Facial Yoga ExercIses

Your face speaks of your soul! It is the first and foremost way to express your heart out. The way we look before others, it shows how much time we devote to the care and healthiness of our skin. With the growing age, the skin also ages and its signs are visible. The skin around your chubby cheeks becomes less stiff and droopy thereby highlighting the undesirable facial lines. If not taken care of, this loosening of the skin later results into wrinkles. Sounds scary, isn’t it? But the worst part is that these signs are not quickly seeable till they begin to give their impression on the face. Though makeup, plastic surgery, injecting Botox, acquiring a face life and other skin treatments work for some time but does not help much. Such options only cover up the upper layers of the skin and make you look nice but do nothing good to the surface below the skin which is originally the reason of wrinkles and sagging. So, why not to prefer such an option which works well for both, the upper and the inner layer of the skin and maintain the real look of your skin. learn about the benefits of facial yoga exercise.


Facial Yoga also called Face Yoga  comprises of those exercises that are exclusively performed for the healthiness of the face and its skin. They enable you to look younger for a long time and do not let your skin loosen up with ageing. Our face has a total of 50 muscles and to relax them and keep them healthy; facial yoga is one of the best ways of all. Right from giving a youthful skin to make us stress-free, these exercises will work wonderfully and create unseen magic. To add on, with the help of facial yoga, you will be able to have a slim and stiffed face precluding the wrinkles to no more become a part of your facial expressions. Such facial yoga exercise works as a two in one formula, meaning thereby you will not only have an adorable face but also a slim and healthy body as this yoga comprises of facial and other fat burning exercises for the overall body too.


Apart from all these amazing benefits of Facial yoga exercise bestows you with other miracles too. It ends up your need for going through dangerous and costly treatments like plastic surgeries as well. No peculiar machinery is required to perform yoga, only your fingers and naturally bestowed organs will work well. The most convenient part is that you can do any of the facial yoga anywhere you want. No specific place is required. By doing these exercises, you will completely freshen up, attain mental relaxation and peace and even increase the metabolism rate in your body. Moreover, if you perform these facial exercises regularly and also manage your eating timetable as per the balanced dietary chart, you can even enjoy your weight decreasing constantly. Haven’t this been your dream since long? Of course, this all sounds nothing less than experiencing magic… healthy magic!


Are you fed up of searching the right skin cream for you? Does that cream is doing no good to you? What are you waiting for!! Give a natural boost up to your skin and face. The above-given exercises will give you the most waited results. If you are the one who practices yoga for the face on daily basis, there are various changes that you can expect very soon. Such facial yoga helps to have a wrinkle free skin with no face lining and no chubbiness. In fact, it helps you to achieve a youthful look they have lost somewhere along with a stiffened and toned skin with a slim looking face. You need not wait to perform these exercises only when you are facing any such problems rather you should do all of these exercises from your young age itself just like you go on morning walk since the beginning. There is no harm in performing these exercises for the face at any age. You can begin whenever you wish to and continue them always for appealing facial features and gracious look. The best part is that their advantages are not only confined to your face but your overall body will enjoy its positive effect. These will also help you a lot in getting rid of double-chin, spots, acne, harsh skin, dark complexion and dull face thereby enhancing the shape of the face and getting rid of unnecessary facial lines as well. Increase in blood circulation of the body and preventing sagging are also its additional advantages.


Experiences help a lot to make things and situations better in your life. From small to big, everything holds a experience as its base. So, if you want to make the best out of this facial yoga, there are few ideas to heighten the result of it. After all, you have all the rights to enhance your facial features, and this can be done by performing some facial yoga on a regular basis. So, let’s begin our health filled journey.

1) The very first idea speaks about the concentration. You need to be attentive while performing any of these face yoga exercises. Be clear of the area of the face where you want to see the actual results because at times it happens that you mistaken of doing a right exercise on the wrong area and so the desired result of facial yoga cannot be achieved. In such a case, you are urged to perform any of the facial exercises before a mirror so that there is no chance of any confusion and you can get the result of your efforts.

face-yoga-meditation2) Another experience that counts is; facial yoga and body workout exercises should not be done immediately or at the same time. It is advisable to sit and relax for few minutes and then proceed to the other. The reason is that the workout exercises consume a lot of your energy and force and if facial exercises are also performed at the same time, they will not produce the desired result. Instead, go for facial yoga once your workout yoga is done and do not forget to inhale (take deep breaths) while performing any of the face yoga exercise.

