Fabric: The Key To Choose Sportswear


There are a variety of sportswear brands on the market, The trend of outdoor sports has made various sports brands spring up like mushrooms. Many people are no longer limited to first-line brands, because some emerging brands may have better design and appearance, but how to choose many sports brands has become another problem.

So today we will talk about how to choose Sportswear from the technical level. Here we will provide you with some professional knowledge of Sportswear fabrics to help you make better choices. 

1、 Moisture absorbing and quick drying fabric

Moisture absorption, quick drying, and breathability function: This is particularly important for sports such as running and playing ball, which can cause a large amount of sweat in a short period of time. Good quick drying effect can ensure that the clothes do not stick to the body during exercise, improve sports performance, and keep the body close to the body without sweat after exercise, so as not to quickly lose temperature and cause colds.

Moisture absorbing and fast drying fabrics generally use fast drying fibers, such as Cool Max fiber of Invista, Wellkey yarn of Teijin, and some conventional polyester fast drying fibers. This kind of fabrics is characterized by different cross sections of fibers, “capillary effect” for weaving, fast absorption of sweat on the skin surface, fast drying fibers quickly come to the clothing surface with sweat, and the clothes quickly dry when encountering wind, Maintain a balanced body temperature in the small environment.

Coolmax® Everyday(about 30% Coolmax®) is lightweight, soft, easy to wash and dry, and breathable. Can maintain the appropriate body temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer, wear very comfortable.

Coolmax® Active(approximately 50% Coolmax®) provides enhanced perspiration for a long period of cool and dry comfort. A lot of sweat during exercise will not have sticky discomfort, applied to walking, golf and other moderate strength leisure sports clothing.

Coolmax® Extreme(including about 80% Coolmax®) is specially tailored for competitors, with the most advanced temperature control management, to maintain a low body temperature, reduce physical consumption. It is suitable for extreme sports clothing such as running, hiking, etc. that require the highest level of functionality.

2、 UV+resistant fabric

The most advanced sunscreen fabric in general is the fiber itself, which is a sunscreen fiber that can reflect sunlight and absorb fixed wavelengths to achieve sunscreen purposes. This type of outdoor running T will also be more expensive;

There are also sunscreen fabrics that use special weaving to achieve physical sunscreen on the fabric itself, and then add sunscreen additives in the dyeing process to jointly achieve the effect of resisting ultraviolet rays, with a relatively reasonable price.

3、 Three-proof fabric

In outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and skiing, there are often harsh environments, such as snow, rain, or humid environments. It is particularly important to choose three proofing fabrics at this time.

The brands that do a better job in three proofing are Gore-Tex fabric, DuPont Teflon, NANOTEX, Omni Tech fabric in Colombia, Teflon and Teflon. Some products of other companies, such as Tejin, are mostly used outdoors. Pay attention to tags when purchasing!

In addition, when washing waterproof clothes, it is best to use neutral laundry detergent. Generally, first prepare a basin of hot water, then add detergent to it, soak the clothes in it for about half an hour, and then gently rub them with your hands.

Pay attention not to take off the waterproof clothes after washing them to avoid damage to the fabric. After washing them, directly place them in a cool place to dry.

4、 Warm fabric

Thermal insulation mainly considers two aspects: one is the insulation of the fabric, and the other is the insulation of the filling material.

For fabric insulation, we usually use coatings and films to solve the problem. However, when choosing this type of product, we need to pay attention to whether it has moisture and breathability. Generally, hanging tags will have a note, only in this way can we achieve temperature and humidity balance, and there will be no feeling of stuffiness when we sweat!

In addition, the choice of fillers is also very important. If it is outdoor insulation, look at Promaloft cotton or other functional cotton, as well as down Fill power. The higher the Fill power, the better the insulation performance! 

5、 Sustainable fabric

It refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and the production process of fabrics that have been considered to reduce environmental impact. In the field of fashion and fitness, more and more manufacturers choose to use sustainable fabrics to produce sportswear. These sustainable or recycled activewear manufacturers use environmentally friendly materials, intentionally reduce the impact on the environment in the production process, and are committed to promoting social justice and economic development in the production of sportswear. They not only pursue high quality and fashion sense, but also focus on ecology and social responsibility. These manufacturers actively promote sustainable development and provide people with healthy, fashionable and environmentally friendly sportswear choices.

At present, there are many kinds of sustainable fabrics on the market, such as Organic cotton, Bamboo textile, recycled polyester, etc. The raw polyester is made of recycled waste plastic bottles. Through recycling and utilization, the negative impact of waste plastics on the environment has been avoided.