What Is the Story Of Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4?

Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4

Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4  – Hantengu, also known as Demon Slayer Upper Moon 4, is one of the most powerful demons in the Demon Slayer universe. He is known for his ability to split his personality into seven different beings, each with their own unique powers and abilities. This makes him a formidable opponent, as he can adapt to any situation and use the right personality to counter his enemies.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Upper Moon 4 and his seven personalities. We will also discuss his strengths and weaknesses and how the Demon Slayer Corps defeated him.

Who is Hantengu?

Hantengu is one of the Twelve Kizuki, the twelve most powerful demons under Muzan Kibutsuji in the anime/manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the Upper Rank Four demon and the main antagonist of the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Like other demons, Hantengu used to be a person who was really mean back then. Even though he was scared and whiny, he did many bad things as a human. Hantengu would steal, hurt, and take things from others. 

When he was alive, he got married to many women. But when they found out about the bad things he did, he would kill them and the kids they had together.

He is a very powerful demon, and he was able to hold off the combined efforts of Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, and Genya Shinazugawa for a significant amount of time. However, he was eventually defeated by Tanjiro, who was able to use his Hinokami Kagura technique to cut off Hantengu’s head.

He is a complex and interesting character. He manifests the human emotions of fear, anger, love, joy, and laughter. He is also a victim of his own emotions, as they constantly consume him. Hantengu is a reminder that even the most powerful demons are still human at heart.

What can he do?

Hantengu has some really strange powers. He can make his feelings become separate creatures using something called Blood Demon Art – Emotion Manifestation.

These feelings are Fear, Anger, Joy, Hatred, Pleasure, Sorrow, and Resentment. Each creature has its own special abilities. Let’s learn about them!

Sekido – Gets Really Mad

He is the first of Hantengu’s copies we meet, representing “anger.” With his special power, Sekido can make his stick create electricity when he sticks it into something like the ground.

His electric ability is strong. He can quickly make his enemies unable to move and fall asleep. He can even do this to many enemies at once.

But there’s a catch: his electricity can’t pass through things made from his own cells, like the other copies of Hantengu. This weakness is what caused him to lose against Tanjiro (and another broken copy. Ew.).

Karaku – Likes to Have Fun

This happy guy’s special power lets him use his big leafy fan to create strong winds. Just by swinging his fan once, he can destroy buildings, knock down whole forests, and make really big holes in the ground.

He’s like a super strong tornado, and Tanjiro is in for a surprise. But here’s the twist: anyone can use his fan’s power. Nezuko got hold of it and blew him away.

Aizetsu – Sorrow

This unhappy guy uses a long stick called a yari. He can hit things that are far away, even farther than the stick itself.

Because he’s very sad, he fights smartly and doesn’t get upset like his other copies do.

Urogi – Really Happy

This cheerful and carefree demon looks like a bird with strange wings and sharp claws. He loves fighting and feels happiest when hurting others and making bad jokes.

He attacks using loud screams and his super sharp claws, which are as tough as diamonds. If you cut off his leg, it can still shout at you. Tanjiro learns this the tough way.

Zohakuten – Really Angry

This guy is like a mix of all the other copies of Hantengu. Sekido ate pieces of all the other clones (but not Urogi), and then he kind of fused together as characters do in Dragon Ball Z.

He is one of the strongest forms of Hantengu. He can use the powers of all the copies he ate. He can also control wood and plants by beating the drums on his back and turn wood into really long dragon heads. Not nice at all.

Urami – Holds a Grudge

Urami looks just like Hantengu but much, much bigger. Urami can pretend to be Hantengu and distract everyone while the main demon escapes and hides. Urami can also do what the other copies of Hantengu do. That doesn’t seem very fair.

So, how did they make this guy lose?

Many strong fighters, including Hashira, teamed up with Tanjiro and Nezuko to beat him. Finally, Tanjiro used Yoriichi’s special sword to chop off the demon’s head.

It wasn’t smart for Hantengu to fight Tanjiro in a village with the best sword maker. Even though he had many copies, they all made a mistake by underestimating the situation.

Some FAQs

Q: Who is Upper Moon 4?

A: Upper Moon 4 is a powerful demon who serves Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist of the anime/manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is known for his ability to split himself into multiple demons, each representing a different emotion. Upper Moon 4 was originally named Hantengu, but he was later killed and replaced by Nakime.

What is Upper Moon 4’s weakness?

Upper Moon 4, also known as Hantengu, has a few weaknesses that Demon Slayers can exploit.

  • His base form is weak
  • He is easily distracted
  • His emotions can be turned against him