Everything About The Medusa Piercing – Process, Tips, Jewels, Designs

medusa lip piercing

What Is Medusa Lip Piercing?

Medusa is a type of piercing in which piercing has penetrated the area above your upper lip, and below the line of your nose, which is called the philtrum. This is the reason why Medusa Lip Piercing is also known as Philtrum Piercing.

The popularity of medusa piercing depends on various reasons. Like it can be preferable to both the genders, male and female, medusa is a gender-neutral piercing style that can suit both women and men and have zero discrimination while choosing the types of studs, barbells, and jewels one desire. 

There are so many cases that have shown that piecing leads to migraine and painful headache problems, but medusa is the safest type of piercing that is considered as one of the healing piercing types one can have. 

So why would one miss the most refreshing chance of getting such piercings that make one look smart, give one an ultimate style as well as deal with the headaches? If you want to get, Medusa Lip Piercing but get confused about what type of piercing design you should have, then check out the list of designs we are having for you. Here below, you may find the kind of designs that you can have on your upper lip. 

Different Types of Medusa Lip Piercing Design Ideas:

dual medusa piercing
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  1. Dual Medusa Lip Piercing: If you are like that kind of person who doesn’t like to have too many piercings but wants to enhance the style statement, then dual medusa lip piercing is best suited for you. The best thing about this piercing is it helps in balancing the pressure that is put on the philtrum. Single medusa piercing puts more pressure than that of dual and even takes more time to heal as compared to dual medusa lip piercing.
centered medusa lip piercing
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2. Medusa Centered Bead Lip Piercing: In this type of piercing, the stud is placed in the center area of the philtrum. This type of piercing gives you the most attractive look and makes you become the center of attraction wherever you go. When one chooses this type of piercing, they can easily opt for studs that are made with matte silver or diamond that can compliment every shade of skin. 

unembellished lip medusa piercing
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3. Unembellished Medusa Silver Piercing Stud: This type of piercing design is going to suit those who are willing to adapt to the dark styling statement. This is a simple piercing style that looks smart as well as classy on girls and boys. This type of piercing looks good even when you didn’t apply any lip shade. It is a neutral piercing design that 100% suits men and women and adds a retro look in their style statement. 

snakebite medusa piercing
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4. Snake Bite Medusa Lip Piercing: Snake Bite piercing is a type of piercing that gives you a sassy look, but when this adds up with the medusa lip piercing, it makes you look more fierce and dazzling. If you want this type of piercing, there are so many color options available that you can consider for yourself. For instance, if you have black snake bite piercing, then you can choose a diamond stud medusa piercing style, or if you have the silver type of snake bite piercing, then you can go with ruby embellished medusa studs piercing. 

golden stud medusa piercing
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5. Golden Studs Medusa Piercing: Gold types of the stud are easily available in the market, and they do not even react with the skin. Golden type of piercing studs add charms to the facial features and don’t make you think anymore that you look dull. If you are a young person who wants to get medusa piercing, then the golden type of studs are best for you. 

Some Other Types of Medusa Lip Piercing Are:

  • Flower Medusa Lip Piercing Stud
  • Vertical Medusa Lip Piercing
  • Medusa Piercing Matching With Nose Stud
  • Jewel Medusa Stud Piercing
  • Elevated Medusa Lip Piercing
  • Just Above Medusa Lip Piercing

Tips for Oral Hygiene and Cleaning: 

centered lip medusa piercing
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  • For cleaning, first get some sea salt packet, cotton balls, and Q-tips
  • Make it a daily habit to clean your pierced area with the cotton balls for three weeks while keeping the gentle touch on your skin. If you apply the more pressure, then it may leave the bruises after piercing.   
  • Try to avoid any sort of makeup around the pierced area, not even a sunscreen. Leave the area bare for three weeks.
  • To keep oral hygiene, you can buy a soft-bristled toothbrush, and clean your teeth slowly and gently.
  • Do not eat spicy food as it may cause redness and itchiness in the pierced area. Always check the ingredients whenever you buy any kind of product, even mouthwash, like it may not contain the alcohol; otherwise, it may cause problems. 

How much does the Medusa piercing hurt?

Medusa piercing healing process
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As the lip area has more nerves as compared to other body parts, it may cause a bit more pain, and it is very quick. The medusa piercing only takes one puncture on the lip, the piercer can make it in one motion, and the pain is only felt for a few seconds. After getting piercing, you may feel the regular pain and swell for several weeks, don’t be afraid; it is common and healed as you take care. If you face problems like excretion of green pus or white puss, smelling, or excessive bleeding, then you may consult with your doctor.

Healing Process Time Of Medusa Lip Piercing 

medusa piercing types
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The Medusa Lip Piercing will take about up to 5-12 weeks to get perfectly healed. That depends on the skin type, size of the lip, body immune system, and how well one takes care of the lip after getting piercing. However, the outer side of the piercing gets healed earlier as compared to the inner side, so have to take care until both sides get fully healed.

Medusa Jewelry Styles

medusa piercing
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The most popular type of medusa lip piercing is the lip stud. It consists of a barbell, bead, charm screwed, and flat disc back. To ensure skin health, you must opt for the 14k gold or platinum jewelry medusa piercing so that you can avoid any sort of skin issues and irritations. Most of the medusa piercing is preferable up to 14G or 16G type of lip stud as they are not tight and too loose to the skin.

How Much Will Medusa Piercing Cost You?

types of medusa piercing
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The cost of medusa piercing can vary from $40 to $100. But it is better to spend more as it is the question of piercing near the mouth, so you mustn’t get any bacterial infections, and the location of the piercing should be centered as there are so many nerves on the upper lip.

How can one attain the most out of a Medusa piercing?

Well, the most obvious benefit of Medusa piercings is that the piercing looks extremely sexy. Of course, the best way to ensure you look sexy is to get a pierced that you love! However, even if you do not like a certain pierced, there are still other benefits of going for a Medusa piercing.

For example, getting a Medusa piercing could be a great way to get a piercing that you actually like! Some piercings look cool because they are cool, but others look cool because of their celebrity. Therefore, if you love the idea of having an awesome looking piercing, it might be worth looking into the likes of piercings by popular celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. You should note that there are also various celebrity piercings; however, the majority of these piercings are famous because of their film roles or their modeling careers. Therefore, while you might not love any of them, you will most likely love one or two!

Furthermore, the biggest benefit of going for a Medusa piercing would have to be the fact that it actually looks unique and sexy! This piercing can be slightly asymmetrical, and so the shape is much more dynamic than most pierce designs! This means that it really can look extremely sexy, which of course brings us to our next point, which is… The Benefits of Going For Medusa Piercing – Get A Design That You Will Love!

Why Shouldn’t I get one Medusa Lip Piercing?

tips for medusa piercing
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This type of lip piercing may make you look good, among others; however, it may cause some oral problems too. If you already have any oral issues or receding gum lines, that must have to think twice before getting such piercing as the healing process completely depends on the oral hygiene, and how the piercing jewelry rub against the gums might increase the oral issues. 

Thus, medusa lip piercing will look good on men and women, but before you get any, you must first think about this and then make a determined decision.