Elden Ring: Where to get Rock Sling?

rock sling Elden ring

Elden Ring has many magical spells that can be confusing, but not all are helpful. Luckily, there’s one spell that’s super strong and easy to get early on in the game, and it’ll be useful for you throughout your whole journey. It’s called Rock Sling, and it’s awesome because it can stun your enemies and deal a lot of damage. Check out this guide if you want to know where to find this amazing spell.

What is Rock Sling?

Rock Sling is a magic spell in Elden Ring that needs you to have 18 Intelligence to use it. When you cast it, it shoots three rocks from the ground that can cause much damage if they all hit the enemy. It can also make the enemies lose their balance quickly, which is great for hitting them hard.

If you read the description of Rock Sling, it says that it’s a type of magic that uses the power of gravity. It lets you pull up a bunch of rocks from the ground and throw them at your enemies. You can even use this spell while you’re moving around! This type of magic was learned by a young person named Radahn, who an Alabaster Lord taught with skin made of stone.

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Where to find Rock Sling Elden Ring?

Go to the Street of Sages Ruins to find Rock Sling in Elden Ring. This is in the middle of Caelid’s swamp, which you can get to easily from the beginning of the game by leaving Limgrave from the northeast and going straight down to the ruins. When you get there, look for a set of stairs in the northern part of the ruins. Even though there are mages around who can poison you, they’re easy to run past. Go down the stairs into the cellar to find Rock Sling.

While you’re in the area, you should also get the Meteorite Staff. This stuff is great for sorcerers because it works well with gravity spells, like Rock Sling. It can do a lot of damage and scales well with Intelligence. It’s a good staff that you can use for a long time in the game until you find something better later.