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Ethan Francis Cutkosky, known professionally by his stage as Ethan Cutkosky, is an American who makes his living as a well-known performer and musician. He gained the first and most notoriety for his roles as Barto in The Child in the womb and Carl Maguire in Shameless.

After entering the profession in 2008, he has gained considerable notoriety. During his tenure in the entertainment sector, he has appeared in several well-known television shows and films and performed in music.

Ethan Cutkosky was born on September 18, 1998, making him 23 years old as of September 2020. He was raised in a Christian middle-class household in St. Louis, Missouri, in The Us. He practices Catholicism and is an American by nationality.

He finished his schooling at Bell Cunningham Primary School in St. Louis, Missouri. He then registered at St. Charles West Academy, eventually earning his high school diploma. He was always considerably more engaged in extracurriculars than academics, even as a young boy.

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Ethan Cutosky’s age, height, net worth, girlfriend

Mr. David Cutkosky, a professional computer scientist by trade, is Ethan Cutkosky’s dad, and Mrs. Yvette is her mom.

The family background of Ethan Cutkosky is single. Brielle Barbusca, a Television performer, is the woman he is seeing. No information regarding any of his prior partnerships is available.

Bodily Qualities

Ethan Cutkosky is a bright, stylish teenage boy who is intelligent and attractive. He has a regular body shape, outstanding physical dimensions, and a powerful, handsome figure. 

He stands approximately Five feet Seven inches in height and weighs about 65 kilograms. His irises are a stunning, hypnotic blazing turquoise hue, and he has straight, fashionable black hair.

Ethan began to work on picture marketing at the age of five as a method for connecting with his mom.

Ethan had a prominent role in the film The Infant when he was ten years old. In addition, he performed the role of Barto; a Jewish ghost described as a Dybbuk. 

He was chosen by David Goyer, the writer, and filmmaker, due to his ability to adhere to directions and keep his cool while still being recorded. Therefore, he was thrilled to have worked with Gary Arnold on this movie. 

For a fact, He was granted the moniker “Single Shot Barto” due to his position and his ambition to complete each picture in a single scene.

Therefore, in 2008, Ethan was selected to portray Carl, the absent-minded drunkard Frank Flanagan’s kid, in the HBO program Shameless.

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The professional life of Ethan Cutkosky

Cutkosky took a job in picture marketing at the age of five years old as a method to allow him and his mom to connect. He was invited to apply for advertisements and afterward films after a couple of appearances.

 He was cast as Hans alongside Vince Vaughn in the Christmas movie Fred Santa at 7 (2008). Cutkosky thus had the chance to co-star with Gary Arnold as the mythical spirit Barto in the paranormal psychological thriller The Infant at 9 (2010). 

Cutkosky will portray Carl Gallagher, the foremost Gallagher brother and nuisance, in the 2010 tv show Notorious, which stars Emmy Rossum and Henry Macy as the leads.

The young American actor’s tremendous fame causes individuals to bring up Ethan Cutkosky Lover since he achieved a lot prematurely in his career. Ethan Cutkosky is therefore seeing Brielle Barabusca in 2022. They started dating in 2016. Additionally, on December 2, 1999, Louis Barabusca and Deborah Barabusca welcomed their beautiful daughter, Brielle. 

Tom is Brielle Barabusca’s younger brother. Additionally, a working performer who began her career as a teenager is currently in her teens. Ethan Cutkosky, her companion, is her life’s passion.

Following casting agents saw a snapshot of Brielle Barabusca when she was just four years old in her grandfather’s cafe; she started her professional career as a young performer and vocalist.

Furthermore, she has made appearances in print and broadcast commercials for companies including iPhone, Pepsi, Barbie, and Amazon. Brielle portrayed the Starting Girlfriend, Jaden Kaggen. She is developing her movie career and thus rising to greater heights.

Brielle Barbusca, Ethan Cutkosky’s fiancée, likewise started her career in performing at an early age. Brielle, a four-year-old, was the program’s main character and made a cameo appearance in the kids’ film “The Abandoned.” In the film “Hitch” from 2016, Brielle Barbusca portrayed a student attending high school.

History in Academia of Ethan Cutkosky

 Cutkosky attended Bell Graham Primary School in Campton Lakes, Illinois, and Thompson Intermediate School in St. James, Illinois. He so went To st. Louis East Junior High in St. Charles, Illinois.

Affluence & Salary

By 2023, Ethan’s wealth is anticipated to be approximately $1.5 million. He primarily makes money through his performing and singing careers.


  • Frank Santa
  • The Belief in the Child in the womb
  • Alex/October
  • Powerful “Erase Me” from Law & Command: Special Victims Division, shameless.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How much money does Ethan Cutkosky have?

His total assets are $1.09 million.

2. Is Ethan Cutkosky financially secure?

Ethan Cutkosky is an artist who performs in the US and has a $1.09 million net worth.

3. How old was Ethan Cutkosky in episode one?

Karl, who was barely ten years old when Shameless first aired, is now Nineteen years old because the show is presently in its tenth chapter. Ethan Cutkosky, who portrays Karl, was thus birthed on August 18, 1998.

4. Cam Mclaughlin is rich, right?

Cameron Monaghan, an American actor, receives a $5,08 million paycheck. He has a $5.08 million net worth. Cameron Mclaughlin was delivered in Santa Barbara, USA, in September 1994.

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