What is Face Symmetry Surgery, And How Much Does It Cost?


A person’s face symmetry surgery cost Dallas can significantly impact their confidence, self-esteem, and attractiveness. Various surgical procedures are designed to correct skin irregularities, such as scars, birthmarks, and wrinkles caused by aging. They are classified as corrective or reconstructive surgeries depending on whether they fix an existing defect or alter a feature to improve its appearance.

Face symmetry surgeries generally fall under three categories: correction, reconstruction, and rejuvenation. Correction procedures are intended to fix any abnormalities in the skin. Examples include:

  • Liposuction.
  • Reducing cheekbone prominence.
  • Fixing an underdeveloped nose.
  • Removing excess fat around the jawline.
  • Correcting cleft lips or palates. 

Reconstructive surgeries are cosmetic procedures that help improve or restore facial symmetry or features. Examples include reconstruction of ears damaged by disease or injury and narrowing of a wide jawline. Rejuvenation surgeries are designed to eliminate aging signs from the skin by changing the contours of facial structures. However, it should be noted by people that while face symmetry surgeries can improve one’s appearance to some extent, they do not necessarily result in better physical attractiveness.

What is a Face Asymmetry?

A face symmetry surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery to correct the skeletal and soft tissue structures in the anterior aspect of the face to create bilateral, symmetrical features. The goal is to even out differences in shape or size that can be inherited or occur for various reasons. A surgeon will assess your facial features and specifications from before, during, and after photos to help determine what’s best for you as an individual. Facial symmetry is one of the essential criteria in choosing any cosmetic surgery, be it tummy tuck or breast augmentation.

Facial irregularities due to aging and genetics can be corrected through face surgery using various techniques, including craniofacial for correction of jaw asymmetry and facelift for correction of saggy skin and premature wrinkling. In addition, facial restructuring can correct facial asymmetry, including chin swelling, ptosis, poor contour, and crooked nose or mouth. Indeed most people have some degree of facial imperfections. 

How long does Face Symmetry Surgery take?

face symmetry surgery costs Dallas and generally takes between 30 minutes and an hour. Depending on the extent of the surgery, some patients may require more days than others to recover from the procedure. Most people can use most normal facial expressions after a face symmetry surgery, but with caution for about 1–2 weeks following surgery, as far as 10%. 

What are the risks of Face Symmetry Surgery?

The two primary risks of face symmetry surgery cost Dallas are infection (increased risk with open wounds) and excessive bleeding (increased risk with using vascular agents, like hi-flow IVs or during facial microvascular reconstruction). While rare, these risks can occur. You will be informed about these risks when you receive a face symmetry consultation. However, the fact that it involves your face should not deter you from getting it done; on the contrary, that should make you want it more.

How does it work?

The first step in deciding if this surgery is right for you is to seek the advice of a qualified plastic surgeon who will determine whether you are a good candidate for face symmetry surgery. In addition, there are specific criteria a person needs to meet before undergoing this procedure, such as being within a healthy weight range and being emotionally stable enough to handle the recovery period.

During this conference, you will be given a complete list of the pros and cons of face symmetry surgery to help you make an informed decision. In addition, removing scars and improving the appearance of uneven structures will bring a renewed sense of confidence.

What Causes Facial Asymmetry?

A large number of people have some facial asymmetry. Most people who decide to undergo face symmetry surgery do so to correct an abnormality, such as a flat, wide, or long chin, a prominent jawline, or uneven eyebrows and eyes. In many cases, facial asymmetry can also be caused by specific genetic syndromes or syndromes caused by accidents that occur during the development stage.

Face symmetry surgery cost Dallas is determined when the limbic system and other brain parts develop during early childhood. For this reason, it is not uncommon for young children to undergo face symmetry surgery to correct an anatomical defect in their skull structure before it becomes too hard to work with. Some other causes of facial asymmetry include:

  • Chin – Three significant factors can cause a person’s chin to be irregular. The first is an underdeveloped mandible, making the chin appear flat and wide. Polygenic inheritance is the second leading factor, and it can cause either a bulbous or a bony condition on the chin. Finally, trauma due to disease, injury, or accident may prompt swelling in the tissue around the jawbone and cause it to expand outward.
  • Cheekbone – A prominent chin can cause a person’s cheekbone structure to be irregular or uneven. This situation may arise when there is a bony prominence on the face, an underdeveloped mandible, or when trauma has occurred.
  • Nose – Although it is not as common as other facial deformities, a flat or an underdeveloped nose can cause a crooked nose and poor facial symmetry. A bump on the bridge of the nose may also be present, making the structure appear more prominent.
  • Eye – When there are deformities in the eye area, such as prominent brows, cupped eyelids, and eyes that have shadows beneath them, this will lead to irregularity in the shape of their face.

Facial Asymmetry Correction Without Surgery:

Certain standard practices can help you improve your facial symmetry. Use an anti-aging skincare regimen that includes sunscreen and antioxidant serums daily. Please choose the right cosmetics for your skin type and apply them with a light hand. Use makeup only to cover significant flaws, not the entire face. The doctor will use excellent instruments, a microscope, and magnifying lenses to perform intricate precision cuts, depending on the defect that needs to be corrected. This procedure is usually done right after basic plastic surgeries and takes about 4-5 hours on average.

