Does Find My iphone Work When Phone Is Dead

Does find my iphone work when phone is dead

Does find my iphone work when phone is dead – With the advent of technology, it seems like nobody knows how to do anything anymore or can’t do anything without their smartphones. One example is when there is an emergency, and you need to get in touch with someone fast, who probably also cannot answer their phone right now because they’re out and about. 

Nobody thinks that they need to find a lost iPhone. The most frequently asked question of the general public regarding this topic is: Is finding my iphone work when the phone is dead possible? It’s not something that most people are necessarily worried about because the probability of them losing their phone is low, right? You first need to do what you should do before you even pick up a smartphone in the first place, which is to make sure that backup of everything. 

If this wasn’t something stuck in your head before you started using your phone, now’s the time to start. You have a device full of personal information; if it gets lost, it could be worse than if someone had stolen your wallet! So back up all of your data because Apple will not be able to help you recover anything from it when it’s gone missing. In this article, you will learn about some common issues like how to find an offline iphone, how to find a dead iphone, and many more. 

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Apple makes it easy:

Apple provides an option to download its Find My iPhone service, which is available on iOS and OSX devices and lets you locate your device on a map and iCloud backups. You can also set up iCloud alerts if you think your device is acting strangely or if it’s been lost. The best way to find your lost phone is to disable the Find Me feature from your phone by performing a one-time only disable operation. First, you will need to do this iPhone. After this, you can also turn off battery-powered mode and restart the iPhone. 

You can also change the restart settings for your phone to automatically restart at setup time, as we already have mentioned above. The reason why this works is that the iPhone turns off only when the battery dies, and this makes it harder for someone to find it. You can also change your phone’s location settings so that it doesn’t send its location data to Apple when you are using it and then again when you are not.

How to find an iphone if it is lost?

You will not need to do this by purchasing tracking software; every company locks up its information on websites. Of course, you can also use online and offline tools for this. But the best option for you is to use iCloud services. It is because you can know the location of your iphone within a few minutes after losing it, and you can also enable a very good feature that allows you to engage in a call with your phone so that it will ring, even if its on silent.

If you have an Apple ID and access to iCloud, then go ahead and sign in to iCloud with this ID to locate your phone. If not, then all you need is to update your settings here and turn on Find My iPhone. You will also need Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G network connection. Finally, it’s a good idea to turn on the other Find My iPhone feature, allowing your phone to play a sound for about five minutes. 

The speed at which your phone becomes lost or stolen doesn’t matter because, with iCloud activated, your information will be backed up on Apple’s servers at all times. It means that when somebody steals your iPhone and tries to turn on the device and use it, they won’t have access to any of your information or data because it is already backed up onto Apple’s servers.

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Navigate to setting:

As you have already suspected, indeed, you can’t use your phone to find the phone. However, you can follow the following instructions step by step:

  • Click on “Settings,” scroll down to iCloud and choose to turn it on. If there isn’t enough charge in your device, plug it in so you can continue with the rest of this tutorial.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings,” then “iCloud,” and then “Find iPhone.” – Login with your Apple ID and choose if you want any notifications.
  • Once you are in, click on the blue circular button, “Play a sound.” If you’re out in a very loud place, this may not work so well, but if it is a quiet environment, that is good for a few seconds of listening. 

Your phone should vibrate and play a tone indicating where it is at. If you have found it, put it back in the same place with all its information intact.

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How to use Find My?

To locate your phone in case it gets lost or stolen, you need to follow these simple steps: 

Visit, or open the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device. Go through the prompts to log on with your Apple ID (the one you use on your iPhone). Next, select All Devices from the left-side menu, and you should see your device listed in the main window. Select your device from the list and click “Play Sound” at the top. The sound played is a high-pitched sound that can be heard easily even if your phone’s volume is turned down.

If your phone is on the lock screen or the passcode is set, it will not play a sound. But if the Louder Sound option is enabled, it will work even in this condition. You will also know where to find your device by performing a location search. 


It is a very good idea to get into the habit of backing up your phone data and enabling Find My iPhone on your devices. If it is stolen or lost, you have a higher chance of getting it back if you have activated those features and are using them.

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