, you can either prefer any online store or now days there are various malls which have such shops that offer making of personalized gifts. So, make a choice that you think will be loved by your wife. An awesome gift that she will cherish forever!

Branded Watch:

Wrist Watch

A trendy watch for her wrist is also a perfect gift to give her on the day of Karva Chauth. Whenver she will wear it, that watch will remind of this day. You can choose any: copper, metallic, silver or golden polished washed, whichever you think has run a little obsolete out of her collection. You are sure to love the smile on her lips when she will unwrap that gift and nothing you can wish more than this. Choose one, keeping her choice in mind!

Recreated Wedding Photo Album:

recreated wedding album 2

This idea of gift is especially for the ones whose marriage period has crossed five years or more. But this is sure to create a feeling of intense love and emotions over her. Just take your wedding album secretly to any artistic studio and ask him to recreate it in a novel style. It is sure that she will never forget this moment of her life when you will gift her recreated photo album with a red rose. A journey of years wrapped in a stylish way!

Stylish Handbag:


Without giving a second thought, you can gift her, a stylish handbag on this special day of Karva Chauth. This will serve as a true expression of your intense love and respect you carry for her. Carrying it to a kitty party or when going to market, this stylish handbag will always make her remember you. The shine in eyes will speak her hidden feelings.

Gift Hamper:

gift hamper

For this, you can take a bucket and include various small gifts that she will like and contribute to the gift hamper. Things that you can include are: Love card, chocolates, teddy bear, red rose, any night wear, different accessories, branded cosmetics etc. Even the imagination of such hamper is making you excited, isn’t it? Though this will demand little extra effort, but will mark as one of the most heart touching gifts for her because this gift hamper will showcase that you know and care about each and every choice.

Branded Perfume or Deodorant:

Perfume or deodrant

If she loves to wear the perfume or deodorant whenever she steps out, then gifting her, a branded perfume or deodorant with a soft and pleasing fragrance will also be an excellent idea. May be this is something that she has been wishing since long, so why to leave a chance to impress her and show your love for her. Don’t forget to gift wrap it in a trendy way so that she cannot guess what it can be! Asking her to guess can also be a real fun.

Well, not to worry, if you are running short of money this month. You can gift her, a simple red rose with knees bent and say her three magical words “I LOVE YOU” and this will make her speechless. Affordable and extremely romantic! Gifts are just a way of expressing your love but actually no gifts are required to express your true love because eyes and deeds speak everything. All she needs is your time, respect, love and care.

Do comment and let us know if you appreciate the ideas given by us. If you think that we have missed on any gift idea then please feel free to share with us. We would love to hear from you!

How To Handle Behavioral Problems Of Children ?

The judgment of good and bad behavior of a child differs from one parent to the other. On one hand where one parent considers any particular behavior to be inappropriate, on the other hand the same behavior might not appear that way to the other one. In the similar way, the reaction of the parents towards the behavior of their kids also varies from one parent to another. For example: Some are extra sweet, some are very strict, few of them can never see tears in their child’s eye and some are really patient to handle even the most naughty kid. The character of the child also add lot of difference to the whole situation, as in, few kids react to happiness by being excess noisy while others follow a ‘hardly care’ attitude. The circumstances directly impact the attitude of the children, so every parent should be extra careful and should handle the behavioral problems with much of ease. At times, parents are not able to understand the change in the behavior of a child and so the problem becomes more complicated. If we discuss about the reasons about the behavioral changes in a child, there could be many like:

  • Even small changes could matter for them a lot which can be any of these; welcome of a new member in the family, changing house, birth of a new baby, beginning any sort of business from home etc.
  • At times the behavioral issues could be because of you as a parent. Let’s take an example: If you have given chocolates to your baby to keep quiet while you were busy purchasing at any store, he/she will expect the same every time and if you do not react the same way, the change in behavior is but normal.
  • Children notice the things very sharply and react to them instantly. If there is any sort of problem in your family or your husband wife relationship is going through any personal issues, little angel might take no time to turn devil. In such a situation neither blame the child nor yourself, rather be patient enough to tackle your child with love and care.
  • Peculiarly observe as to why your child is turning aggressive, unhappy, and too silent or any sort of strange behavior. Such a reaction could be due to excess tiredness, hunger, lack of sleep, frustration, boredom, hurt etc.
  • Behavioral problem could also be a result of attracting your attention. He/she might be lacking your company and want to spend time with you. So, do think if you are giving ample time to him or her, else it is obvious for your child to react negatively.
  • Even if the kids are slightly mature then one of the reasons for their behavior issue could be comparison with other kids. Kids often have the feeling that the so called child has that toy and he/she doesn’t. It could be any other thing apart from toy as well. This could make them frustrated and angry and so the reactions are obvious.

