Breast Reduction Surgery- A legit way to reduce the size of breasts 

breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery cost – Breast reduction surgery can benefit women with huge breasts, who experience physical and emotional discomfort, and women with small breasts, who may be subject to ridicule and bullying. The procedure removes excess tissue from the breasts and reshapes them to socially acceptable and aesthetically pleasing proportions. It is also used as reconstructive surgery following breast cancer or trauma.

Removing excess tissue often makes surgery a more invasive process than breast enlargement, which mainly involves adding new tissue without removing existing tissue and breast reduction surgery cost is usually $7000.   Breast reduction surgery does not address breast tissue issues such as cancer or cysts but can be used to correct asymmetrical breasts caused by trauma or surgical procedures. General and local anesthesia are the two types used anesthetics during breast reduction surgery. 

General anesthesia involves using a synthetic version of the neurotransmitter called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which relaxes muscles in the body and brain to produce unconsciousness, deep sleep, and relaxation. But, first, discuss everything you should know about breast reduction surgery cost. 

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How much is a breast reduction?

The breast reduction surgery cost depends on the type of procedure and location of the hospital and surgeon. However, patients usually pay a portion of the total amount for their procedures, which includes all pre-surgical testing, anesthesia, diagnostic testing, surgical fees, medications, follow-up visits, and any other costs associated with the surgery.

 In medical insurance systems that cover cosmetic surgery, such as Medicare or Health Management Organizations (HMOs), breast reduction is often considered a cosmetic procedure only if people cannot use it to address another health-related issue, such as an illness or medical condition treatment. The average cost of a breast reduction surgery is $7000, but depending upon the surgeon, the cost may vary. 

1. The procedure is performed via a traditional incision or a newer technique called the ‘keyhole’ approach.

2. Whether there are any complications or problems during surgery, as they may require additional treatment and procedures – all of which will influence the total cost of breast reduction surgery.

3. The size and weight of the breasts to be reduced and whether liposuction will be used to remove excess fat under the skin.

4. Type of anesthesia used during surgery – general versus local anesthesia may lead to a different cost for breast reduction surgery. It is essential to discuss these options with your surgeon in advance.

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Male Breast Reduction Cost:

Men also undergo breast reduction surgery to address chest size. The average breast reduction surgery cost 2022 between $7000 and $12k, depending upon the surgeon, location, and other factors. One way is via non-invasive surgery such as liposuction; another is via a traditional incision and keyhole surgery. Liposuction works by removing excess fat around the chest area to reduce male breast size.

Breast reduction and lift:

Breast reduction and lift are other options for breast reduction surgery. This technique combines breast reduction with breast augmentation (breast implants) to make breasts appear more natural and attractive. The breasts are reduced in size by removing excess tissue but are then augmented by adding volume to the breasts using silicone implants.

Unlike traditional breast reduction, where women choose tiny, puffy, or large breasts, patients who opt for large or puffy breasts will find no difference between trim and large-sized implant options. It means women do not have to undergo major surgery to change their breasts’ size while getting the same effect.

How to get breast reduction covered by insurance?

Since breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure, you will want to discuss it with your insurance provider as cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance. However, since breast reduction surgery improves medical conditions such as back or neck pain, it may be considered medically necessary and thus covered by insurance if you have another condition diagnosed.

Depression and anxiety disorders are the main reasons behind the request for breast reduction surgeries. Patients who undergo breast reductions experience improvements in confidence and self-esteem, which can lead to reduced suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. You can consult your insurer whether they cover breast reduction surgery costs under their policies; if not, you can get another health insurance covering the costs of breast reduction surgery. 

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How much is a breast reduction without insurance?

Depending on the state or insurance plan, you may be able to get financial help from your health insurance company or out-of-pocket payment from your medical provider. The average cost of breast reduction surgery ranges from $2000 to $12000. 

Breast Reduction and Reconstruction:

Breast reduction and reconstruction is an alternative option for breast reduction surgery if you are unhappy with a patient’s result after undergoing a breast lift or augmentation alone. For example, if you have large breasts with loose skin hanging around them, a reconstruction can be done to make them appear more natural and attractive. Reconstruction also allows you to have a breast lift with the reduction. In addition, it is possible in breast reductions where the nipples are detached from the breast because, in this case, nipple reconstruction is necessary.

Risks of Breast Reduction:

Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved with breast reduction. Some of the common risks associated with this procedure include. Pre-surgery complications such as infection or blood clots may require additional treatment and may increase the costs of the surgery.

  Surgeons can minimize scarring with time through scar revision surgery. Poor cosmetic results requiring revision surgery — although patients’ satisfaction rates are high following a breast reduction, they’re not 100%. Scarring caused by the surgery may result in pain and discomfort, although this type of scarring is minimal.

Recovering from Breast Reduction:

Recovery time for breast reduction surgery can take up to six weeks. You will need to avoid strenuous activities throughout this time. You will most likely be placed on a short-term disability for the period you recover from your surgery. Your ability to work will depend on your situation, although most patients can return to work after a few weeks of recovery.

How long does the breast reduction surgery last?

A breast reduction surgery is designed to last for a lifetime. The surgeons will permanently remove the excess skin during the procedure, so you no longer have to worry about sagging or stretch marks.

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Consult with your surgeon and get your questions answered before deciding whether a breast reduction is suitable for you. Ask them about the risks involved with the procedure and all other factors that could impact your decision-making process. A good surgeon will address your concerns and help you weigh out your options to make sure you choose what is best for you.