The Strongest Characters In Naruto-who Everyone loves

strongest characters in Naruto

One of the most amazing things about Naruto is that there are a lot of characters available who are very powerful and look very hot. Naruto was launched in 2002 as an anime TV series, which introduced many extremely powerful characters, mainly the ninjas. The strongest ninja of each village is said to be the Kage. Since 1999, Naruto has given fans over 70 manga volumes and 700+ entries of animated television episodes of Naruto Uzumaki. After ages, the creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto identified that almost all the young and old people love Naruto. Some Naruto characters are goofy and endearing, and some are amazingly threatening and dubious. However, all of them have different qualities and powers. So, identifying who are the strongest characters in Naruto is a hard task.   

In the below article we have listed some of the strongest Naruto characters who have different abilities and qualities and as per the expert’s analysis, these anime characters are the most famous characters of all time. So, let’s check out them:


Kaguya Otsutsuki ate fruit from the forbidden god tree after which she became the first wielder of chakra, and also known as the “mother of chakras” she is claimed to be the most powerful evil in the Naruto universe. She is the most formidable foe that Naruto and other characters of the Naruto universe have ever come across. 

Kayuga has the power that no other ninja can ever have, the ability to change space and time, to read the thoughts, to feel others, and the main unmatched visual process. No matter how strong Naruto is, he can not defeat Kaguya.

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Naruto Uzumaki:

There are only a few shinobi that have the ability to oppose Naruto Uzumaki because Naruto Uzumaki is one of the strongest characters in the Naruto universe. Due to his personality, many people love him but some people believe that a no-talent kid might actually become Hokage one day. Naruto is not only strong in personality, but he is also strong in his leadership attributes and his friendly behavior. 

Sasuke Uchiha:

Just like Naruto, Sasuke is also the strongest ninja in the Naruto Universe. Sasuke is known for his way of capturing the title from the most powerful Uchiha member, but because of this, he lost his younger brother. Sasuke gained the power that only a few Uchiha members have ever possessed. At a very early age, Sasuke became a ninja in Naruto Uzumaki. 

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (Sage Of Six Paths):

Hagoromo was born with the same power chakra just like his mother, Kaguya.

Hagoromo has a twin brother named Hamura. He was a myth and then turned into a historical figure. His story is written in many books but never shown in the anime, now the anime universe is taking hagoromo Otsutsuki into an animated character. Hagoromo is considered to be a god-like being, as he was grown with immense power. 

Madara Uchiha:

Madara is the most famous historical character in the Naruto world. As he is still a part of the protagonist’s saga. He is shinobi and has visual powers and fighting capacity. After taking rebirth with the help of Orochimaru’s reanimation Jutsu, Madara took on the five Kages. Madara’s powers have always been considered equal to any god’s. And he was also recognized as the strongest Uchiha during his whole lifetime.

Nagato (Pain):

If you are a real Naruto fan then you must have heard about Nagato, as he is very powerful and handsome. He has round purple eyes with black likes and he wears a headband and has straight long hair that looks very amazing. Nagato was the one founding member of Akatsuki. Along with him, his friends Yahiko and Konan also started to protect the land. He was also known by the alias ‘pain’.

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Eri has a very powerful ability, she is blessed with an incredible quirk, which gives her the power to rewind everything into its previous state. In her city there were many people who wanted her powers, to save herself from them, Eri ran from place to place. In her childhood she mistakenly made her father disappear which resulted in her mother disowning Eri. After this her grandfather took her but due to this chisaki put him in a coma and started touching Eri.after suffering from all these things she never gave up and always stayed very strong.


Akame is one of the strongest girls in the anime world. The other name of Akam is “Akame of the demon sword murasame”. Akame is a cold-blooded assassin with a very sad past behind her. Her father sold her along with her sister to the empire. After this, she wanted to live her life even if it needed murder. Her own friend Marthe took advantage of her and tried to cut Akame down.

 Lelouch Vi Britannia:

The main protagonist of Code Geass is Lelouch Vi Britannia. In his childhood, he saw the assassination of her mother which resulted in the disability of his sister, and they both were abandoned by his father. With the horrifying past life, he despises his father and the empire and starts hating them both. After getting the power of Gesus, he adopted the name “Zero” and started ruling Britannia over Japan. However, now she is a great anime character. Lelouch Vi Britannia, possesses the power of obedience, using which he can plant an idea into anyone’s mind he makes eye contact with and makes that person do as Lelouch desires.

The Elric Brothers:

Edward and Alphonse are two brothers who had a very happy childhood with their mother. However, after some time their mother died because of the illness and Ed started hating his father. In order to bring back their mother, they broke the alchemy taboo by human transmutation. They were very strong together and it was quite hard to defeat them. 

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Final words:

If you’re getting bored or you’re in the mood to watch the Strongest characters in Naruto then you really should read this article as it is very interesting and contains many facts about many Naruto characters.

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