The Background Story Of Euphoria Bathroom Guy

Euphoria Bathroom Guy

Euphoria Bathroom Guy -Even though Ansel Pierce just spent 2 minutes on Euphoria, the performer’s involvement in the program caused him to go viral on ICT Tac. Because? It’s because of her gasp-inducing sexual content in the opening scene of the crazy show’s season 2. Pierce ultimately revealed his actual tale after being tracked on Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit: “Yeah, the picture is full of my body.” That’s not a fake, either.

Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, waits in the restroom in the episode before getting discovered by Maddie. When Cassie ultimately exits the bathtub and steps outside, she discovers an uncovered senior in high school seated on the commode. He informs her of this as she exits, her eyeliner obscuring her. He tells her that she’s “really hot”, but he’s “still going to shit.” Sorry.

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Euphoria Bathroom Guy Scene:

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), who is at the event, discovers herself having intercourse with Nathan (Jacob Elordi), approximately midway through the initial episode. Maddy (Alexa Demie), Cassie’s closest mate and Nate’s old girlfriend, begins pounding on the door to access the restroom.

Nate exits, Maddy enters with another man, they smoke, and Cassie waits in the bathroom. When her phone rings, she nearly gets discovered, but happily, they overlook it and walk away. Another man enters, takes his trousers down, sits on the commode, and announces to Cassie that he is preparing to “take a shit” just as she is about to quit.

The next moment, Cassie and the spectators are presented with a full frontal view of a man using the restroom.

Comments by the Director:

There were several hot-button moments involving our favorite cast members (Fez’s instantly recognizable grandmother, Cassie’s crime thriller, Rue and Jules’ reuniting, Nate’s beating), but an uncredited extra had a chance to shine in a restroom. Ansel Pierce decided to take a dump, completely disclosing much of it all to Cassie lurking in the bathtub and spectators at the house. The peepee utterly shook the world.

Since the moment has been extensively debated on TikTok, the Hollywood boy has shared what it was like to notify his parents about the part. After Season 1 premiered, he joked about “heading into a celebration,” drawing some curious glances from his friends. Ansel Pierce’s first significant role comes with this hit.

At the Euphoria premiere, Sam [Levinson] was the best filmmaker I’ve yet collaborated with, first and foremost. True genius. The finest show on planet earth. Bravo to Sam.

Comments by Ansel Pierce, aka “toilet guy”

The day following the show premiered, Ansel Pierce, commonly known to Euphoria viewers as the “potty guy,” spoke to followers on TikTok and insisted that everything that happened was true. In a subsequent clip, Ansel described how he announced the news to his parents about his first significant television job and that they might not be able to watch it.

“We are eager to see you because we are very proud! We’ll forward it to our entire family and then save it. How amazing! “He spoke while playing the role of his mother to mimic the dialogue. “Certainly not, I repeat, not at all. You cannot see it,” he answered.

Pierce then focuses on the major issue at hand.

Pierce adds, “Besides which: yeah, that is me in the restroom. I have several concerns, not a prosthesis! ”

Despite his brief appearance on the famous HBO show, Pierce handles all the attention like a champion and is eager for the stardom ahead.

The number of emails, TikToks, and the freaking Reddit thread that break out every single detail of the incident is astounding. I’m laughing so hard right now. So do forward me any tweets you think are amusing that mention this is garbage. If you can. It has been my entire afternoon. I’m currently laughing out loud.



 Euphoria season 2 returned to television in the most magnificently crazy way imaginable, complete with a drug-fueled house party, a huge altercation, some seriously hot designer looks, and… many genitalia.

The second season of Euphoria has already begun, and it’s safe to say that the show is again on its shit. However, it turns out that absolutely nothing shocked people more than one specific incident during the house party and involved the now-famous (yet somewhat legendary) “potty guy” in the toilet.

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