Top websites to write essays


In this article, we will discuss some top and most reliable websites to write essays. Every student faces the dilemma of doing school and college assignments. No one wants to invest their 3-4 hours in doing banal tasks or assignments, and also, sitting too much in front of a PC or laptop can cause certain health issues. So, would you be happy getting zero marks in the exam? No, right?

Friends don’t always help in college work; therefore, you need a miracle to complete assignments. 

If you search on the internet “best website to write essays,” you get many such platforms; however, you need a legit one that keeps your data, mail, content, and documents safe and helps you attain good grades. So, to know which website is better, you should check their reviews. Then the question is, what are the selection criteria for websites? 

Let’s see the selection criteria:

  • The quality of content and work done 
  • How much time does it take to complete the work
  • The price that they charge is affordable or not
  • Discount that they offer
  • The additional services provided by the website that writes essays for you
  • How does the company hire the writers? Can you choose your personal writer?
  • How is their customer service?

Generally, students and professionals use Microsoft Outlook to communicate with their teachers and professors, but if the data file gets corrupted, you will not be able to access it again. So, it would help if you had a specialized tool like EdbMails that can convert OST to PST and keeps your data safe and secure. 

Let’s check some websites to write essays for you,

Some websites to write essays:

PapersForge is an online essay writing platform that is the best website in the USA. The service that they provide is excellent, which results in a 4.8 rating out of 280 reviews. Subsequently, the website has happy clients who always visit again because of their brilliant and fast services. It is not an ordinary essay writing website; however, it is known for its reliable and top content. As per the reviews, you can blindly trust this website.

Read more about the services that they offer:

Services that the website provides:

It is one of the best websites to write essays. It is known for its reliability, content, and the top content writer experts. Rather than offering scam schemes, it provides legit service to the customers that other websites may not offer. Some of its best services are:

  • Research paper writing
  • Essay paper writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Coursework help
  • Thesis assistance, and
  • Dissertation writing

Along with all the above services, you can also get help with assignments on any of the listed subjects:

Technology, Medicine, Statistics, Accounting, Marketing, Business, and Physical science. So, you need not worry anymore if you are not done with your assignments; PapersForge is always there for you.

Pros of

Those who have used this website have asserted its pros with many positive reviews. If you see its rating on Trustpilot, it is 4.8, which is quite high. Some of the advantages of using this website while offering sales on essays are listed below:

  • Experts belong to top academic backgrounds from Harvard University.
  • You get 24*7 customer support service via mail, calls, or live chat
  • Fast turnaround as you get the article whenever you need
  • No hidden policies
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No hidden charges and prices are transparent 
  • During the sale, there are free add-ons to the biography page, title page, plagiarism check, and outline
  • It is quite friendly and simple to use

If you are looking for a trusted, affordable, and legal platform for writing essays, then Papersforge should be your priority. 

You can get a 15% bonus on your orders, and in the summer heat promo, you can get a free plagiarism report worth $9.09.

Cons of

Although it is on the top priority list for its top content services, it has some services unavailable for college students in the USA. Some of them are:

  • Its price is relatively high. A 3- hour of work will cost you $31, which is not cheap 
  • It includes limited college subjects, which is a dilemma for students of other subjects
  • The online platform of PapersForge has only positive reviews, which enables others to see their pitfalls


You have read all about This website provides top services at a reasonable and affordable price. You will always get more of what you have paid. You can blindly trust the writers for their content and quality. Their qualitative approach to assignments stands you out the most. For more, you should try this service once for its quality and originality.


This website is operated by Cyber Jam Limited, headquarters in the UK. It is a fantastic website for writing essays. It is known for writing essays for academics. It is the best website if you are looking for academic writing at an affordable price. This website claims to be highly creative, has a strong character, and has out-of-the-box thinking.

Students in several reviews have applauded this platform for the content and the short turnaround periods. It has an excellent customer support system and also incorporates social networking sites such as Instagram, youtube, and Facebook to check instant updates about offers and other information related to writing.

Now check its offered services:

Services that the website provides:

  • Dissertation writing: It starts from $11 and provides a free plagiarism report.
  • Admission Essay Writing: Their assistant helps you to make the first impression on your application.
  • Custom Writing: It starts from $ 11 per page and includes a free plagiarism report. 
  • Essay editing: It provides excellent service of editing and proofreading as well.
  • Coursework writing service: It is a trusted service and makes you feel relaxed for assignments.
  • You can buy research papers here.

Apart from the services, let us see their pros and cons:

Pros of using 

  • Officially registered in the USA
  • Writing, proofreading, and editing services
  • Discount code for the first order
  • Legal, secure, and confidential
  • Your desire is their priority.
  • Well-qualified academic writers.
  • Security to your data and documents.
  • You can personally communicate with the writers and negotiate the price with them.
  • To get assistance, you can contact the support team at any time.

It is one of the cheapest websites for essay writing. They are unique in explaining the concepts and thorough in everything they do.

