How To Beat Golem Pokémon Go?

Beat Golem Pokémon Go

How to beat Golem Pokemon Go? With a rigid body that cannot be scratched, Golem is a tortoise-like Pokémon with the shell which is a cylindrical body which is covered with a green-plated Shell. It extends its head out with small hands on the sides. We will be discussing how to beat Golem Pokemon Go. 

It has two claws and forearms with two claws on the feet. Two large black rocks protrude on top of its body, generating the pattern of cannon. You will require to do the best how you have, and we are here to tell you how to beat Golem Pokemon Go.

How to beat Golem Pokémon Go?

Type – Rock / Ground 

Weakness –Water, Grass, Ground, Ice, Steel, and Fighting-type moves


Geodude (25 Candies) >Graveler (100 Candies) > Golem

Golem Base Stats

ATK: 211

DEF: 198

Stamina: 198

Flee Rate: 5%

Buddy Distance: 1km

Golem Counters






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Where to catch Golem?

You can find Golem in the wild; you can find them in more than the usual number during rainy weather and cloudy day. May hatch from 7km eggs. 

Alolan Golems can be found in the wild. Where you can find tips on How to beat Pokémon go, given below. 

Golem’s Best Moves

 Earthquake and Mud-Slap (15.4 DPS)

Other moveset:

Rock Throw (16 DPS)

Frustration (5 DPS)

Rock Blast (28.6 DPS)

Stone Edge (52.2 DPS)

Ancient Power (24 DPS)

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How to Beat Golem?

Because of the hardcover that protects Golem, you must avoid Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Electric, and Poison-type moves. 

Avoid using the following Pokémon because they are most vulnerable to Golem; Pikachu, Raichu, Magnemit, Magneton, Electabuzz, Mareep, Flaafy, and Ampharos. 

The recommended Pokémon against GoleM is Kingler. Its skills, like a bubble and crab hammer, give 100% effective damage.  This is how to defeat Golem in Pokemon Go.

The use of Kyoger Is also effective. Hydro pump, and waterfall, deal a good amount of damage. 

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Simple Tips on how to Defeat Golem pokemon go

Tip #1. CP (Combat Power) Advantage / how to defeat golem  Pokemon GO

Golem has a maximum of 2916 CP; when you are out to battle it, you must choose Pokémon with equal or higher CP. The next step might not be that important.  

Tip #2. Use Move Types that make Golem Weak

Golem is slow and will let you deal more damage during the battle; take advantage of this and use elements against which Golem is weak. Following elements to which Golem is weak against:

Grass    Ground               Steel     Fighting               Ice         Water  


1.56       1.25       1.25       1.25       1.25       1.56                       

Tip #3. Use Pokemon & Moves of the Same Type for Additional Damage / how to defeat Golem Pokemon go

By just using Pokémon, which uses elements that Golem is weak against, you are already providing more Damage. If you use Bulnasaur using a grass move, Gharmandar using a fire move, Or squirting using a water move will increase Damage by 25% of the elements they use. 

Tip #4. Choose the Best Type(s) of Pokemon to defeat Golem Pokemon Go

Using Pokémon that Golem is weak against, Pokémon who can resist Golem‘s attack is also very important. Avoid using the type of Pokémon which are super effective. 

Tips #5. High DPS Movesets To Maximize Damage/

STAB (the same attack bonus) will help you deal more damage during the battle with Golem. Taking advantage of the weakness of Golem will increase your chances of defeating it. Golem will early go fall down if you use the tips given above and use it optimally with your Pokémon. 


 I hope this information has come to your use. Train yourself a pokemon trainer and be the best