Before coming to any conclusion about your child’s behavior, first understand the reason behind it because no kid reacts unnecessarily and above all, they are not mature enough to handle any such situations. Little children are soft at heart and you never know what attitude of yours or anyone else in the family can actually hurt them. Being a parent you need to understand that it is just one of phases of life which they will overcome, one they grow up and start understanding things. Those behavioral problems are to be worried which are impacting the life of the people around you. Do not straight away take any action in order to prove that you are a caring parent instead deal with it smartly and in such a way that it does not encroach the heart of the little one. There are certain effective ways that will help you to deal with behavioral problems of the child easily and calmly:

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  1. Be a smart parent

Though you know very well that you are a parent but in such situations where child is behaving awkwardly, you might forget this fact and behave like them, which are not justified at all. So, always remember that you are parent and no one can handle any situation in regard to your child better than you. Do not become a child yourself while dealing with your kid else situations might turn worst and end up to unnecessary arguments. Hence avoid all this completely and be a smart parent.

  1. Be Confident & React in the Correct Way

Whatever you do as a parent should be correct for your child and the whole family too. Think from the perspective of your kid before coming to any conclusion, be confident that you will do best for your child and react in the correct way. After all, the positive attitude can break even the hardest stone hindering one’s way so here it is just you and your child.

  1. Be Logical & Consistent

Children are deep observers, so be logical and consistent in whatever you speak. Do not react in different ways on same situations (if any similar situations occur simultaneously). Your words and actions should not vary each other else kids are smart enough to notice you. If this happens, they might get more confused and won’t trust you in future which might change their behavior negatively.

  1. Don’t Quit before Succeeding

If you have decided to help your child to overcome with his behavior problems, do as best as you can and do not give up or quit the mission till you get success. Kids take time to understand and efforts take time to show results. You can take the help of your partner or anyone close to you in the family for better and quick result. Even consulting your child’s health doctor can help you a lot.

  1. Speak to Your Kid

Kids are so soft and gentle at heart that one can easily capture it with few simple tricks. Whenever you see your child reacting inappropriately, speak to him/her and ask the reason of why he or she is doing so, rather than making wrong suppositions. Even if your kid is too small to talk and express, still he/she ill have their own way of expressing it. All you need is to be a humble and patience filled parent to listen and understand. This will bring your child more close to you and next time if they go through any such problem; they prefer speaking to you directly and solving their confusions within seconds instead of reacting through bad behavior. Isn’t this a great idea and solves your problem forever?

  1. Never Over React

Kids are too small to understand and react to any situation and so is the cause of behavioral problems. At times the attitude of the child becomes too annoying and displeasing, and so it becomes to control your temper too as a parent. But as a parent it is advisable to you, to never over react on such situations. Your over reaction might worse the situations more and children will develop a feeling of hatred and dislike for you which is no good at all. Hence, try to calm down your child and make him or her busy in other activities so that his/her mind is diverted. Later, you can cool down your mind by talking and discussing it with other parents who are a good friend of yours. Mind you, please do not do any discussion before your child.

  1. Appreciate & Award

On one hand, where you need to have lot of patience as a parent for the incompatible behavior of your child similarly on the other hand, it is your duty as a parent to appreciate and award when your child behaves mannerly. Show them your pleased response on their good behavior by complementing them like:” Well done on completing your home work”, “You are such a good girl/boy that you helped mom by keeping your toys back in the place” etc. The appreciation can be in any simple form which you know that he/she will love and make him/her happy. You can award them by cooking their favorite food or taking them out for ice cream etc. All these ways helps a lot in enhancing the personality of a child along with behavior.

  1. Strictly Avoid Using Hands on Kids (slapping)

Whatever may be the situation, it is just not right to slap or hit the kids in any way. Even if you do so, the kids might stop from doing that particular thing but will leave a negative impact on them. Remember, parents who treat their kids aggressively are sure to turn more aggressive in nature. There are many other ways to warn kids apart from slapping. If you as a parent set hitting as an example to make your kids behave, this means that they will also learn that hitting is no wrong act to do to any one which is actually dangerous.

  1. Express Yourself in a Positive Way

The more positive you are towards your kids, the more positivity your kids will also gain. From behavior to thoughts, everything you do in a positive will surely leave a positive impact on them. It has been noticed that when the child’s behavior is tough to tackle, the good things he/she do, are generally neglected. This is not right at all. Always notice each and every action of your kids. Let’s take for example: If children do well then praise them by clapping, hugging or kissing, if they assist you with any sort of help, then always say ‘Thank you’ to them and in case if you had shown some anger by chance, then do apologize and say them ‘Sorry’ and there are many more such ways which can make them happy at heart. All such expressible acts of a parent never need a reason but are very helpful while dealing with child behavioral problems. They also learn all such good habits automatically. Also, you need not to ever bribe a child for motivating to do well. This means that, only reward them when they have done what they were asked to do but not before that. Remember, it is a reward for their good work not a bribe to make them do forcefully.

  1. Explore the Interest Era of a Child:

The interest field and likings of a child deviates from one child to other. So, explore the amusive activities of your child and pull sometime out, of your busy schedule in order to accompany them in things like: dancing, swimming, karate classes, singing, playing, going to park etc. Every time the cost of happiness should not be measured in terms of money. Your company makes them feel that their happiness is yours happiness too and they too will care about the things that make you happy. This will also make them understand that it is so much fun to be with a happy parent than an angry one so better not to do any such thing that makes their parent angry.

