What Is DM: Full Form And Meaning Of DM

what is DM

You must have heard the term DM many times from people around you or have read it in newspapers. But do you know what is DM? Or What is the full form of DM? 

You may have heard the term DM many times, but most people don’t know what is DM? Another problem that you may encounter is that what is Long-form of DM? This is also something that most people are unable to answer. To help you with this, we will clear all your doubts which you may have, like what is DM? and What does DM mean? What is fullform of a DM? What is the meaning of DM? And more. 

In the article below, we will tell you all about what is DM and all the other aspects related to it. 

What Is Fullform of DM?

The DM full form in English is District Magistrate. 

  • D in the DM means District. 
  • M in the definition of DM means Magistrate. 

This is the DM full form, and below we will explain what is DM mean?

What Is DM Meaning? 

The DM meaning in English is District magistrate; however, it also means Direct Message. In this sense, the definition of DM in social media can be a Direct Message. The direct message on the social media platform refers to private messages between the various users of the social network. 

The district collector is also Infamous as the DM or district magistrate, and they are the executive head of administration in a district. This is a post that refers to the executive administrative head of a district in the state of India. The DM is also responsible to maintain law and order in the District. In the term district magistrate, the Magistrate is driven from the middle of the English word Magistrate, which denotes – “civil officer who is in charge of administering the law.” 

Below we will explain What is Abbreviation of District Magistrate?

What Is Abbreviation Of District Magistrate Or What Is DM Abbreviation?

The district magistrate abbreviation in English:

  • District is denoted by the abbreviation of D. 
  • Magistrate is denoted by the abbreviation of M. 

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is DM

Is DM And The Collector Same?

According to the definition of DM, it is one, and the same thing as the district magistrate is also referred to as collector or deputy commissioner. 

What Is The Duty Of DM?

The duty of the district magistrate or collector is to uphold law and order in a district or state. They have the power to take necessary action in accordance with the criminal procedure code of India. However, the responsibility of a DM has been diluted to an extent as the power in India is separate between the executive and the judicial branches.

Who Was The First DM In India?

Romesh Chandra Dutt was the first DM of India. 

What Is Short-Form Of DM?

There is no short form for DM as it is itself a short form for the term District Magistrate. 

These are some of the things which will help you in understanding what is meaning of DM and its various other aspects. 

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Final Words

You must have heard the term DM somewhere in your life. But do you know What is DM? If not, you are not alone in it. The term DM can have various meanings according to the place it has been used at. Thus, it is essential to understand various aspects like full form for a better understanding of it.