Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability: The Rise of Ethical 1-Carat s


Diamonds are quite popular among people because of their beauty and value. But the two most important topics that you need to consider when you are talking about diamonds are – ethical sourcing and sustainability. Nowadays, consumers prioritize their responsibilities towards the environment and society. With the growing consciousness about the impact of diamonds on the environment and society, demand for products that adhere to sustainable and ethical practices is growing too. Hence, the popularity of 1ct diamond is rising day by day. Want to know more about why and how? Read on.

Rise of 1ct Diamond

As mentioned above, consumers are more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions. There are many individuals who prefer products that perfectly align with their values.

1. Ethical sourcing

The ethical sourcing of the diamond means procuring diamond in a way that adheres to labor standards, human rights, and environmental protection. These diamonds are cut and sold without over-exploiting labor practices, degrading the environment, or abusing human rights.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability refers to both social and environmental sustainability when it comes to diamonds. This helps in minimizing the negative impact on the environment when mining or processing the diamond. The sustainable practice also means reduced carbon emissions. Hence, it is natural that a 1 carat diamond is a more sustainable choice than that of the 4ct diamond.

3. Ethical certification

There are different certifications and organizations in the diamond industry that can establish and maintain standards for ethical sourcing. You can check those certifications to ensure that the diamond you are purchasing meets all the ethical criteria it must.

4. Advancement of lab-created diamonds

Another reason why 1-carat diamonds are getting a lot of popularity now is because of the advancements of the lab-grown diamonds. It is an ethical way to grow or create diamonds as it has little to no impact on the environment or surroundings. The lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment that reduces carbon emission. It also reduces any ethical concerns associated with traditional mining.

So, it is safe to say that with the rise of 1ct diamond, you can see a broader shift towards ethical sourcing and sustainability in the diamond industry. To shop for lab-grown diamonds, you can go to

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