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  1. Never Make Comparisons:

This is something that many children hate. There are many parents who love making comparison of their child with that of others whether in terms of studies, clothes, attitude etc thinking that through this, they can gear up their child but it actually doesn’t work and instead the outcome is negative. Do not ever make comparisons among children because this initiates the feeling of irritation, thwarting and defeat in them which leads to aggression and frustration in their attitude. They feel themselves as looser and give up before trying because they know that at the end of the day their work won’t be appreciated but will be compared. Being a parent you should encourage your child and motivate him/her in every possible way. Such an attitude will fill them with rigor and positive attitude.

So, in order to deal with child’s behavioral problems, you need to change as a parent first and then only the change in the behavior of your child is possible. Above given were some of the major changes that you need to bring as a parent to deal with your child’s little behavioral problems and in addition to these, you can also make slight changes in your daily activities also like:

  • Have a good co-ordination between you and your partner and never interfere each other when one is caring the child in his or her own way. Even if there is something that one needs to correct the other one for, do not do it before your child, and instead have a cool conversation in separate. After all, a healthy environment in a family makes the child also healthy; physically & mentally.
  • Never get into any arguments with your kid because soon it will become a habit and you won’t even come to know. Understand the fact that your kid is too small to get into any discussion and it will take you nowhere. So, leave the matter then and there and let the situation calm down. Your child will automatically get busy in other works and forget the rest.
  • Don’t be too instructive rather be explanatory. Little kids are still at learning age and will take time to understand and follow what you say instantly. So, give them their own space and explain every petty thing so that they can understand well.
  • At times, the behavioral problems of kids are also due to lots of expectations of parents. Hence do not expect a lot from them because they are too small to be perfect in everything and even you are not still.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings with your partner or any dear friends so that they can also help you in their own ways and you can also feel fine after sharing your views with them.

The fact is that any sort of behavioral problem in a child is not permanent. Most of them are age-specific and everything changes with the passage of time when a child grows up and becomes mature gradually. Everyone as a parent needs lots of patience and love to handle them with care. Kids are little and delicate flowers of our garden, so take the best care of them. Neither bee too harsh nor be too lenient to them. Don’t dream of changing every behavioral problem of your child at one shot, pick one or two simultaneously and work on them patiently and once you succeed then only proceed further. Your sincere support and love can change them to overcome any behavioral issue and improve them, so why not to give our hundred percent to them! There is no one better than parents who can thing best about their kids and so you are too. In the words of James Lehman, “Start where your child is and coach them forward.” Meaning thereby, acknowledge the strengths of your child, build them strong, limit your expectations and build your trust towards them and then see what an amazing person your child turns up to be!

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Congratulations & Celebrations… for you have a baby time! Pregnancy is the best news in the life of every lady and why not, after all it is the biggest and most precious gift of the God. But with some gain, also comes little pain and so is the scene, when you are pregnant. Lot of care needs to be taken during this time. Due to hormonal changes, the body of the pregnant lady goes through many changes. One such change is upper back pain. Upper Back pain during pregnancy is quite obvious due to the changes in hormones at this time and increased weight of the mother and the baby in the womb but when it is about spending nine long months with such a pain, it becomes very tough to deal with. So, as a helping guide we have brought you with such an informative piece of article which will help you very much in taking best care of yourself especially when you are the victim of upper back pain during pregnancy. Let us understand the reason of this pain and then know the ways to get rid of it.


What is the reason of Upper back Pain during Pregnancy?

Generally, the focus is laid on the pre-natal lower back pain during pregnancy, but the problem of upper back pain has also been found in equal proportion. In medical language, the upper pack pain occurred during pregnancy is termed as Thoracic Spine. This generally occurs in the third semester of pregnancy but in few cases it might occur early as well, depending on one’s body and the changes that a woman goes through. It is important for you to understand the cause of upper back pain during pregnancy. A woman goes through various changes during this time and as per the medical science there is a reason to every change that a woman faces during pregnancy. So, is in the case of upper back pain. There are numerous reasons as to why women suffer with lot of upper back pain during pregnancy. Let’s understand.

Once you are pregnant, the level of hormones increases in your body speedily which at later stages also prepares the body of a woman for the delivery. These hormones result in relaxing the muscles and ligaments of the stomach and also loosening the muscles of the back portion. This happens so that the baby gets ample place to develop and grow freely. It is a truth that a pregnant woman’s weight step-up by at least 25%. Now as the pregnancy months pass, the size of the baby along with the size of the uterus, both increases which further results in increasing the pressure on the ribs which is the main support of the back to keep firm and strong. Due to the additional pressure caused by weight, the muscles weaken and cause severe upper back pain at the time of pregnancy. Secondly, one more reason for the upper pain during pregnancy is due to the mid of the gravity being wobbled by the baby in the womb which results in inclining the body frontward. Now, in such a situation the back muscles play a significant role in balancing the body weight. Thirdly, the increased size of the breasts could also be one of the reasons of this sort of pain as this leads the shoulders to bend much. This is one of the mandatory changes that the body goes through.

