The 2023 Uber User’s Essential Guide to the City of Paris

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Uber in Paris – Are you planning a trip to Paris in 2023 and trying to find the best method to travel at a reasonable cost? There’s no need to look any further; Uber has been a mainstay of the Parisian transit system for over a decade. More than a million Uber in Paris are taken daily, giving you unprecedented ways to get about.

 This guide contains crucial information about using Uber in Paris, whether you’re taking a quick ride around the block or a more extended excursion out of the city. This guide will help you quickly navigate France’s cultural capital, from the basics of using the app and pricing trends to advice on avoiding traffic jams and having a safe ride.

A Quick Rundown of Uber in the City of Lights

Parisians have used Uber increasingly since the company first arrived in the city in 2011. Uber’s cutting-edge method of transportation was a perfect match for the historic city of Paris, with its extensive public transit network and famous buildings.

The low cost of using Uber is one of the service’s primary benefits in the French capital. In comparison to the price of a regular taxi journey, an Uber in Paris is far more affordable. Furthermore, the ease with which a trip can be requested using the Uber app has made it a popular choice among residents and visitors.

With approximately 18,000 drivers in Paris as of 2023, Uber is a significant economic force in the city. Despite its popularity, only some are happy with Uber’s success. Taxi drivers in Paris have demonstrated against Uber, alleging the company is breaking the law and unfairly undercutting them with its reduced fares. Questions have also been raised regarding Uber’s approach to workplace safety and its treatment of employees.

Despite these setbacks, Uber’s popularity in Paris has only increased, and the company has even extended its services to include the rapidly expanding Uber Eats. Uber is still quite popular in Paris for transportation and food delivery.

Paris’ Uber Offers a Variety of Ride Options

Uber makes getting to Paris quick, easy, and inexpensive. A ride may be booked immediately or scheduled at a later time. They may also arrange a ride for another person using Uber. Uber users may choose from various rides that best suit their needs. In addition, Uber provides an estimated rate and upfront pricing so passengers know their total cost before the journey begins.

Passengers for an UberX: 4

UberX is the first choice and the most common one. This Uber choice is the regular Uber vehicle, and it’s straightforward and cheap. The car can carry up to four people comfortably and affordably, making it an ideal urban conveyance. To get about Paris without breaking the bank on cab rides or rental cars, vacationers often opt for UberX.

Lyft Rideshare

With UberX Share, riders may split the fare with other riders headed on the same route.

Eco-Friendly Rides with Uber

Those concerned about their carbon footprint may take advantage of Uber Green. The environmental effect is reduced since these rides are provided by electric or hybrid automobiles. Even if the price of an Uber Green trip is more than that of an UberX journey, it is still a viable option for people concerned with environmental impact.

More Room in Your Uber Rides

Parisians may also use Uber Comfort, another rideshare service. Compared to the average Uber car, this option transports riders in a more roomy and luxurious vehicle. If you want luxury while travelling to Paris, this is the way to go. Although the price of an Uber Comfort trip is more than that of an UberX ride, the premium is justified by the service’s improved level of luxury and convenience.

Passengers in an Uber Van: 6

Uber VAN is an excellent option for big parties. With this service, riders may use a bigger vehicle to seat up to six people. This is the best transportation mode if you’re visiting Paris in a large group. Due to the greater vehicle capacity, the price of an Uber VAN trip will likely be more than that of an UberX journey; this is a fantastic option for large groups to save money on transportation.

UberPet: Car Service That Welcomes Pets

Uber Pet is your best bet if you own a pet and need a ride. With Uber Pet, riders may take their pets in a specially equipped vehicle. This is the best choice for pet owners visiting Paris. However, riders who bring their pets along with Uber will have to pay an extra cost.


Last but not least, Uber’s app lets you call a cab if that’s what you’d instead take. Those who want to use the Uber app but still get the feeling of taking a regular taxi may like this choice.

What is the price of an Uber ride in Paris?

