Disadvantages of wigs


The culture of wearing wigs is increasing on daily basis. Few people are wearing wigs for their personal use. But many people are using this wig to look different and become fashion icons. Besides some of the important advantages of wearing wigs. There are also some important disadvantages of wearing wigs.

As there are two important materials are used to make wigs. These materials include human hairs and synthetic hairs. This section will show the various cons of these materials in detail.

Human wigs cons

Many actors and simple people are using human wigs to increase their personality and enhance their natural look. But if you are going to buy a human hair wig then you should aware of its important disadvantages.


As these wigs are mainly made from real human hairs. These human hairs are collected properly and then arranged properly to use in wigs. Due to this, its cost is higher compared with synthetic wigs. The price of human hair wig is between 100 to 150 dollars. Moreover, its price is also depending on the quality of the wig. If you wanted a wig that will stay longer without any damage then its price will be expensive. Furthermore, if the features of wigs are increased then their price will also increase. But if you wanted to buy a human hair wig then it will be beneficial if you buy a 360 wig. The main reason behind it is that it is considered the cheapest human hair wig and its price are between 50 to 100 dollars.

Gives bulky look

The fact is that the human wig is full of hairs and they are extremely dense. Moreover, it is also depending on the required hairpiece. Through this hair piece, some people looked bulky. Therefore, the main problem is related to the density of the hairs. In a human wig, the hair density is extremely high because various chemicals are used. Therefore, sometimes, it will give an unnatural look. But is possible to avoid this problem. It can be avoided easily by plucking some of the hairs that are present on the hairline. It will give you a natural look and enhance your personality.

Requires style

It is one of the main problems with the human hair wig that it requires style after some time. But the synthetic wigs never require styling even after washing. The human wig requires styling on daily basis then its natural look will strand,there is a new collection of thin part wigs,which is much easy to wear and maintain,if you are new,high recommend.

Could come off

Whenever you are wearing a wig, then you always have a fear of coming off at any time. It is the worst nightmare for everyone who is wearing a wig. But it can be avoided easily whenever the wig is attached properly. Therefore, it will become simple to avoid this problem. Just make sure that the wig is applied properly without any mistake. The human wig requires proper glue fix while using because it could come off anytime. Moreover, it is depending on the quality of the human wig.

Increasing temperature

It is also a huge problem for the people who are wearing the human wig. Many people have experience with the human wig. In summers, the human wig becomes extraordinary hot. Due to this, it will become extremely uncomfortable for the person who is wearing the human wig. But in some human wigs, there is a mesh material that will allow the hairpiece to breathe.

High-quality maintenance

Another problem is that the human wig is extremely fragile. Due to these facts, it requires regular maintenance. It is like you are taking care of your natural hairs. For this, you have to perform several things that will maintain the good shape of the human wig. Furthermore, you have to wash it after use so that its life will be increased. While wearing a human hair wig, you are not allowed to swim in any case. The reason behind it is that the swimming pool water will ruin the wig and damage it permanently.

The cons of synthetic wigs

Many artists, actors and entertainers are preferring synthetic wigs. But this wig contains several disadvantages.

The life span of synthetic wigs

The total life span of synthetic wigs is quite shorter. The reason behind it is that these wigs are made from synthetic material. Therefore, they contain a small life span. But there are some synthetic fibre wigs. But these wigs are unable to stand against, constant washing, brushing and losing strength with time. Moreover, synthetic wigs are only beneficial for a temporary look. Further, if you looked for a durable wig then choose a human hair wig.

Frizzes over time

The main problem is that synthetic wigs are prone to frizzing. Furthermore, the rate of frizzing will increase over time. Also, to protect these wigs you go for brushing them properly. But still, it will not decrease the frizzing level. It will only provide a little bit of change but frizzing is present. The main reason behind it is that you used synthetic fibres to brush each other and move strands so they will tangle up.

Damaged by heat

One of the huge problems of synthetic wigs is that they can be damaged by using heating styling appliances. This is the main reason that straightening and curling are not allowed in these wigs. If it is applied then two various things will happen. If the quality of synthetic wigs is low then they will melt and also contact with the styling appliances. On the other hand, if the quality of synthetic wigs is high then they will not melt on heating but it will cause damage and unable to give proper results according to your demand. Therefore, the best point is not to apply any styling on the synthetic wigs otherwise various problems will arise that will make your wig useless.

Unnatural polish

synthetic wigs are not much expansive and it is made from fibres. The fibre contains its shine and it doesn’t seem like natural hair. If someone is using synthetic wigs for hiding their thin hairs and baldness then it will look unnatural and will never help you to increase your beauty level.