The truth is that all such symptoms are unavoidable and it is not advisable at all to go for pain killers at all as it might harm the health of your baby. Rather you can go for some easy exercises and some safeguards that will help you a lot to get relief from this pain and are also safe for the mother and baby both.



Luckily, there are some really effective measures that can help you a lot in curing the excess upper back pain to an extent. All you need to do is to take some extra care right from the first day of the pregnancy so that the entire time can be a memorable one. Below are few safeguards and interventions that will definitely prove to be a great help to you:

  1. Correct standing position:

Pregnancy time is a pampering time and every expecting mother loves it a lot. Every person in the family gives utmost importance to you and your health and so you can enjoy lots of rest in this whole duration. But at times, there are occasions where your presence is must and you cannot avoid standing. So, in order to ward off upper back pain from occurring, it is important that you follow the correct standing posture. Keep equal distance between both the legs so that the weight of the body which also includes the weight of the baby can be distributed equally. This implies least stress on the upper back portion. Hence, take care of how you stand if there is a requirement; strictly follow correct standing position only.

  1. Correct sitting position:

Like the standing posture, the mother to-be should follow the correct sitting position as well. Obviate the use of leaning chair or sofa, rather prefer sitting on the chair which ensures comfy lumbar support during your pregnancy time. You can even make the use of lumbar pillows on the back of the chair to add more comfort while sitting because when the lower back portion of the pregnant lady is supported in the right way, the chances of having upper back pain becomes minimal. While you sit, make sure that you keep your both the feet on the ground and the distance of the shoulder should be kept breadth aside. The reason behind such posture is that it assures an equalized dispersion of the entire weight with least stress on the back portion. So, the more comfortable your sitting pose is, the more relief you will be from any sort of back pain during pregnancy.

  1. Correct sleeping position:

Sleeping for extended hours, or even lying on the back for long duration are considered to be the causes of back pain during pregnancy. Manage the rest accordingly, meaning thereby, for some time you can sit and relax and for some time you can sleep and take rest. Do not remain in the same posture for a long time; keep changing (as per the advice) from time to time. The expectant mother is considered to sleep on one’s side in a safe position. It is considered to follow the right way of sleeping during pregnancy. Also, say NO to high pillows because it is the job of the pillow to assure the comfortability of the neck and back portion, both. So, prefer sleeping with flat pillows at least during these nine months. In your late pregnancy, it is better to sleep on the left hand side so that no extra force is implied by the uterus on the major vein that is situated on the right hand side of the stomach, named Vena Cava. It also helps in enhancing your blood circulation. A sound sleep works like blessing in disguise, for a pregnant lady.

  1. Go for some stretching exercises:

It is rightly said that when you are in pain, you will try all the necessary cures and opting for some stretching exercises is one of them. This might be of a great assistance when it comes to the upper back pain during pregnancy. There are two examples given under:

  • a) Doorway Muscular Pectoralis: – While standing nearby to the door; put your arms on the frame of the door and raise your hands to the height of your shoulder in such a way that your elbows are bent to ninety degrees altitude. Now put one foot forward and slightly bounce frontward till the time you experience little stretch at the forepart of your chest and shoulders. Stay in the same posture for about thirty seconds. This is it. Make the repetition of the same for about three to four times in a day, with ample of gaps.


  • b) Scapular recantation: – Once done with the above given exercise, you can relax your arms in the normal way and then lightly pinch the shoulder blades unitedly in such a way as if you are attempting to carry a pencil amidst them. Now hold the pose for about five seconds and then take a sigh of relaxation. While repeating this exercise, make various sessions of it and repeat it about 20 to 25 times per session.
  1. Yoga and Massage:

You can even take the help of daily massages by consulting a physiotherapist, while you are expecting. Their professional technique of relieving the pregnancy pain works superb. Also, if pain exists because it is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, you can prefer palliating methods like: cold & hot water bag. In addition, there are specific pregnancy yoga classes which comprises of safe yoga especially for the expecting ladies and are highly helpful for the health of the mommy and the baby both. Such exercises not only relief from any sort of pain but also helps in easy and quick delivery too.

  1. Lift in the right way:

Pregnancy is a delicate time, so it should be handled with maximum care. It is strictly advised to not to pick the heavy weighted articles when you are expecting and in case if there is any urgent need to lift any normal weighted object, you are advised to keep these points in your mind: With an erect back stoop at your knees, elevate with your legs and bring the object nearby to your body and avert any sort of bend and lift motion. If there is a need to bend, bout your complete body along with the feet to confront the new place instead of pivoting at the waistline. You can follow the same style while picking up your little one post delivery. In case, if you need any sort of help, do ask for it, neither hesitate nor try doing any task which you are not comfy doing it.