Uber’s pricing policy in Paris might change depending on the kind of transportation service, time of day, distance travelled, and demand. An Uber journey in Paris will set you back an average of €30, with fares ranging from €20 to €55.

For example, the going rate for an UberX journey (Paris’s most popular Uber service) is around €1.50 per km, with a €6 minimum fee. Base rates, booking fees, and surge pricing during high-demand times are just some extra costs you can encounter.

Uber uses surge pricing, which means that costs may double or even triple during peak times like the holidays or major events like fashion week or sports events. However, you can always see the anticipated price of your journey before requesting it, so you know exactly what to expect financially.

What does an Uber cost from Cdg to Paris?

Uber rides to Paris from CDG airport may cost anywhere between $45 and $85, depending on the car you pick. The going rate for an UberX is around 45 Euros, whereas the going rate for an Uber Van is between 60 and 70 Euros.

This is simply an estimate supplied by Uber, and the final cost might be affected by traffic and demand. The time of day you go also affects the overall cost of your journey. Therefore, checking the Uber app for a fee estimate is recommended before deciding on a route.

How Secure Is Uber In Paris?

You may feel secure using Uber in Paris. The organisation has taken several precautions to protect the safety and comfort of its passengers. However, the security of an Uber trip is contingent on several variables, such as the screening procedure, the driver’s background, and the state of the car.

The application procedure to become an Uber driver in the City of Lights is lengthy and demanding. The government strictly regulates private chauffeur services in France. A professional VTC card is required to become an Uber driver in France.

This involves completing a test that assesses your knowledge of French driving laws and regulations and your customer service abilities. In addition, before being accepted by Uber, drivers must be registered in the VTC registry. This guarantees that all Uber drivers in France are up to Uber’s and France’s basic requirements.

Once an individual has been accepted as an Uber driver, the stringent rules do not relax. Uber and the French authorities jointly perform background checks on all Parisian drivers. Uber also requires proof of insurance and vehicle ownership. The driver must also submit documentation of their legal right to operate a motor vehicle and guarantee that they have no severe driving infractions or criminal convictions. This screening procedure aids the organisation in eliminating any potential drivers who do not fulfil their safety standards.

The Uber app also has a comprehensive security system. Uber uses GPS tracking devices in its cars to track drivers at all times. Riders may track their cars’ whereabouts, speeds, and estimated arrival times in real time using the app after their journey has begun. By sharing their location and route, riders may let loved ones know where they are and how long the journey will take. In addition, passengers can provide driver ratings and report any questionable or aggressive conduct.

The need for drivers to submit ratings for their passengers is another measure to ensure everyone’s safety. This is a responsibility for both parties, encouraging politeness and respect throughout the exchange. The app also gives passengers control over their environment, letting them change the temperature, music, and itinerary and seek help with their bags.

In addition, Uber has implemented measures including vehicle inspections, safety education programmes, and an accident/emergency response service to make its riders and drivers feel more secure. Certified third-party mechanics check each car to ensure it meets Uber’s stringent criteria.

Finally, Uber has formed alliances with reputable groups at the forefront of passenger safety innovation. Uber collaborates with the Association Nationale des Taxis Indépendants in Paris to improve transportation security and also contributes to municipal initiatives to streamline the city’s taxi industry.

Which Is Better in Paris, Uber or Taxi?

There are several aspects to consider when selecting whether to take an Uber or a cab in Paris. The budget should be one of your primary concerns. While Uber and taxis are reasonably priced choices for getting to Paris, research has found that Uber is often less expensive. The app-based fee estimation Uber uses also removes the possibility of being overcharged by drivers who choose more indirect routes.

Taxis and ridesharing services like Uber are also readily available in Paris. Taxis may be flagged down swiftly and efficiently everywhere in the city. However, Uber has steadily grown in popularity in Paris over the last several years, making it easier than ever for commuters to get a ride. Thanks to Uber, finding a taxi in Paris, a city notorious for its gridlock and lack of parking garages, has never been simpler.

