How to achieve a youthful look with glasses?


Although we often come around phrases such as ‘Your are only as old as you feel’ and ‘Age is nothing but a number’, aging can be hard on most of us. This is why surgeries like facelift and cosmetic treatments are on the rise these days.

While we don’t doubt that you can still rock that little black dress better than any young woman out there, we want you to look extra stylish. One way to do this is to add some fun accessories to your wardrobe.

As you age, vision changes become unavoidable and you may need glasses all the time. However, glasses don’t have to be only a necessity. If you don’t live under a rock, you probably know how significant eyewear has become in the fashion industry. They can be fun, stylish and ultra-modern as long as you choose frames that flatter your natural features.

Glasses are the most important facial accessory. But, going for any other random frame will not help you stand out. Make sure you consider the different aspects of glasses and pick the right one.

Here are tips to help you age gracefully with glasses:

Colour of the frame

Thanks to the online eyewear industry, we can now have good-quality cheap glasses in different colours – from bright shades to pastel hues. If you want to style with glasses, warm colours are your best friends. Try frames in shades of black, brown or gold and get a touch of sophistication to your look. However, you might want to keep your distance from dull shades as they can add years to your age making you appear older. Wearing glossy or shiny frames will add sparkle to your peepers while blending in perfectly with your face.

Frame shapes

If you don’t have the money or guts to go under the knife for a facelift surgery, wearing the right shape of eyewear can give you the same effect. Choosing frames that are suitable for your face shape will bring balance to your facial structure.

However, don’t go for something too sharp or edgy. Pick round frames with softer corners. For women, cat-eye glasses are a good choice whereas old men may sport upswept rectangular frames to flatter their face shape.

Frame styles

Don’t let your age hold you back from experimenting. Glasses with a retro appeal will make you appear more youthful. If your local optician does not have enough options in frame styles, turn to the internet and buy spectacles online. You will have such a wide array of choices so you can find something that is fun and looks great on you.

Frame size

We know those vertically short frames might seem like an exciting fashion choice, you are better off with large frames. Aging invites eye problems like presbyopia. While short frames might sound like a good idea if you are only looking for reading glasses or distance glasses, if you need the best of both worlds, go for vertically large frames.

The lenses will have enough room to accommodate different focal strengths and keep you from the trouble of buying different pairs for different vision needs.

Also, big frames will hide the brutal signs of aging like droopy eyelids and baggy eyes which is not possible with shorter frames.

Avoid aviators

Although aviators flatter most face shapes, it is not a wise choice to rock them in your old age. Also, they have a very mature appeal which is not something you should go for when you are trying to achieve a youthful look.

Aviators generally come in thin metal frames that may not be enough to take away the attention from your under eye wrinkles and give away your age.

To look young on the outside, you must feel young on the inside. And when you have stylish frames to enhance your appearance, you don’t have to worry about looking young. Even if you have a prescription, you can buy eyeglasses onlineto get access to cool frames that can take years away from your face.

Your glasses don’t have to be limited to just function, they can work just well as a fashion piece. As long as you know which frame shapes and colour will look good on your face, you are ready to dazzle even in your 50s.