  1. Be very active:

Always try to be an active mom! Make sure you confirm with your doctor for any of the daily exercises you perform. As per the advice of Dr. Harms, Swimming is the best exercise for an expecting woman. In his words, “It gives the muscles that are supporting your extra weight a break and helps with conditions such as varicose veins and ankle swelling.”So, stay active and energetic as much as you can because this further initiates the growth of your baby too. To add on, wear the inner wears which are very comfortable, nothing such that creates uneasiness.

Even if the above measures do not prove helpful, immediately contact your doctor so that they can actually know the reason and give the necessary requirement. But it should not be ignored in any condition. Though, the issue of upper back pain is obvious during pregnancy but many a times it might be due to pre-term labor or any other serious health issue, so should be treated as a priority. Curing upper back pain not only ensures a safe delivery but also helps you a lot in recovering quickly. Always be strong at heart and make a point that you should be the first one to care yourself because no one can understand your problem better than you even if they are your best care-takers.

Being pregnant or becoming mother is the most unique experience that a lady is bestowed with. Hence, enjoy every bit of it and this can be only done if you are completely healthy. Do memorize all the essential things mentioned above so that you can relish a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Are you having or had this experience in the past?? I would love to discuss more with you, please comment to share your experience with me and my readers.

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Congratulations! Time for party and celebration!! It’s a big news… you are mother to-be. Happiness is everywhere, after all.


Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and desired phase of woman’s life. After all, who does not love to be over cared and pampered! The mother-to be begins to see endless dreams for her upcoming child. Slowly and gradually, everything starts changing into the life of a pregnant woman. Right from the body changes to mood swings, food desires to daily dietary chart, everything undergoes a tremendous change and these nine months become the most memorable time of her whole life. So in order to alleviate a healthy, happy, safe and secure pregnancy; the would-be mother should first inhibit good and healthy eating habits in her daily life of nine months. Exercises advised by your gynecologists should also be a daily work. Pregnancy also brings a lot of responsibility with it. So, to fulfill it with utmost care and concern is the job of everyone around you but first and foremost you are the one to do so.


Desire for varieties of foods is the most common urge of every pregnant woman. Craving for food during pregnancy is completely normal but all you need to take care of is not eating any such food which later harms your baby in any way. Also, avoid over eating of anything. If you are less of experience, or are over loaded with the advice of your loved ones which has confused you a lot and are not sure about what to eat and what not to, then you can definitely have a word with your health doctor who will give you a detailed instruction on your pregnancy dietary chart. For some help, here we are presenting a list of 15 foods that should be strictly out of your eating habits at least for nine months.



Pregnancy is just not a period of nine months but much more than that. From day one, you need to be very conscious and take a lot of care of yourself. The more you care about yourself, the more care you will be able to deliver to the baby. This little angel changes your life completely right from the day when he or she enters your womb. Some changes in the daily lifestyle can help you a lot in leading a happy and healthy pregnancy. From here begins your first change, go and throw away that caffeine tin lying in your kitchen cupboard. This is one of the foods that should be strictly avoided during this extra caring time. Now the question arises, how does coffee impacts the pregnancy? As per the research it has been found that inspite of eating ample of healthy foods if you are consuming caffeine, your ultrasound report will always show your baby as underweight. It is really harmful for his/her health. At times, excessive consumption of caffeine also results to miscarriage. So, it is better to say No to caffeine during pregnancy. It is quite understandable that the desire of caffeine still exists and so can’t resist when it comes to chocolates as chocolates are good in caffeine. So it is advisable to restrict yourself to only 200mg of chocolate per day and not more than that at any cost. After all, it is the best gift that you are going to receive from the Almighty.



As per the elders in our home, it is advisable to eat more and more food because you are not the one who is eating; in fact you are two in number now. But when we talk about taking the care of the mommy and baby, then the mother should not eat foods with high calories. This results in increasing weight of the mother which is dangerous for the baby too. Gaining some weight during pregnancy as per the medical science is obvious but too much is rather hazardous for both. If the baby should not be underweight, it should neither be overweight too.



With the modernization in our lifestyle, everything is changing its form. Similarly, the trend of eating tinned foods has also become a part of this latest trend. Tinned foods are those foods that are preserved in a can or a tin and are ready to cook instantly. On one hand where normal cooking covers the entire long process, on the other hand these tinned foods reduces the time of cooking to minimum. But you are strictly advised not to eat any of such tinned fruits or salads. Irrespective of the fact, even if these branded tinned foods have an expiry date, packaging date or they guarantee of high nutrition value, such food should never be eaten during the pregnancy time. Prepare and eat healthy food only because nothing can compare the fresh cooked food.



Though as per the Food & Drug Administration, the sweetener found in the diet soda is considered to be safe and refined but as per the research the use of diet soda during pregnancy, results in raising the chances of preterm delivery. Such sweeteners heighten your desire of eating more and more sugar which in return also increases the requirement of insulin production in your body. All this further can become a reason of getting diabetes not only in you but the baby too. So, better to be safe than getting into such a risk and stringently deny the use of soda when you are in your pregnancy months. The two of many general and contrived sweeteners that are found in the market are: aspartame and saccharine.