Cons of using

After looking out several reviews of the website, we get some points that you should know:

  • Service is a bit relatively overpriced. The lowest rate from scratch is 
  • Website is slow 
  • Price is not mentioned on the website
  • If you have not finished the order, they reach you on the home page
  • They do not have any negative comments on the website, so it is hard to check their pitfalls.


You have read about the as this is one of the best websites for academic-level essay writings. You can visit this website if you are reluctant to waste your time doing an assignment. It is known for its content, proofreading, and many other services. 

Writers follow you up writing and meet all your requirements. From personal experience, there is nothing wrong with the


Essay Quack should be your first choice if you want your assignment to be the best among others. Their experience of decades claims to provide the best service globally. By looking at the reviews of their services, students admire their services all over the world. Apart from all these, their rates are much more affordable than that of other platforms. 

You should know what services make them rank 1.

Services that the website provides:

They assist over 25 subjects and claim to provide the best content of any paper with the qualitative approach. It is relatively reasonable to other essay writing websites and provides customer service that is quite friendly and negotiable as well. Services it includes are:

  • Thesis writing help: There are many experts to tackle your thesis in seconds.
  • Powerpoint presentation: In record time, they help in making PowerPoint presentations.
  • Proofreading service: This service makes your paper better instantly.
  • Lab Report: This service provides you with a guide to writing unique scholarly papers.
  • Resume Writing: Under this service, you are helped in making attractive resumes for your first job interviews.

Pros of using EssayQuack

Some of the benefits that the website offers are as follows:

  • Students can directly chat with the writer on a no-name basis at any time.
  • After completing the paper, the professional editors double-check the paper to ensure error-free content.
  • The customer support system is very friendly, as they are available 24*7
  • With decades of experience, every writer has in-depth knowledge of everything.
  • In payment methods, they only take Visa cards, Master Card, Discover online, and American express.

Cons of using EssayQuack

  • Graphics do not work with the low bandwidth
  • The website is slow, sometimes it is annoying
  • Sometimes, it charges more than the average price

Apart from some pitfalls, it does not demean its position. Their website has many students as customers globally. Do not look out at the cons and try it once; it would be helpful to you.


For academic help, EssayQuack is the best platform at a very affordable price for students. It is a legal and trustworthy platform with error-free content and a short turnaround time. 


When it comes to the best website in California and in the entire US, it scores 100%. Although it is not an ordinary platform, it provides you with the best essay writing service in academics. With seven years of experience in this field, there is no need for any witness to prove their quality. Looking at the reviews, their services are impressive and have explosive benefits. 

Services that the website provides:

  • Essay writing: It comes under the top essay writing websites, assisting you in essay writing as well.
  • Research paper writing: They help you in doing a research paper with maximum perfection.
  • Term paper writing: Without any flaws, they provide you with 100% error-free and quality content.
  • Business proposal: Just try it out blindly to ensure professionalism in every sentence of the proposal.

Pros of using JustDoMyEssay

  • Payment methods it provides are Visa card, American Express, PayPal, and Discoverer.
  • You get the payment information before ordering the paper
  • You get a free allowance on ordering anything
  • They offer local writing in the US
  • They are legal and keep your data safe and secure with a guarantee.

Cons of using JustDoMyEssay

  • We look out for some negative comments regarding the turnaround time that they do not provide 100% papers on time.
  • The website is slow and quite annoying sometimes.

Although there are some pitfalls, they stick to their policy of providing superior and top content to the customers.


Looking after all the reviews and getting information from the internet, it is concluded that 3-4 negative comments never matter. Several happy customers witnessed that it is the best website for academic-level content.

Benefits of using websites to write essays:

We have mentioned some of the websites that write essays for you. If you want top-ranked assignments and gain good grades in academics, then you should use these websites for amazing websites in a very short time. Some of the benefits of using these websites are:

Best quality:

No one can raise questions against the services of these top websites. They provide premium quality content as the platform has experts from top-class universities in the world.

Affordable Price:

The price of every website that is mentioned has a relatively affordable price that anyone can afford. You always get more of what you have paid.

The originality of the content:

There is no copy-pasting system on the top websites. You will get 100% original paper made by the experts, where you can see the professionalism in every sentence.

Client and their communication:

Friendly customer service allows the client to communicate directly with the writer and negotiate with them at every level. In this way, the client gets 100% satisfaction with the work.

Additional benefits:

On the first order, you will get a discount on almost every website.


Having looked after the top websites to write essays. You can choose a website of your own choice that can meet your requirements and affordability. Every website has unique and different features. Before trusting any website, check their security policies; the website must secure your document. It is not about the content and quality of the paper, but security is equally important. Check by yourself which professional can fulfill your demands. Always try to negotiate the price by personally contacting them. Apart from the website, there are certain apps that help in writing essays for you. Some of them are Jasper, Papers Owl, Coggle, Paper writer, etc.

We hope you like the article and it will help you in choosing the right platform.