A Brief Discussion About Little Dippers!


The Little Dippers is a 1960s easy listening outfit of the 60s music era. They have had several hit songs in their time with songs like “Walkin’ My Baby” and “Blues Stay Away From Me”. Some of the most recognized members are Doug Sahm, Joe Cocker, Lee Michaels, and Tom Waits. The band was discovered by Sam Cooke, who recruited Doug Sahm to help produce the album on which their signature song was recorded- “Cadillac Walk”. 

The band’s name comes from a derogatory term for Mexican immigrants in the early 1800s. Little Dippers was one of the most popular bands at its peak in 1967. The band’s name comes from a derogatory term for Mexican immigrants in the early 1800s. They started to play clubs in the mid-1960s with their hit singles “Walkin’ My Baby” and “Blues Stay Away From Me”, which made the first time on the billboard charts and sold over 75,000 copies each.

Besides recording and performing, Little Dippers also starred in several different television shows and movies during its peak in the late 1960s. These shows included “Hollywood Palace”, “The Monkees”, “Fever Swamp”, and many more.

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Early Life:

The Little dipper was a Texan-based easy-listening band that recorded its first album in 1960 at Gold Star Studios. Original members were Doug Sahm, Joe Cocker, Lee Michaels, and Don McLean. The first recording session was a cover of “Walking My Baby”. The group got the Little name Dippers because they were called that by the band’s manager Sam Cooke when he first saw them in 1960. Sahm would later state that he thought it was inappropriate because he didn’t want people to think that the band members were Mexican immigrants.

What about Forever the little dipper?

The little dippers released it’s first “Walking My Baby” single in early 1960. It was a top 10 hit and stayed on the charts for two years. The song helped launch Cocker’s career as a solo artist. Later that year, they released the album Cadillac Walk, which included their hit song “Cadillac Walk”. Little Dippers had many successful rock and roll hits but also had their share of misses. They were close to having another big hit with “Useless Blues”, but the song was dropped when their producer Sam Cooke left the industry after six months.

Little Dipper’s billboard history:

Cadillac Walk Gold Star Studios 30/50 2. August 1962 Little Dipper Hits Gold Star Studios 30/50. October 1962 Little Dipper Hits Gold Star Studios 30/50 4. May 1963 Walking My Baby Gold Star Studios 25/50 5. May 1963 Everyday Girl Blues. June 1963 Cadillacs and Rainbows Gold Star Studios 35/50 7. July 1963 Cadillac Walk [Mini LP] Gold Star Studios 40//40 8. November 1963 On the Road, Live 1961-63 – Blue Blazer Live 1961-63 – Blue Blazer Chicago, IL 61//110 9.


1. How did the band end?

Little Dipper’s popularity and success in the 1960s did not last very long. Even though many of their records were on the Billboard Top 10 and had many hit singles, the group only released a total of three albums. Cocker left the group in 1965 to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Sonny Burgess. Burgess and Sahm would both leave in 1967 to join other groups like The Blues Brothers Band and Miles Grayson. Lee Michaels would also part ways with Doug Sahm and joined his brother Dennis Michaels’s band “The New Christy Minstrels”.

2. What were some of the band’s hit songs?

Little Dipper had several hit singles and albums in their time. Some of the most famous music they released include Cadillac Walk, Blue Jean Blues, and I’m a Hit and Miss.

3. Why did they break up?

Little Dippers broke up in 1967 when Doug Sahm left to join The Blues Brothers. Joe Cocker was already pursuing a solo career then, and Peter Rivera left to start his turf band, “The Fevers”. Lee Michaels and Tom Waits went on to pursue their solo careers as well.

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