Soft or hard… cheese should also be kicked out of your menu during these delicate nine months. It is a fact that cheese is tempting to eat but another fact is, cheese is very dangerous for an expecting woman. Whether it is the parmesan, cheddar or pizza’s mozzarella cheese, camembert, gorgonzola, Brie, Danish Blue and various blue veined cheeses, strictly avoid eating any of these while you are pregnant. All these variety of cheese have no water content in them and are quite prostrate to bacteria named Listeria. Though this bacterium barely causes any issue but during pregnancy the immune system of the mother to-be is somewhat weak and the body becomes more prone to attack. So it is better to avoid rather than suffer. Moreover, Parmesan and cheddar cheese is very hard and sturdy. Instead, having ‘paneer’ made from the fresh milk, is the best option. It is high in nutrition and very healthy for the mommy and baby both.



Though vegetables are highly essential for the body and very rich in vitamins and minerals but there are few veggies which should not be eaten at all, when you are mom-to-be. Few veggies like beans and radishes should be ignored as much as you can, even if you love to have them a lot. These veggies are ground grown veggies and in case if not cooked properly or left raw while cooking, these will still hold the presence of salmonella bacteria within it which is quite dangerous. During pregnancy when the body of a mum is prone to weaken immune system, the risk of getting attacked by this virus is more. The Almighty has blessed us with many delicious veggies, so choose among them and leave these few of them for some time.



Even if you are a die heart lover of sea foods, you have to control your desire towards them at least for the safe nine months. There is rest of life to enjoy eating them but when anything is hazardous to the health of your baby, neglect it immediately without giving a second thought. When we talk about the treats like sea weed salad, mackerels, oysters, clams, swordfishes and other sea foods, these are considered to comprise very high level of mercury which is very harmful for the baby. Such sea foods might also leave their remainders even after being cooked completely, so no question of taking any risks against the most waited moment of your life. It is the mom who can sacrifice everything for her child, so neglecting any sort of food should not be a big deal at all.



No more eggs, when you a happy mom-to-be. You need to tune out egg eating as well; when you are in the months of your pregnancy. It has been found that if egg is not cooked in the right manner, it will have salmonella bacteria in the whites and yolks of the egg which is very hazardous for the little baby in the womb. Rather if you are craving for the same, you can prefer a hard-boiled egg with that of hard yolk. Hope that satisfies your craving at this time. So, follow each and every advice sincerely!



Here is the next alert that comes on your way to safe and healthy pregnancy! The mother-to-be really needs to avoid eating any sort of frozen foods or meats such as pepperoni, salami, Parma ham or smoked ham frozen. The reason behind is that, these frosty foods and meats are just fermented and frozen and not even cooked or processed at all which makes it very unhealthy during pregnancy especially. Even avoid having pizzas too because they too comprise of clumps of pepperoni. Hence, add this alert in your list while you are pregnant and take care of both, yours and baby.



It is understandable that during pregnancy, body demands of variety of stuffs to eat, sometimes spicy and at times sweet. But you have to underline this thing in your pregnancy diet chart that you have to only go for healthy foods whether you love or not. Junk foods should be sincerely avoided when you are going to have a baby soon just within few months because such foods have high amount of fats, excess sugar, food addictives and are too less in nutrition. Hence, cut all sort of junk foods, boxed foods, fried foods and soft drinks from your dietary chart.



Imagine food without spices… you cannot, right!!Undoubtedly, spices are mandatory while cooking any dish. They add required flavor, taste and make them worth eating. So, how can you think of saying sorry to spices even during pregnancy, is what you might be thinking. Well, you have to lessen the quantity of spices like: red chilli powder, garam masala, salt etc which harms your delicate baby inside the womb. Having excess of any of the spices is not considered to be good at all during pregnancy so better not to do anything such. You are advised to go for the healthy spices like basil and oregano but everything in limited quantity.



Immediately cut the option of having Sushi from your menu list during your pregnancy. Like other foods which have been asked to avoid, Sushi also joins the same list. Sushi is the semi cooked or even under cooked fish which might result into the occurrence of harmful bacteria during pregnancy and so is advised not to be eaten at any cost. You can even have a word of consultation from your nutrition expert so that he/she can lists you the fishes that you have to completely ignore like Shellfish, Tuna and some oil fishes too. Remember the proverb, in order to achieve something you have to sacrifice something.



Mark a point on your dietary chart to eat those foods very less which are rich in Vitamin A during pregnancy because it is very hazardous for the health of the baby. Liver products such as sausages have ample of Vitamin A, so ignore having the same. Intake of more than 770 mcg of Vitamin A is strictly banned if you are a would-be mum. The excess of it can cause: congenital malformations and birth defects. Do not ever play with the health of your baby just for some taste.



