Darwin’s Game Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

darwin's game season 2

Darwin’s game season 2 – Darwin’s game is an example of the currently popular subgenre of survival-themed animation. The Darwin’s Game manga by FLIPFLOPs first appeared in the 2012 issues of Bessatsu Shounen Champion. The Nexus studio developed the anime adaption, and after announcing the series in 2018, the first episode aired on January 3, 2020. The first season of the anime aired from April 2019 to March 2020. There has been no word about darwin’s game season 2 since then. Fans want to know whether there are any updates on the sequel.

What exactly happens in Darwin’s Game?

Kaname, a high school student, “unwittingly joins a game pitting players with supernatural abilities against each other” after activating a mystery mobile app, as stated in the official Netflix description.

Kaname Sudou, a high school student, is the protagonist. A fellow student extends an offer to join a smartphone game called Darwin’s Game. But as soon as Kaname starts the game, a green snake leaps out of his phone and bites his neck. Because of this, he passes out.

But when our hero finally gets to try out the game for himself, he is in for a nasty shock. Kaname’s virtual adversary suddenly materializes in front of him, knife in hand. Our protagonist quickly realizes that Darwin’s Game is unlike any other game. The game has no way out, so he must keep battling to stay alive. But each player has his own “Sigil” that grants him access to a unique ability in the game.

Where Did Part 1 of Darwin’s Game Go?

Kaname, the show’s protagonist in the first season, tried to avoid murdering anybody if feasible. The anime narrative forces our innocent protagonist to experience the loss of his companions firsthand. Other players ended their lives by eliminating them. Kaname’s perspective on the game shifted due to these senseless fatalities.

Ultimately, Kaname and the rest of the Sunset Ravens tribe used brutal force to establish specific ground rules inside their area. Anyone who disobeys this order shall be put to death. These deeds serve as a warning to the remaining participants. Kaname’s personal growth was the only subject of Season 1.

Will There Be a Second Season of Darwin’s Game?

Despite the success of Darwin’s Game, a sequel that is darwin’s game season 2 has yet to be confirmed. Unfortunately, Studio Nexus has decided not to return Darwin’s Game for a second season. Season 2 is still quite improbable at this point.

Season 2 of Darwin’s Game: Who’s In It?

All series regulars, including the voice actors, will return for the darwin’s game season 2.

Kaname Sudo, played by Yusuke Kobayashi

Shuka Karino, played by Reina Ueda

Rein Kashiwagi, portrayed by Nichika Omori

Ryuji Maesaka, played by Taku Yashiro

Sota Ai Kayano as Liu Xuelan and Yumiri Hanamori as Sui

Some members of the supporting cast are also scheduled to reprise their roles. When season 2 is confirmed, we’ll reveal the rest of the cast.

Date for Season 2 of Darwin’s Game Possible

A formal announcement is likely to occur before the year’s end or at the start of the next. Streaming providers can get the anime in 2024. It might take longer than expected if it doesn’t happen.


The first season of Darwin’s Game was it consisted of how many episodes?

Darwin’s game features eleven episodes in the first season. A fifth episode called “Logline” also summarizes the previous four.

Where Can I Find the Series Darwin’s Game?

You may binge-watch darwin’s game season 2 on Netflix, Funimation, or Crunchyroll.

When will the Darwin’s Game manga conclude?

The Darwin’s Game manga is still active. Starting in January 2020, the last arc of the manga will have a total of 108 chapters. There have been 27 volumes released of the manga so far.

The first season of Darwin’s Game has spanned about how many manga volumes?

The first season of Darwin’s Game concludes with the events of volume 9 of the manga. So, the animation has made it up to the 36th chapter of the manga.

What Should I Read Next in the Darwin’s Game Manga Before Watching Season 2?

Spoilers for the next season begin in chapter 37, so only bother reading then. There is a lot to read since there are 108 chapters. So, are you looking forward to darwin’s game season 2 or not?