How to Choose the Right Perfume For Your Mood

How to choose right perfume

This post is based on how to choose and find a right perfume for yourself and what fragrance suits your body odor.

You may think buying a perfume is as simple as selecting a smell that you like. However, perfumes have an emotional impact as well. They can have a significant impact on your mood, and the mood of those you come into contact with.

One reason for this is that our olfactory senses are very closely connected with the areas of our brain that process memories and emotions. Put simply, a scent can evoke the emotions felt the first time you smelled it.

However, many scents have an almost universal impact. Aromatherapy is based around this, but perfumes have a similar impact. The new perfume line by Francesca dell’Oro is a great example of this. The three perfumes in the collection were created specifically to evoke certain moods and emotions.

Scents and Emotions Evoked

If you want to choose and find the right perfume for your mood, the best way to do so is to know the feelings and emotions that the scents in the perfume evoke. Here’s a look at some of the most common scents used, and the emotions associated with them.

When looking through this list, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, perfumes have a top, middle, and bottom note. The first note will fade away first, while the bottom note will last the longest.

Secondly, perfumes will contain many different scents. However, you should notice a theme when looking at the scents contained that gives you an idea of the mood and emotions that it will evoke.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is uplifting, relaxing, and stress relieving.

It helps to restore mental balance. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a relaxed mental clarity. Sharpen your focus while relaxing your mind with this energizing scent.


Feminine, floral, and romantic describe rose well.

Rose is considered an aphrodisiac. It also helps boost confidence. It creates a mood that is feminine yet strong. It can make you feel romantic, yet powerful and sexy. Rose is considered a heart opener, allowing you to open yourself up to what life has to offer.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is calming and sensual.

The scent is easily recognizable and is strong yet sweet and floral. Ylang Ylang is best known for its relaxing properties. It’s also been shown to relieve depression. Its sedative and stress-relieving effects make it a great choice for those who need to relax, but its aphrodisiac properties shouldn’t be overlooked either.


Musk is sweet, sensual, elegant, and primal.

Musk was originally extracted from a deer. Today, plants that mimic the smell are generally used. Still, there is something delightful sexy and animalistic about the smell. It reminds us that our bodies were designed to experience a pleasure. At the same time, the scent is luxurious and elegant.


Amber is warm, inviting, and classic.

Amber has a warm comforting scent. It evokes thoughts of fall evenings spent in front of a fireplace. There is an elegance to the scent that speaks to casual luxury. It’s earthy and grounding as well. It’s perfect for fall or when you are in a mood for something sensual, warm, and earthy.


Patchouli is grounding, earthy, and inspiring.

Patchouli has an uplifting yet grounding effect. It’s sultry and sophisticated. It can help reduce depression and fatigue. Patchouli can bring a more masculine energy, inspiring strength and confidence. The scent can make you feel balanced, energized, powerful, and sophisticated.


Jasmine is delicate, feminine, and beautiful.

Jasmine is a relaxing, energizing, and very feminine fragrance. Its been shown to relieve stress and depression. It’s very revitalizing and evokes classic images of gentle beauty. Its a bright floral scent that is perfect for anyone who enjoys feeling feminine.


Vanilla is warm, sensual, and relaxing.

Vanilla has been shown to increase sexual arousal by increasing certain hormones in our body. It has a warm comforting scent that is very balanced and relaxing. It can awaken our senses, and it has a grounding affect.

Find a right perfume can actually enhance, compliment, or change your mood. Choosing the right perfume can help you get into the mood that you desire.