Cure Your Hangover Fast with the Help of These Tips


No introduction is needed to explain the term “dirty hangover.” Most of the people seek a party place on weekends to get refreshed and to set their minds free. Partying means merely dancing and getting drunk. While letting yourself indulge in alcohol, you know that you will be having: a hangover; its well and good if you have a substantial capacity, then you can easily bear some more shots. 

A pleasant hangover may turn into a filthy one in a few seconds. A hangover is caused due to taking a large amount of alcohol. The definition of large is different for different people because everybody’s capacity is different. High proportions of the toxic chemical Ethanol in alcohol makes you pee a lot that makes you dehydrated. A nasty hangover can cause a headache, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. 

To help you avoid these symptoms and save your weekend, we have enlisted some tips to cure your hangover:

Say Bye to Coffee

As soon as you start suffering from a hangover when you wake up, you think of having a cup of good coffee to make you feel better. But, in actual, one of the best ways to cure a hangover is to avoid coffee. If you want to get over a hangover, don’t have coffee, because it will comfort you at first, but dehydrate you later on. 

Stay hydrated

It is vital to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water; it reduces the chances of a hangover. The main reason for a dirty hangover is the lack of water in the body. If you take enough water, it will cure your hangover the fastest.

Opt for Bananas

Bananas actually help you to get over a hangover. Having a banana can help you restore the lost Magnesium in your body. It’ll soothe your stomach, as well as your headache. One of the best ways to cure a hangover is opting for a banana as it’s a rich source of Potassium as well.

Drink a Spoon Full of Olive Oil

It’s like taking in fatty acids or fatty food before starting to drink. The fat present in the olive oil limits the absorption of alcohol in your body, in turn, saves you from a bad hangover.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

When a dirty hangover troubles you, the first wrong thing you do is to skip your breakfast because it annoys your stomach this much that you don’t feel like eating. But if you do the same, you miss out on one of the best hangover cures. You must have your favorite breakfast. Make sure you include eggs to it.

A glass of Milk Can Save You

A glass of milk before drinking can be your savior. Milk builds a coating in your stomach that helps in restricting the alcohol from getting absorbed into your blood.

Start Consuming Protein

It is favorable to eat a meal that contains a high amount of proteins before start drinking. Proteins help the liver to detox fast and make the hangover bearable.


Sparkling Wine & Champagne will be Bad Games

A glass of sparkling wine or champagne makes you feel intoxicated frequently, so better avoid them on your pleasant weekend.

Avoid Taking Cocktails

Making cocktails by mixing different alcoholic drinks causes a quick hangover, which turns into dirty very soon. It can make you severely sick.

Know your limit & stop accordingly

Drinking more than your threshold will cause you the dirtiest hangover. It would give you the worst-ever experience at the party. So, just drink according to your limit, and have sheer fun at the party.

Prefer Having Premium Drinks

Don’t ignore to spend on the premium drinks; they are the least toxic and save you from a bad hangover.

Consume Alcohol by Mixing Juice to It

Fruit juices work better than that of soda because they have beneficial vitamins that help you to get rid of a hangover.

Let People See Your Dance Moves

Dance is the best medium to distract yourself from your surroundings. It helps you to distract yourself from drinks so that you consume less and don’t attain the state of a bad hangover.