Christmas Plants: 7 Beautiful Plants To Have At Home During Holiday Season


Wouldn’t it be more jolly-looking if and colorful if your house and garden are surrounded by natural plants instead of synthetic decorations during the Christmas season? Aside from their beautiful and pleasing colors that can make your home look alive, they also radiate a peaceful atmosphere that can improve or boost your mood and can make you feel relaxed.

Plus, when you cultivate them at home, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that comes with numerous physical and health benefits. To help you decide which beautiful plants to have at home during the holiday season, here is a shortlist:


Widely known as the “Christmas Star,” a poinsettia plant is one of the iconic houseplants that you may cultivate at home, especially during the Christmas season. It is a bright-colored plant that comes in various colors, including the colors red, orange, pink, green, or white. The plant has tiny flowers, but the most beautiful part of it is its leaves or “bracts.”

You may cultivate this plant by planting its seedling, but the most effective method to propagate it is stem-cutting. You may also opt to buy an already mature one. But when choosing, you must inspect it thoroughly. Avoid those plants with yellowing or wilted foliage, signs of insect infestation, and yellow pollen on its flowers.


Azalea is an ornamental houseplant that has beautiful bunches of trumpet-shaped flowers. It is referred to as the “Royalty of the Garden” because of its brightly attractive and outstanding physical appearance. It does not require too much sunlight to grow, but it requires 50 °F night temperature and 68 °F day temperature to grow healthier.

Christmas Berry

Ardisia or Christmas Berry plant is an evergreen plant that can grow in climates with more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It has green, glossy, and thick leaves, small and fragrant flowers, and glossy and bright red fruits or berries, depending on the type or variety. There are more than 700 species of this plant that you can choose to grow.

Christmas Berry plants can grow both indoors and outdoors. To cultivate it indoors, you must provide plenty of indirect sunlight for it. You must also make sure that the soil on its pot is always moist. Don’t let its soil too dry as it will wilt the plant. Overwatering also leads to the rotting of its roots.


Do you want to have your windowsill look colorful and attractive? If yes, you may place a pot or two of Amaryllis plants on it. Amaryllis plants are ornamental flowering perennial plants with 10-60 cm long and 1-5 cm broad green flat leaves. Amaryllis’s flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, orange, and white.


The Mistletoe plant is usually associated with love and is said to be an aphrodisiac plant. Many songs, poems, and movie lines use the symbol of mistletoe to show romance during the Christmas season. This plant, which we usually hang in our homes, especially at the top of our doorways, is a parasitic type that needs another plant or tree to survive.

Mistletoes come in different varieties, forms, and characteristics. Some have green and leathery leaves, bright red or yellow flowers, and fruits or berries that are either red or white. They take approximately four years to mature, and you may grow them in your yard as long as you have a healthy host plant and fresh mistletoe berry seeds at home.


The Glowee plant is a fun houseplant to have. Aside from it being easy to maintain and grow, its most fascinating characteristic is that it can glow in the dark. This plant does not require too much watering and sunlight. It can even thrive on artificial light. During the day, Glowee plants have stiff and upright foliage. But during the night, they give off a soft greenish glow.

Paperwhite Narcissus

Another indoor flowering plant that you can have at home during the holiday season is the Paperwhite Narcissus plant. It has snowy, beautiful white flowers, green leaves, and a good-smelling fragrant. They are also easy to grow.

In planting Paperwhite Narcissus plants, you must have a pot that has no drainage holes. Fill this pot with pebbles or decorative stones. Then, put the plant’s bulbs on it, making sure that it stays upright. Water the bulbs until it covers its bottom part. After that, store them in a calm and dark place. Move them only in a sunny place when their shoots begin to sprout.


Aside from the festive, natural, and attractive look that these plants can do to your home during the holiday season, these plants can also let you enjoy the experience of growing and taking care of plants. Growing plants at home are quite beneficial to your health as they can boost your mood and purify the air in your place, allowing you to have fresh, clean, and fragrant air to breathe.