Highlight this, on the top of your list of not to be eaten foods during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause tremendous harm to your complete pregnancy thereby hindering the growth and development of the baby. The content of alcohol reaches to the baby through the bloodstream of the mother so even a little amount of it can cause disaster. The consequences that can occur due to this are: baby might have mental issues, problem of still birth or even miscarriage cud be one of them. According to a scientific research, it has been noticed that the mothers who intake alcohol during their pregnancy, those children have more chances to become juvenile delinquent. A state where the fetus develops the development disorder due to the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is also termed as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the medical world. So please avoid any sort of alcohol and spunky drinks strictly.



It is also one of the habits which is tough to compromise with but when it is about bringing your little angel into this world, everything is possible. If you are a die-hearted lover of drinking tea and intake it thrice a day or more than this then with the immediate effect strict the limitation to only once or even not at all if you can. The reason behind this is; the components of caffeine which are present in tea as well. So, coffee and tea are big no’s during pregnancy. But yes, you can definitely go for herbal tea option but in a limited quantity only to serve your craving.

A healthy diet ensures a healthy pregnancy. With little planning and control of your desires, you can easily lead a healthy pregnancy. The foods which are rich in nutrition value also ascertain normal and good growth of the fetus. Not only this, such foods also assist in maintaining the balance of the hormones in the body of a pregnant woman thereby controlling various other body behaviors like; mood swings, stress etc. The consumption of less nutritious food or the ones which are harmful during pregnancy result in many problems like: physical disabilities, mental problems, low birth weight of the infant, poor development of the fetus and many more. Undoubtedly, no mother will play with the health of her baby or even own, so we are sure that reading this piece of information you will take the best care of yourself and the little angel in your womb during pregnancy. Remember, the mother in on the duty from the very first minute as soon as she acknowledges about her pregnancy. So, fulfill the duty with extreme sincerity and enjoy the motherhood as best as you can.

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How to Impress Someone on a First Date

Dating… a word that invites a mixture of various feelings within us! It makes us conscious, excited, overwhelmed and happy too, at the same point of time. A day, when the girl dreams to be the ‘princess’ and the boy want to be the ‘prince charming’ and such is the state of their heart and mind. Basically, dating is a term that defines social meeting of two people for fellowship which is definitely much more than friendship and looking forward to be together for an informal or a lifetime relationship like wedding. The first date could be with your friend whom you have secretly started loving and now wish to propose him or her. It could also be with the boy or the girl that your families have chosen for you, wherein they want both of you to meet each other and see if you guys can be the best buddies for the rest of the life or not. So, two different individuals turning to be couple… is the best line describing the purpose of the word…first date and hence the first date carries a lot of important in one’s life.


When we think about our first date, the first question that strikes to our mind is how to impress someone on a first date? Though there are no peculiar rules defined for dating but there are certain important things that you really need to take care of when planning for a date. At times, your appealing look, high status, wealth and power are just not enough to impress someone, above all these you just need to be yourself to mesmerize someone you want to be with or someone you really love. It is rightly said that love is not bound of any conditions because when it happens, it just happens from the heart. All in all, you need to be make the best impression for an impressive date and this is only possible when it is the real you nothing that is fake. Being on date, involves knowing each other, creating an understanding, initiating the bond of trust for each other and further all this leads to the vision of our future that whether you will be able to go well with one another or not. So, looking at the uncertainty, it is not sure that ball will be in your court or not. None of us wants to be heartbroken and face the phase of rejection so here are some influencing tips on how to impress someone on a first date:

Best Tips to impress someone on your first date

Be who you are:

Be the real you, who you actually are, because the one who will wish to be with you forever, would love to see honesty in you rather than the show- off of materialistic things. This will prove as to how dependable and reliable you are and make the decision making easy for the one. But all this does not mean that you do not prepare yourself for the day. Grooming oneself is equally important to anything that is needed for the day. Always remember the proverb… first impression is the last one! So, there is no second chance to it. There is neither any hard and fast rule as to what needs to be done nor you need to turn the world upside down. You just need to be calm and confident. Mark few points on board like: Dress up simple and elegant which adds to your personality, don’t speak too much and whatever you speak should make sense. If you are not aware about what to be spoken, at least don’t turn offensive or be rude. Let the soft talks begin and then you can merely add your views or speak in such a manner that adds comfort and happiness to the environment. Be a smart listener too and let one feel that he/she is actually enjoying your company!

Gift a small gift:

Even if it is your first date, a formal one, you can greet him or her with any simple gift that actually expresses your gratitude towards him or her. Nothing like a red rose because that would be too early without knowing and developing the feelings for one another but something like a small gift wrap of chocolate box will work the best. Though, later the best gift will turn up to be your company for each other for life time if everything goes well.


Be soft and gentle:

Use a polite and friendly tone to whomever you meet someone around whether someone known, hotel manager, waiter, butler or anyone not known well also. For an example, if you have a senior couple sitting on the next table, you could just show your respectful attitude by passing a decent smile to them. It shows your positive and friendly attitude because even small gestures leave a big impact on the heart of the other. Once you are served, thank the waiter and appreciate them for the good service verbally and also by giving the tip.

