The Best 2000s Emo Cartoon Characters 

Emo cartoon characters

In the event that you’re understanding this, you no doubt had an emo cartoon character stage growing up. Or then again perhaps it was anything but a stage you’re actually ready to stick out to My Chemical Romance at whatever point you hear a G-note on piano. In any event, we weren’t the only ones to shake hair that basically covered our whole face, abundant measures of dark eyeliner, and a somewhat more sullen attitude toward the world that our folks would simply never comprehend. Here is our pick of the best 10 emo cartoon characters who completely claimed the way of life.

Marceline from Adventure Time

Not exclusively is Marceline a vampire sovereign with an extremely puzzling past, but at the same time, she’s a staple of everybody’s 2007 emo cartoon characters stage. With a for the most part dark and red closet, savage side slams, and a talent for composing emotional bangers against her electric guitar, everybody has probably been battling to be on Marceline’s Top 8 preceding the Great Mushroom War occurred.

Raven from Teen Titans

Raven is presumably the most emotional illustration of a young person telling her father he “simply doesn’t have the foggiest idea, OK?” And assuming your father was an abhorrent demon attempting to inspire you to go along with him to ruin the whole universe, you could say that, as well. Notwithstanding, Raven’s amazing purple and dark tasteful and nonstop longing to be abandoned in her room, it was absolutely impossible that this angsty high schooler was not making this rundown.

Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

Just a hypothesis, yet it’s basically impossible that in hellfire Sam Manson wasn’t named after Marilyn Manson, correct? With one more heavenly illustration of savage bangs and a closet that appears as though it came straight out of a Hot Topic, Sam’s confidential, stowed away the love of her dearest companion Danny grandstands the Lonely Hearts Club stage each emo cartoon characters kid had in secondary school.

Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh

Eeyore most likely has the most hopeless viewpoint of any cartoon character, ever. His most popular expression is “Gratitude for seeing me,” and he would prefer to remain at home than continue any of Pooh’s experiences.

Charlie Brown from Peanuts

Charlie Brown and Eeyore are certainly the separate present and VP of the Sad Boys Club. Charlie Brown is somewhat less discouraged than poor Eeyore, yet his general point of view toward the world’s remaining parts is covered by that supposed raincloud. He additionally realizes that his folks in all likelihood will not grasp him and just at any point hears their talks as muffled muttering sounds.

Nergal Jr. from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

In the series, Billy’s Aunt Sis married Nergal the demon-like after Billy’s failed endeavors to attack their relationship. Afterward, the couple’s child, Nergal Jr., is shipped off to a colder time of year camp that Grim and Billy’s dad, Harold, sent Mandy and Billy to. While there, Junior uses his powers to accept the types of others, embarrassed about his “valid” structure.

He at first needed to be acknowledged by his others, trading structures on the off chance that he felt someone else was more well known than who he was mimicking. At a certain point, he even says, “all I at any point needed was to be adored.” He additionally frequently wears a red scarf all year like a lost emo cartoon characters undergrad attempting to track down the ideal bistro with mood.

Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

Sam’s a lot of things, yet cliché goth isn’t one of them. However she dresses like one, she misses the mark on brand name skepticism, apprehension, and critical disposition numerous different characters on this rundown have. Nonetheless, that distinction is to improve things. Names aren’t conclusive, so her personality makes for a decent chance to the paradigm.

She additionally gets focuses for hunting strict apparitions and for being an “ultra-recycle-veggie lover” (a characteristic she likewise shares with the most elevated character on the rundown).

Kevin Levin from Ben 10

Notwithstanding which series he shows up in for sure age he shows up at, Kevin’s look and all characters are generally similar in all cases. Kevin is an Osmosian, a sub-types of people with changed DNA that gives every Osmosian one-of-a-kind capacities, and for Kevin’s situation, energy, and power ingestion. Whenever an Osmosian assimilates something, dark staining encompasses their eyes, making Kevin appear as though he has eyeliner on for a fraction of the time.

Crushing poisonous manliness and looking at much more emo cartoon characters is rarely so helpful. Kevin even wears a lock around his neck in a portion of his appearances, and it’s really a disgrace Hot Topic hasn’t gotten on it yet.

Yumi Ishiyama from Code Lyoko

However, from a less popular series than the other shows on this rundown, Yumi Ishiyama (and Code Lyoko) merit the same amount of consideration. Yumi is essential for the Lyoko Warriors, youngsters committed to halting a virtual knowledge program known as X.A.N.A. from overcoming the world. Yumi is the most established and generally mature of all the Warriors, frequently keeping herself protected prior to getting to know individuals.