How to fix an asymmetrical jaw naturally?

An uneven jawline can make you look older than your actual age. The good news is that there are ways to fix an asymmetrical jaw naturally. Here are some practical solutions for you:

1. Lose weight: An asymmetrical jaw can be caused by excess weight on one side of your face, making you look puffy, older, and unattractive. Eat fewer carbohydrates and fat to reduce excess weight on your jaw.

2. Exfoliate your face: Exfoliate your face using a scrub or something similar so that dead skin cells will fall off and reveal fresh, healthy new skin underneath. It would be best if you kept exfoliating with a gentle scrub once or twice every week to remove dead skin cells under your skin.

3. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A: Eating foods rich in Vitamin A helps improve facial features by balancing the skin on one side of your face and making it look more symmetrical than before. In addition, foods such as carrots, broccoli, and other vitamin-rich foods increase certain hormones in your body that repair the face when necessary.

Facial asymmetry surgery cost:

The one-time cost of a face symmetry procedure is about $4,500. The cost may vary depending on the extent of the correction, your geographical location, and the type of anesthesia used. The results will be immediately visible once you wake up from anesthesia within a day or two after surgery, and it will take two months to heal completely. Swelling is the most significant complication that people experience after this surgery. It can last for 3 to 4 weeks and give people an uneven appearance until it subsides. Face symmetry surgery results are long-lasting compared to other cosmetic procedures.

These surgical procedures could only help to improve one’s appearance, not necessarily to make them more attractive or better looking. However, you may want to check out some of these other surgeries that can help you look and feel better by improving the health of your body and face.

Filler for asymmetrical face:

Fillers such as fat, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and collagen are used in facial fillers to correct facial asymmetry. The nasolabial fold is an elevation of the skin below the nose and around the mouth that creates a downturned appearance or “contour” to some facial regions. It can be corrected with injectable fillers. Some people have asymmetrical foreheads causing their eyebrows to be unevenly spaced. It can be corrected by people with injectable fillers that look natural and blend well with your eyebrows, smoothing out your forehead contour and revealing a more symmetrical appearance.

Plastic surgery for asymmetrical face:

Some surgeries people could undergo are facelifts, cheek augmentation (cheek implants), correction of blemishes or acne scars, neck lift, and chin reduction. In addition, medial canthal tendon transfer can correct a drooping eyelid. In some cases where there is an overlap of the upper eyelid and lower eyelids creating a double eyelid or “sad look,” a surgeon can remove extra tissue around the perimeter of the eyes by using an incision along both eyelids to create more space between the lids. Next, they trim off any excess skin and use dermal fillers to add volume and length to the eyelids. People can also use it to correct droopy eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes.

Facial rejuvenation:

Reverse aging of the face includes removing excess fat from your face, tightening skin, and removing wrinkles. Filler injections for cheeks, lips, and crow’s feet are used to give fullness to these areas of your face and lift the eyebrows. It can be done with dermal fillers called hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen. Dermabrasion is used for facial rejuvenation with mild-moderate skin peeling that stimulates collagen production by scarring the face with deep vertical lines and creating new skin cells on the damaged tissue surface. Well, some surgeries could be done without a surgery center. Take care of your facial skin, and you will get an attractive, youthful look using natural anti-aging skincare methods and facial balance exercises. It will surely help you to remove face asymmetry fast.

How to restore facial symmetry? 

Not all of us are born with a symmetrical face and body, but we can achieve one using the proper methods. First, exfoliate your face twice a week. Regular exfoliation of dead cells will improve skin texture and create a youthful look. For best results, exfoliate under warm water in circular movements for about three minutes every time you exfoliate your skin. Use a scrub or something similar on dry skin before bed.


Q: What is facial asymmetry?

A: It’s the condition in which one side of the face is not symmetrical with the other. The most common part people are talking about is the asymmetry of a person’s jawline.

Q: What causes facial asymmetry?

A: Many factors can cause facial asymmetries, such as genetics, injury, skin problems like acne scarring, bad habits, or diets. The best way to establish if you have an asymmetrical jaw would be to see your medical practitioner evaluate it. If you have an injury or any other type of scars on your jaw, it can also cause an unpleasant appearance on your face.

Q: How can I fix facial asymmetry?

A: This is an embarrassing condition, not one you would want. You can naturally fix this problem. All you need is to do some facial exercises, drink a lot of water, eat the necessary nutrients, and avoid bad habits such as smoking. If you feel that it’s already too late or if you can’t fix it alone because of your busy schedule, then it’s best to see a facial plastic surgeon who will be able to help you with the most effective way possible to fix facial asymmetry.

Q: Is there any treatment for facial asymmetry?

A: Yes, there are treatments for this condition, but no surgical remedies have been proven effective.


The human face is the part of the body that expresses our emotions, sense of humor, and individuality. It is the centerpiece of our personality and reflects our feelings. Many people undergo facial plastic surgery procedures that help to improve their facial asymmetry. A flat face will help you look your best for many years.