Don’t keep him/her waiting for too long:

If there knocks any such situation, where it becomes urgent for you to take an incoming call, do excuse yourself by taking permission and then move out to do so. Keep the conversation very limited and short or ask the once to call back once free. This is really important because you have someone special waiting. Once you are in as a part of courtesy, do say Sorry for taking his/ her time and re-start the conversation from where it was clipped. This will show that you were concentrated and are so much interested in talking to him or her. Strictly avoid taking any sort of call before the one or screaming over like anything.

Stay calm & don’t panic:

No one can stop emergencies from occurring into the life! God forbids, if you ever get into such a situation on your first date where you need to rush due to any personal exigency, don’t panic at all instead take a deep sigh and with lots of politeness make him or her understand the urgency of the situation. Looking into his/her eyes, saying sorry gently for cutting the date short, expressing the sincerity will surely leave a convinced impression. This will also show that you are mature enough to handle any problematic situation.

Accompany her only if she wants:


Last but not the least; when you are set to bid good-bye, etiquette says that woman should always be accompanied by men to their home. It is your responsibility as a man to take this initiative and drop the lady to her home but only if she is comfortable to do so. If she is happy to travel on her own, do not insist more than once rather let her be on her own. You can ask one another to message or call once made a safe reach to the home and can also express gratitude for the lovely date. Never ever compel the lady for a good bye hug or kiss or hand shake especially when you feel she might not be comfy with all this. Give her ample space.

So, you can only enjoy your first date or even the forthcoming ones with your beloved by being the real you. Expecting the fantasy world to land on the earth like stars dancing and moon singing for you will take you nowhere rather spoil your efforts too. So do everything that is required but nothing exuberant. Leave an everlasting impression on the first date by being the true gentleman and sensible lady. A very specific short description for boys and girls that you can follow on your first date:

For boys: Girls loved to be pampered and cared a lot so keeping this into mind, lay emphasis on every small and big things that can make you win her heart. Dress up well, elegantly with decent clothing. Avoid dressing up too trendy or funky. After all, she wants to meet her dream boy not a cartoon character. Be gentle and subtle while speaking and be what you are as a person.

For Girls: Generally, boys love beauty with simplicity, sweetness and brain. Do groom yourself with a facial so that your skin can glow out. Apply a graceful make-up that enhances your look but nothing such that spoils your natural persona. Choose the attire that is simple yet appealing and above all suits you the best. Carry a small stylish handbag complementing it. Be soft and sweet while speaking showcasing the best of etiquettes. Just like you wish to meet a person who is true in himself, be true at your end also.

For both, boys and girls: Make sure that advanced booking is done for dining with an addition of light instrumental music or candle theme. Whoever has planned this date needs to be before time to make sure that everything is up to the mark. Be patient to wait for him/her and as soon as he/she is there greet each other with a sweet smile. Moreover, depending on the comfort of the two, you can initiate a hand shake, a formal hug or a kiss. Equal concern and care should be reflected from both the ends. Remember, it is the effort of two that can actually convert the first date into many more to come.

Please Avoid (Don’ts):-

Not only the do’s but the don’ts are also equally important to know so that you lead on to a perfect date with no single mistake at all because a silly mistake of yours can spoil the complete planning. Here are some of the don’ts that you need to underline while preparing for a first date to impress someone thoroughly.

  • You just need to be the genuine you. Express only that, that you actually think, agree, like, dislike etc. Do not say yes to anything just to impress.
  • Don’t rehearse yourself on any sort of dialogues or daily soap lines because that sounds too dramatic and totally unrealistic. You will reflect yourself as fake if you do so and none of the either will get to know each other properly. So, be natural and go with the normal conversation.
  • Never become too stylist for one day. Wear what suits you and you are comfy in because that is the best way in which you can carry yourself.
  • Mark a statement by always wearing the perfume with natural fragrance, nothing sharp that distracts the one. Something that pleases the person sitting right before you!
  • Strictly avoid being too personal while discussing or sharing thoughts as you hardly know each other and one might not like you so possessive and interfering attitude.
  • Don’t go with the experiences of your friends or relative rather make your own. From head to toe, make the decision yourself because one is the best judge of oneself.
  • Don’t ask too much of questions, ask limited but sensible ones. Make a point that the questions should be open type which initiates the conversation between the two. Nothing of the sort that ends up the answer with a yes or no else he/she will lose the interest and you might sound boring. Remember, it is date not an interview for the job.

Dating is not a job like interview; hence enjoy it rather being nervous. If everything mentioned above is taken into consideration, then no one can stop your first date turning to be a lifetime event. You are sure to impress the one you actually wish to, on your very first date. Enjoy your first date, take him/her as a friend, create a comfortable environment for both of you and then see the magic. Though it is destiny but at times the result lies in your hand just with few efforts of yours! So, what are you waiting for, start getting prepared, after all it is your first date!!

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