She’s not frequently seen without dim dress, having shown up in the initial three times of the show wearing an all-dark troupe and enormous, dark stage boots. However not transparently angsty or grouchy, Yumi falls under the classification of the seldom portrayed delicate goth.

Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

However, Zuko was at first inclined to mad outbursts, a lot of his responses originated from his horrible past. His wrath ultimately buckled away to uncover exactly how horrendously Zuko frequently saw what was happening. He frequently felt insufficient and battled with finding his genuine reason throughout everyday life, beating a fate that’d been constrained on him.

Indeed, even after his reclamation and royal celebration as the Fire Lord, Zuko’s unmistakable tension never fully blurred from his character. Uncle Iroh himself had the option to make look like Zuko because of an “apprehension filled hand signal,” causing Zuko a deep sense of’s shock. It’s additionally striking that each time Zuko went with the ideal choice, he’d battle so much inside that’d he’d drop, at one point, in any event, becoming very ill. He’s an emotional lord, and it’s magnificent.

Jinxx from Teen Titans

Jinxx in a real sense causes “misfortune” to individuals, frequently doing as such while mischievously grinning as she smoothly explores a combat zone. She likewise looks 100% the part, wearing dim apparel suggestive of a witch’s outfit and high stage boots. However she has somewhat of a mean streak, she’s uncovered to be an incredible softie (in any event, attracting unicorns is her hobby).

Curse’s general taste likewise converted into how she decorates her room, with mirror, PC, and bed outline everything having some or all demonic accents added to them. After joining the Teen Titans, Jinx never stood with her gothic appeal, even while showing a good side to her character.

Mai Avatar from The Last Airbender

From the second Mai was onscreen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, she overflowed with an elevated degree of anxiety. Her most memorable assertion was about the profundities of her disdain for the city she was in. Her voice entertainer, Cricket Leigh, worked really hard to keep her special, low, and grumpy voice steady all through the series.

She doesn’t want to show any emotion (besides her adoration for Zuko) yet opens up as the series advances. She goes on dates in burial grounds and appreciates referring to dusks as “revolting.” Her demeanor absolutely didn’t deflect Zuko, and the pair would’ve most likely held emo cartoon charactersNights in the Fire Nation Palace in additional advanced times.

Raven from Teen Titans

Raven made her first memorable comic appearance in 1980, and was the most popular gothic character of her time. In any case, her appearance in the 2003 series Teen Titans improved her status considerably further. With a mind-blowing presentation by Tara Strong, Raven offered a dry mind, wry remarks, and ill-humored rejoinders at whatever point she was irritated.

Like Jinx, her room was likewise demonstrated to be an emo’s heaven. Loaded up with mythic books, sculptures suggestive of the mysterious, and a bed styled after her hood, it was effectively any emo cartoon characters teen’s fantasy. Jinx’s powers are based on her emotions and also that she’s half-demon, Raven is a great gothic character of enlivened TV.

Daria Morgendorffer Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria

First showing up as a common person in Beavis and Butt-Head and later featuring in her own nominal series, Daria Morgendorffer was a person who grew additional time. Her unique boring and droning voice were not initially part of her, however, it later conveyed her negative point of view all the more completely.

However, she may not look like it as much as her cohort Andrea, Daria’s idiosyncrasies, jokes, and activities talked far stronger than any conventional gothic outfit. A lot of a big motivator for she was somewhat revolutionary too, apathetically expressing various times that there was no good reason for getting involved with cultural frameworks in a world not ready to accept her.

Thorn from Scooby-Doo

Thron and her band, The Hex Girls, initially showed up in the 1999 film Scooby-Doo! furthermore, the Witch’s Ghost, and immediately turned into a staple in the establishment because of their acclaimed gathering. Thorn is The Hex Girls’ lead artist and guitarist who is voiced by Jennifer Hale. She’s a rehearsing Wiccan, being 1/sixteenth on her mom’s side. Her natural powers were pivotal in aiding Mystery Incorporated, detaining the phantom of witch Sarah Ravencroft.

Her fashion instinct isn’t to be neglected, normally wears dim outfits of dark, red, and purple, coinciding great with her bat-formed guitar. She seemingly likewise has the place of the first 2000s’ goth, setting the standards high for any new characters. Additionally, every Hex Girls tune is a real banger.