Everything You Should Know About Labret Piercing

Labret Piercing

Labret piercing has become a very popular style symbol among men and women. However, before getting a piercing (especially if it on face) you need to learn everything about it and what life changes come with it. This article will explain everything about labret piercing, so relax and sit back, read this article about beautiful lip piercings.

What Is Labret Piercing?


A labret is a type of facial or body piercing. In this piercing, an adornment is attached to the bottom lip and above the chin. This is also known as a soul-patch piercing or tongue pillar. People believe that the piercing is done on the outer lips and is not attached to the lip. You can adorn this piercing with curved barbells, labret piercing hoop, and labret studs.  A labret stud comprises of three main parts.

  •  The bead- visual part of the labret stud which is visible on the outer part of the mouth. These beds come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit individual preferences and personalities.
  • The disk- This is the flat section that is placed at the backside of the piercing inside the mouth. It is used to secure the stud from the inside and prevent the stud from sliding out of the lip.
  • The barbell- This is a short rod-like section in the middle that passes through the lip piercing hole and connects the bead to the disk.
What is labret piercing
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How much does the labret piercing hurt?

When you consider different types of lip piercing, the pain level of the Labret lip piercing is on a low level. Lip piercings are more painful in general as compared to other forms of piercing because the skin around the lips and lip itself has many nerve endings. Labret lip piercing is located as such that it hurts less than other kinds of lip piercings. Only a single puncture is done in labret piercing, and the pain is swift.  Some days after the piercing is done. You will feel mild throbbing and swelling because the body goes into the piercing healing process. Keep a check of the piercing, and if you notice that swelling is not going away within a couple of days or the pain is extremely accompanied by bleeding, the piercing might be infected.

Labret Piercing Healing Process and Aftercare

In the initial days piecing healing requires intense aftercare, for 3 to 5 weeks. Labret piercing healing can take a few months to heal internally. Scar tissue begins to form around the piercing and it takes a little time to heal completely. It also depen

Labret piercing healing process

ds on the individual person’s skin and general health. Below are some aftercare rules to heal piercing faster and make it last longer.

  • Maintain oral hygiene. Washing your mouth and brushing your teeth regularly is important
  • Choose shower over taking a bath to restrict bacterial growth
  • Permanent cleaning of piercing
  • Avoid touching the piercing and if you do make sure to clean your hands first
  • Wash bedding and clothes regularly

Labret Jewelry styles


  •  Labret piercing location allows many different labrets piercing jewelry options. Have fun and get creative when choosing the adornment. Labret studs are flat black studs are common for labret piercing. These black studs have smooth, small disc backing; these are often used because they do not rub against the gums and teeth.
  •  If you are into beads then, then you should go for curved barbells or the circular barbells. The curved barbell sits wider around the bottom lip and looks somewhat similar to vertical labret. Circular barbell wraps around the bottom lip, both the end balls are placed close to each other. These are also used in a nose piercing.

    Labret jewelry styles
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  •  If you want a hoop look then go for Labret piercing ring or Labret piercing hoop and also called as seamless rings. These are fantastic labret piercing jewelry options if you want a hoop to sit close to your skin giving an appearance of a slender line that runs on the bottom lip.
  • Captive bead rings are also common. If you want a hoop look with some bead then this option is for you. You have a variety of beads option to choose from, like pearls, turquoise, and diamond beads.

Labret piercing variations

The possibilities are endless when it comes to different kinds of labret piercing. These piercing can be turned into different types of piercing later in the future. You should think thoroughly about the end look before actually getting one.

Lowbret Piercing- This piercing is located in the center, below the bottom lip. This piercing is perforated way down depends where gum line and lip tissue meet. This style is one of the common variations among body modifiers because it gives a lot of space to stretch the piercing. You will be able to wear usual labret studs without any major modification. But you should keep one thing in mind before getting this piercing, that it will constantly rub against the gum.

lowbret piercing
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Side Labret Piercing- This piercing is located on the bottom lip but either side instead of the center. When people are planning the future transformation of piercing into snake bites or dolphin bite they get this side labret piercing done.

Side labret piercing
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Horizontal Labret Piercing- In horizontal labret piercing two beads are attached to the curved barbells, it is similar to vertical Labret Piercing. But the major difference is that the piercing in horizontal labret goes straight across the fattest part of the lower lip in the center. The beads are placed side by side.

horizontal labret piercing
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Snake Bites- In snake bite piercing two piercing are done on either side of the lips. The placement of the piercing mimics the appearance of snake fangs o snake bite look.

snake bite piercing
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How Do Piercings close?

Everyone’s body is different so is the healing capacity of the body. After the piercing heals some people are able to leave it out for weeks while others can only leave it for a few minutes. If you are waiting for piercing close to change the jewelry then you should for a long time before getting the change. Wait for at least 6 weeks or 8-10 if you can, that would be even better.

Why shouldn’t I get a Labret?

The location of the labret piercing is below the bottom lips and the adornment or jewelry that you wear rubs against the gums and teeth. This frequent rubbing can cause many issues like enamel wear, receding gum line, tooth decay and in some cases, your teeth may also become crooked. If you already have sensitive gums or any oral condition avoid labret piercing.

How much will it cost?

Labret piercing price varies hugely. At some places, you can get the piercing done for only $20 and at some places, it can as expensive as $100. Price should not be the primary factor for deciding your piercing place. It is important to find an established piercer. And inexperienced one can cause damage using the wrong tools. Choose experience over price as a deciding factor. It is important to choose gold or platinum as your first piercing jewelry metal. Poor quality metal can cause infection and rashes.

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