Meaning of COPIUM Examined: What Does “COPIUM” Mean on Twitch?


Copium is dated back to 2003 when it was used for the first time in an album title byKeak da Sneak. Before it became a meme staple and a frequently used phrase on Twitch, this word had never even entered circulation. The term copium initially appeared in 2016 and has since become commonplace on streaming services like Twitch. Let’s see what makes copium meaning significant in the online world.

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The word “online personalities” on sites like Reddit and Twitch utilise the sarcastic term “copium” as part of a joke. It’s a play on words that combines “cope” with “opium” to represent a fake medicine used to “cope” with emotional distress following a setback. If you lose seven Valorant games in a row, your viewers could recommend you take a healthy dosage of copium.

Copium was given significance and a more concrete illustration by its association with the ubiquitous Pepe, meme character. In pictures taken after the 2018’s release, Pepe may be seen wearing a face mask that connects to a tank of copium. Pepe was troubled and in need of the copium in these photos. Supporters of a “bad team” are sometimes portrayed as “high on copium” on Twitch and more generally, in the esports community. They’re sticking with their squad through thick and thin, so you know they’re on copium to keep them going. Oh, well. The copium meme has become a staple of modern Twitch channels.

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What is the definition of HOPIUM?

Like its cousin copium, the term “hopium” is a meme word with no real meaning. On the other hand, Hopium is used to poke fun at ‘false hope’ or unrealistic optimism, as opposed to copium, which is used when someone has to ‘cope’ with something. In cryptocurrency, holders of defunct currencies are called “hopium consumers,” a word with some basis in reality.

Copium and “hopium” are both slang phrases used in jest. It’s not surprising to see terms like “Genshin copium” or “New World copium”  trending since they may be used in various games. This adaptable phrase may be employed in multiple contexts, from politics and economics to cryptocurrencies and video games. Everyone will eventually face a situation where copium meme will be required.

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