Have you ever come up with such a situation that you feel kicking out some of the old T-shirts just because you are too bored of wearing them? Even, adding different accessories or anything else is not helping you much? Well, many of you… right? But did you ever try to think differently apart from getting rid of them? So, think now. In spite of wasting new money on the same sort of T-shirts, you can design creative T-shirts with artistic cutting ideas. This can be done to alter and give a new look to your old boring tees. Mind you, one does not need to be a fashion designer or skilled in stitching and sewing.

One just needs to be sure that she will do it because it is really very easy. You must also be thinking about why to do so when you have so many options available in the stores of the market? Because there are many such designs that are not a part of the market too and even if they are, you are priced heavily for them. To add on, this will not only re-utilize the old T-shirts but also lend them a brand new stylish look. Hanging them in your wardrobe will make you feel happy just like when you feel while wearing your own designer creation.

When your friends will question you that from where did you get this stuff, you will be the one to proudly answer that you created it yourself. Imagine that feel which will make you star in your group. Doesn’t this sound great? So, what are you waiting for!! Begin it right now.

Here we bring you a superb solution to your boredom of wearing same attire repeatedly. These nineteen different Diy T-shirt cutting ideas that are really creative and simple to be executed will turn you a designer overnight. You just need a passion to do it along with little patience and time. Check them out t shirt cutting techniques:


Are you fed up wearing the same style T-shirt every time but you do not want to leave it as it is one of the best in your wardrobes? Not to worry, there is an idea which is just the perfect one for you and this I, designing a T-shirt simply without sleeves. Mark five inches from the bottom and let it remain the way it is. Right from the sleeves cut the t-shirt till the point where you have marked five inches. The breadth of the shoulder strap can be cut according to your wish so you have the right to make a decision. Now, elongate the cut properly else the whole look will get spoiled. Hence, your simple yet stylish sleeveless T-shirt is ready to wear!


Crop tops are one of the most loved by the youth of today and when purchased from the market they cost you a good amount. Why not you try to design your own Fashion project? It sounds to be a great idea! In order to accomplish this simple DIY fashion project, you just need to pick any of your tops from your wardrobe which you think will look great when turned as a Crop top. To begin with, cut the sleeves of your T-shirt in the same way as it is given in the picture below. If you want to wear the tee with a broad neckline, you can cut the neck broader like a boat neck but keep the front longer and the sides shorter in comparison. With an idea, to give your designer tee a stylish yet original look, do stretch the cuts evenly. Isn’t this an awesome idea to turn oneself as a designer instantly?


Well, if you are really good at cutting and stitching, this one is suitable for you. But this is not a good idea for the beginners at all, as it needs enough practice on scissors. Accumulate any of your old t-shirt which you want to renovate along with a pair of scissors and a marker. Now pick up your marker and at the backside of your tee, draw stencil like the style. You also have an option to search for any such image online and then trace it on your t-shirt back. This idea is for the ones who are not good at drawing or need no extra effort to put. With sharpen pair of scissors, start cutting the designs one after another with such perfection that they give you the best look rather than any sort of messy look. Though it is quite tough, you can take any rough piece of cloth to practice before you do it on your tee.


A perfect example of the Bow-Tie crop cut top is given right below which gives you’re a clear idea of how the steps need to be followed. If you are not good about directly using scissors for the formation of tracing lines, then the best and easiest way could be to draw these lines with the help of a light marker on your t-shirt. The hem, the neck style, and the sleeves should be exactly copied from the given image which is not so tough to do and you will have your own designer piece ready to wear. You will definitely mark a statement of style wherever you walk.


Now this designer neck cut tee can be tried by anyone as it is simple to be executed. Only the neck design is the main highlight of this chic looking t-shirt in the picture given below. To give a proper shape and cut to the neck and the sleeves, you can draw the rough outline and then apply the scissors on the same. An appealing neck design gives this T-shirt the desired look. After all, who doesn’t wish to be complimented as the ‘fashion diva’ in her friend circle! There are many more T-shirt ideas coming to your way.