The public has taken notice of the municipal government of Paris’s apparent bias towards taxis. They favour cabs since they have banned VTC drivers from specific parts of Paris, notably the posh Avenue de Rivoli. Drivers for ridesharing services like Uber are upset by the city council’s regulations that give precedence to VTC drivers.

Many in the industry agree with the Uber drivers that clientelism for yellow cabs is behind the city council’s decision to ban VTC drivers. Because of this prejudice against cab drivers, ridesharing businesses in Paris have difficulty establishing themselves and growing to meet the growing demand for their services.

Does Paris have an Uber service? The Uber Experience in Paris?

Where in Paris to Use Uber the Most

Here are some options for where to go in Paris by Uber if you need help figuring out where to start your vacation.

1. Tower of Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower should be on everyone’s Paris bucket list. A trip with Uber is convenient since it eliminates the need to deal with public transportation. The Eiffel Tower area is known for heavy traffic, so Uber is often the best choice.

2. Champs-Élysées

One of the most famous streets in the world, the Champs-Élysées is lined with luxury stores, nightclubs, and restaurants. It’s easy to see all the sights in the neighbourhood and travel about with the help of Uber.

3. Montmartre

Montmartre, a hilltop neighbourhood in Paris, is a picture-perfect place to visit. Due to the area’s winding streets and breathtaking scenery, Uber is the best way to get around.

4. Marais

In addition to museums and galleries, this historic area also has hip pubs and eateries. Walking around here may be tricky because of all the little alleys and secret courtyards. Getting about and seeing all the sights is a breeze with an Uber ride.

5. Saint-Germain-des-Prés

This district’s stores, galleries, and cafés make it so hip. Taking an Uber in Paris is the best way to avoid being stuck in traffic and spend more time taking in the sights since it is a popular spot for residents and visitors.


Does Paris have Lyft?

Unfortunately, Lyft is not accessible in Paris at this time. The startup has yet to debut its services in the busy city of Paris, leaving room for competitors like Uber, Heetch, and Kapten.

What’s the procedure for an Uber pick-up at CDG Airport?

Travellers arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport who want to utilise Uber will need a dedicated place for the service. However, after customers have collected their luggage and are ready to depart the airport, the Uber app gives straightforward directions for them to follow.

Launching the Uber app on a mobile device is the first step for riders. When the journey is confirmed, the app will propose a central location for the driver and passenger to meet. Places like a parking lot or a curb in the area are good examples of this.

Do Parisians tip their Uber drivers?

Tipping is not customary in France, unlike in many other nations. Taxi and Uber drivers are not excluded from this cultural norm. Tipping Uber drivers in Paris is optional but highly appreciated. The ticket you pay via the app is all-inclusive, so you can decide how much of a tip to provide at your discretion.

How Our Uber Experience Went in Paris

Lucky for you, I’ve used Uber in Paris, so I can offer you a firsthand account and opinion if you’re considering it for your next trip. As a co-founder of BestReferralDriver, I can attest to the convenience of 


Using Uber in Paris was, in general, a fantastic experience. You can reach where you’re going fast and efficiently using this app, and the drivers are always kind and professional.

However, like with every city, there are a few drawbacks to utilising Uber in Paris. Surge pricing is a significant concern since it causes fares to skyrocket during peak hours, often by a factor of two or three. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the nature of ridesharing apps.

Another drawback is that drivers may cancel your journey for many reasons, like being late or finding a higher-paying fare elsewhere. This may be unpleasant if you’re rushing or trying to go somewhere essential.

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that there are times when there is no Uber in Paris. Travelling to a rural place at night might be a significant issue. Remember that Uber is only sometimes the most dependable mode of transportation and that Paris has an enormous metro and RER system that’s simple to manage.

Uber is a great option for getting to Paris, so if you’re considering taking a vacation there, you should. Be wary of the drawbacks and have a map of the city’s underground system available if your Uber journey doesn’t go through.+-