Does Sprite Have Caffeine: Myths and Facts

does sprite have caffeine

Caffeine is present everywhere, from coffee drinks to your favorite sports drink or soft drink. Coca-cola and Pepsi both contain caffeine, but have you ever wondered does Sprite have caffeine? Sprite is a popular cold drink from coca-cola with a citrus lime soda flavor. People enjoy Sprite a lot, but very few know whether it contains caffeine.

In this article, we’ll tell if your favorite soft drink, the Sprite has caffeine or not. Stay tuned.

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Is there caffeine in Sprite?

Most soda drinks like coca-cola band Pepsi have high amounts of caffeine, but luckily your favorite drink, the Sprite, does not contain caffeine. Although Sprite is popular for its crisp citrus flavor, surprisingly, it is caffeine-free.

The main ingredients of Sprite include high fructose corn syrup, water, natural lime, and lemon flavors. Sprite also contains citric acid, sodium benzoate, and sodium citrate, all of which act as preservatives.

Although Sprite is caffeine-free, it contains a very high sugar level and can instantly boost your energy levels in the same way caffeine does.

Drinking sprite increases blood sugar levels and can therefore lead to jitters or anxiety; jitters and anxiety also occur after caffeine consumption,

So far, Sprite does not have any caffeine, but too much consumption of it can boost energy levels and exert similar effects to those of caffeine.

What is the flavor of Sprite?

Sprite has a citrus lime lemon flavor with a crispy, refreshing taste complemented by the taste from carbonation. These flavors make Sprite one of the best tasting soft drinks; it is availaible in many flavors like cherry, grape, orange, vanilla, etc., available at select retail stores. Some other flavors like cranberry sprite are region-specific. 

Coca-cola company has also launched other variations of Sprite like Sprite, Zero Sugar, etc.

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Is Sprite bad for your health?

Despite having a fruit flavor and being caffeine-free, Sprite is not a good option for your health. It has high sugar levels and sodium and is loaded with preservatives; a 20oz sprite bottle can contain upto 230 calories, 10 mg of sodium, and around 50 grams of sugar which can cause serious health issues many times. Although you can consume it in small amounts occasionally, the Sprite is far from being a healthy drink option.

What about sprite 0 sugar?

Like normal Sprite, the sprite zero sugar variant is also caffeine-free, but it contains Aspartame, an artificial sweetener in place of sugar. Since its low on sugar, some people might consider it a healthy alternative to normal Sprite.

Although studies suggest that the presence of artificial sweeteners may lead to weight gain and even cancer on overconsumption of the drink.

 When was Sprite created?

Sprite was created in 1951 and was sold in the United States for the first time in 1961. Created by coca-cola, Sprite originally came from Germany, where it was named Fanta Klare Zitrone. It was then brought to the United States to combat the growing popularity of another drink named seven up. Over these years, Sprite has undergone many changes like changes in slogans, logos, demographics of advertising, etc. These have only increased its popularity.

Sprite is a caffeine-free soft drink with a refreshing lime flavor. But it contains high sugar levels that have similar effects exerted by caffeinated drinks. We hope you liked reading this article and can now easily answer the question, “does Sprite have caffeine. Let us know which is your favorite soft drink in the comments below.

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