When DIY accessories are used to design a T-shirt they turn up to be a great designer piece and are loved by one and all. Here, the bow back design makes the tee looks really modernized and appealing. All you need to do is, form a horizontal slice from one end to the other on the backside of your T-shirt along with some cutting on the neck of your tee too. Then cumulate the back piece from upwards to downwards in such a way that a bow design is formed and do the necessary stitching so that the bow can stay permanently. Are you not able to believe in your eyes, that you are the one who created this masterpiece? Well, you are!


For a strap back design, your body fit T-shirt won’t work so you will need to borrow a loose tee from your elder or younger brother whoever is good in the physique. Do say him thanks because he is the one to encourage you for your new talent. Now begin with the designer process, turn your brother’s tee backside and cut out a deep V-shaped neck. Then connect the broader part of V shape with any stretchable fabric like elastic at three or more regular intervals. The color of the elastic could be the same or contrast to the color of the top. It will lend the tee with a look that you wish and you can wear any casual meet of yours.


Just like its name, is its design! The best part of the T-shirt with a blade cut design is that the shapes and styles can be given according to your wish. You can roughly mark the border and the designer styles and start cutting them with the scissor. As in the image given below, you can go for a designer piece like this, where on one side it is horizontal and the other it is vertical. A chic looking blend of trends combined in one piece of art will make you stand out of the crowd!


The confidence is at its heights when you wear a designer piece of your own. Ample of creativity and exactitude is required to create such a designer T-shirt because if any detailing is incorrect, it will waste your hard work. The whole look of your T-shirt will be spoiled. So, keep every minute thing in mind while executing this designer piece. Pick your scissor and cut the sleeves, then the neck portion and finally the shoulder. Cut them in equal proportion else unnecessary gaping will make it look obsolete rather than artistic. You can keep this designed tee for any of your special friend’s birthday and be the center of attraction among your friends.


Make a shrug yourself! There is nothing much do in it. Pick up the T-shirt that you want to transform into a shrug and mark the center in front of it. Then enforce the scissor to go on that cut thereby extending those cuts in a shabby cut look and there you are! Wear it in the way you wish to flaunt either with the shorts or jeans, whatever you like.


If you are the one, who loves the back designs the most, then this crescent moon designer piece will be loved by you a lot. As you can see in the picture given below, you need to draw a crescent moon on the backside of your T-shirt and then cut accordingly. Now, to enhance the look of this designer T-shirt, a contrast color lace can be sewed in the space of the crescent moon. The T-shirt shown in the picture, not only looks voguish but also graceful.


It looks complicated to design but is simple and quick when executed. Lay down your T-shirt with its backside and cut an unbent (straight) slit in such a way that the top portion of the T-shirt looks like a sober long piece. It will look like a reversed ‘V’ on the back bottom portion so cut down the fabric of the tee to acquire such an angle. Then add a Velcro on the opposite side just as given in the image underneath. What a superb look a simple tee has been bestowed with!


Are you planning your first date with your beloved and want to wear something that makes it memorable forever in your lives? Here is the right choice baby. First and foremost, turn your simple T-shirt into a cropped one and then sketch a heart shape on the backside of the tee. Once done it accurately, cut the heart shape with the scissor and twist the border by sewing. Depending on your choice, you can draw the size of the shape of the heart in your tee. A big heart shape as portrayed in the image beneath will lend you with an ultra modernized look. You can call this a perfect blend of cropped top dipped in the hue of romance.


This do it yourself upper and lower front cut out T-shirt looks very perplexed at first sight but when we look to it with a designer approach, the designing does not seem to be that tough. In fact, it is a superb idea to add such an outfit to your wardrobe. The best way to do it perfectly at one shot would be to draw the stencil first and then make the use of scissors. You can add more of your creativity to this designer piece if you wish. The picture describes the process in the right way. Could you have ever imagined your old tee in such a chic way??


For this Slit Right Cut T-shirt, you need to pick that T-shirt from your wardrobe which is loose in fitting and gives you a comfy feeling. Mind you that a tight fit tee won’t work well this design. So, for the ones who love a voguish look, can instantly go for this designer piece without giving a second thought! A small tight skirt or shorts will accompany this T-shirt in the best way.


