Elden Ring Cerulean Hidden Tear Location

Elden Ring Cerulean Hidden Tear Location

Cerulean hidden tear – In the widely used open game Elden Ring by FromSoftware, sorcery is still quite powerful. To be as effective as possible in the sport, each magician has to gather charms, armor sets, potions, and other random objects. A Cerulean hidden tear is a magical tool that is immensely helpful. The Bottle of Wonderful Quick heal can combine this Crystal Tear. It momentarily stops all FP absorption when it is ingested. For a short time, this effect lets individuals cast charms for free indefinitely (about 10 seconds).

While navigating Mount Gelmir, wizardry practitioners should be sure to obtain the Cerulean Hidden Tear. Gamers must slay the monster, securing the Crystal Tear, before they may take it.

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Cerulean hidden tear location

In different parts of Elden Ring, there are two ulcerated tree spirits. Nevertheless, the cerulean hidden tear location that gamers must find in this scenario is Mount Gelmir. Gamers must pass across the Atlus Plateau to get to Mt. Gelmir. Therefore, the contestants must use the Grand Lift of Dectus or the Ruin-Strewn Abyss.

Gamers should head to Volcano Manor and the Road of Unrighteous Site of Mercy after reaching Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring. Gamers will begin their quest for the Cerulean Hidden Tear from this point. The Minor Erdenet may be contacted by heading east from this point and along a hillside. Gamers should contact the Erdtree to see the beast appear.

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How to get cerulean hidden tear?

A weapon that produces blood loss is less powerful against the Ulcerated Tree Spirit since it has great resilience to bleeding. With this battle, gamers should consider changing to Frostbite or Crimson Rot.

The Nomadic Warrior’s Handbook (22) teaches melee players how to make rot grease using root resin. The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook has instructions for making rotbone needles for distant characters.

The Ulcerated Tree Ghost’s skin rarely injures humans if they approach too closely, notwithstanding its continual movement and wriggling. The 360-spin assault and abrupt flailing are two techniques that achieve this.

Where to find cerulean hidden tear location?

Adhere to the owner’s left side, avoid the spinning and the dragon’s fireball, and strike as soon as possible.

The ulcerated tree spirit will begin emitting platinum gas throughout Stage 2. It will occasionally catch fire. Whenever this occurs, competitors must rapidly withdraw (the animation takes time).

The opponent drops the Leaden Hardtear and the Cerulean Hidden Tear following a defeat. Participants can then mix the Bottle of Marvelous Quick heal at any Place of Mercy.

Climb the Spiritspring beginning at the Eighth Mt. Gelmir Campground. Ascend to the den of the Full-Grown Fallingstar monster. Travel northwest to approach the hill, traveling down to the pyramid on the map segment after navigating the rocky outcrop heading to the downhill connecting to Volcano Mansion. Proceed east over the lonely battlefield from the Highway of Unrighteous Site of Mercy to the Small Erdtree.

How long does the Cerulean hidden tear last?

The Cerulean Hidden Tear, a Wondrous Physick combination that offers infinite FP intake for ten seconds, is one of Elden Ring’s most powerful crystal tears. Most of the Besmirched will remember this Crystal Tear as the weapon used by wizards in their Comet Azur Sorcery, which destroys bosses in a single cast. The bulk of Huge Opponents will die quickly as a consequence of spellcasters being able to “lasers beam” their opponents for a few moments in Elden Ring without being concerned about FP costs.

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When Tarnished encounters the Minor Erdtree on Mount Gelmir, a black cloud will gather at its base, generating an unwelcome Ulcerated Tree Spirit. The Cerulean Hidden Tear can only be obtained by defeating this field boss as an Elden Ring player.

 The Ulcerated Tree Spirit is extremely elegant for its stature and has a range of jumping, jumping, and spitting techniques. Additionally, particularly throughout close-range combat, its motions are difficult to interpret because of its unusual dimensions and shape. 

It can defeat this ulcerated tree spirit by utilizing Torrent and a distant weapon like Flame Sling.  

Besmirched explorers must go to the Minor Erdtree of Mt. Gelmir on Altus Plains to obtain the Cerulean Hidden Tear in Elden Ring. By continuing on the route after finding the Mt. Gelmir Maps Segment, travelers can get to this place.

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