With a heart-shaped style at the backside of the tee was one of the creative T-shirt cutting that we had worked on and here comes another flaunting piece for your romantic eve. Choose any contrasting color innerwear with this lovely designer T-shirt. Lay the tee and draw a heart in the mid-front and encircle the heart with numerous perforations in such a way that the contrast color if the innerwear is visible. Hence, this will become the Heart cut-out designer tee. Wearing this on your meet with your beloved will express your love and feelings for him automatically. There will be no need for words to do so.


This is really simple and quick to be designed. Once you have selected the T-shirt that needs to be designed by you, pick the scissor and cut the bottom of the tee infringes so that the funky look can be given. The size, depth, and thickness of the fringes can be differentiated as per the choice of the wearer but if we talk about the look, the thinner the fringes are, the more they will be in number and the better they will look. So, are you all set to design a Fringe tee yourself and show off in your friends’ group?


Here comes a Tie-Up Cut trend… A stylish example of fashion and flair! If you are planning for any beach holiday or party, this designer piece will give you the desired look. A ramp walk theme on the beach or any resort will surely make you win the accolades of many. As per the comfortable zone, one can wear it with or without inner. As given in the image below, the back of the tee is cut into numerous slots and a series of bow like design is made at different levels.


Are you super bored with your plain T-shirts and want to throw it out of the cupboard? Then, wait and give a look at the picture beneath and try out DIY sleeve cut-outs. A simple tee is turned to a designer tee. All you need to do is to aesthetically cut the sleeves of the T-shirt which is very simple to do and explore a new designer piece. Shorts will go best with such a sleeve cut out designer T-shirt.


Image Source

If you are thinking of how to cut a shirt in the best possible way that turns out to be unique, sassy and elegant at the same time, then you can opt for bow back DIY shirt cutting technique. As shown in the image, this shirt cutting idea will allow you to flaunt your back, and reveal a totally distinct persona of yourself.


Image Source

One of the most attractive DIY shirt cutting technique is ruffled-style. If you are willing to showcase your collarbones, then don’t think of how to cut a shirt creatively; just choose this style and make yourself look all the different throughout. It doesn’t matter whether you have a floral print top or a solid one; this style suits all.


Image Source

Are you willing to opt for a shirt cutting technique that never goes out of style? If yes, then this DIY shirt cutting idea will amaze you with the results (if done properly). If you don’t want to showcase your skin through the design, then you can even add a cloth of different colors under the tee you have cut, and you will attain a totally changed style.

Some of the Factors That Matter While You Explore Different T-Shirt Cutting Ideas

There are different types of t-shirt cutting ideas that you can use for various different types of designs. Depending on what you’re intending to do, you should have several different types of design in order to get a variety of options for what you can create. When creating t-shirts, you have so many different types of options when it comes to where you want to place the printing, the color of the printing, or how many colors you want to print on the t-shirt. The only other issue that you will need to think about is where you are going to be purchasing your items.

  • Try Searching for Options Online too

You can go to a local store that sells this type of merchandise, but you can also try to look online and see what is available. Even though you may not have the same sizes as a store, you can still get plenty of designs and styles that you could not find at a store. If you need some of the extra work done, you can take the time to do a little bit of the work yourself in order to save money. While you are working on these types of projects, you can also plan on coming up with some new ideas for where you can purchase t-shirts in order to get even more products to choose from.

  • Be Productive and Creative While Picking One for Yourself

There are also different types of t-shirt cutting ideas that you can use in order to have the most variety and creativity. You do not have to pick out the same type of shirts over again, especially if you do not like the look that you have chosen. In fact, you should find a few different t-shirts cutting ideas that you can use when designing different types of t-shirts that you would like to wear. You can find a lot of different ideas for t-shirts on the internet, but you should also make sure that you do some basic research in order to find the ones that are not only inexpensive but also have some good quality. It will be beneficial to keep a few different types of t-shirt cutting ideas in order to get more things that you can use to get started with.

So, do let us know with your precious comments below as to, which one you tried to design yourself and how did you feel. You can also share additional creativity ideas with us that made these cutting ideas more stylish.

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