yoga-face-workout3) For this exercise, you need to posture yourself in a relaxing seated manner and take in deep breaths. Now form a fist with the help of your palms and close your eyes with extreme tightness which will automatically lead to stretching of the facial muscles and the task of this facial exercise will be over. You can give an imagination as to wonderfully this exercise will work in enhancing your facial beauty.

face-yoga4) One more exercise that can assist you in decreasing the chubbiness of your face is by pressing your lips unitedly which will automatically close your mouth too, as required in this exercise. Now to fill the space beneath your upper lip, blow ample air and in the same pose count from one to ten. Then shift this entire air to your right cheek and do the same counting and same goes for the left one too. Replicate this face yoga exercise for 10 to 15 times leastwise.

double chin

5) While you are the new performer of the facial yoga, it is recommended to go with the easy ones foremost, like those of face-lift exercises. Do not mix the workout yoga and facial yoga at the very beginning. Once you are comfortable performing the facial yoga easily and have started relishing its magical impact, you can gradually move forward with few easy workout exercises. Remember, it’s a quite later part so do not hurry up. But yes, no doubt, when both of these exercises and yoga are performed together in an arranged series, they are sure to create unexpected magic. To add on, maintain the process of deep breathing properly while doing any facial yoga. It is one of the best ideas to heighten the results of facial yoga speedily. So, take a deep breath and enjoy a young look always.

6) This facial yoga is simple but awesome. If you are trying to reduce the rolypoliness of your face, inspire as much air as you can, till your mouth is filled with it. Then just like you do at the time of mouthwash to clean your mouth, you need to perform this exercise too. Displace the air from one cheek to the other in your mouth. Doing this face yoga exercise regularly will help you a lot to make your face look slim, which has been your desire since long.

7) Now comes the second one, which is to cut down the problem of double chin and tone the chin muscles too. Before you perform this face yoga exercise, you should know that it is obvious to face a little pain in jaws while doing this yoga. Now, get your lower lip over the above one an effort to get them close to the nose as much as it is possible for you. Once you can do so, stay in the same position for about 15 seconds and then return to the normal position. You are advised to replicate this facial yoga, at least ten times a day for speedy results.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-2 8) This facial yoga has a name, and it is sunken cheeks exercise. As the name speaks, it is performed for the face portion. You need to draw in your cheeks in such a way that you can analyze the muscular skin of both the cheeks at one point. The perfect example could be: to drink anything with the help of the straw. This is itself a form of the exercise. Now you need to stay in the same posture for about 15 seconds and just like the previous one; you need to repeat this facial yoga at least ten times a day.

fish face 9) Do you wish to decrease the pudginess of your cheeks and buoy up your jaws? Here is an exercise for you which will help you with the same. With an open mouth inhale the maximum amount of air you can and during this, also pull your cheeks with great force. Then slowly and gradually expel the air from your mouth.

Face-Yoga-Exercises4 10) Wrinkles are a great cause of disappointment on your face. So, why not to get rid of it and boost your lost confidence back? All you need to do is to broadly open your eyes and elevate your eyebrows upwards and choose any point to stare at to maintain your concentration. Now stay in this posture for few seconds and recur this exercise for about five times a day.

Face-Yoga-Exercises5 11) With an aim to stiffen your cheek muscles, you need to do regular exercise for them as well. This one is extremely simple and can be performed while doing other household works too. You just need to smile as broad as you can and hold this pose for some seconds. It is advisory to restate the same for at least 15 to 20 times for desired results.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-6 12) It could be any place on your face where the wrinkles can make their home. So if you have been fed up of the wrinkles close to your eyes and few lines that have been formed nearby it then we have an amazing exercise for you which will stiffen and tone them very well. Smile again… but how? Place your index finger on the out nook of your eyes and live them in the upward direction in such a way that your cheeks are also automatically pulled like you are smiling wide. Remain in the same posture for some seconds and then release. You will get a wrinkle-free face which will gift your youth back.

Face-Yoga-Exercises7 13) To tighten up the muscles of your lovely face which have now lost it, you have to perform this exercise on a daily basis for about 8 to 10 times a day. Place your thumbs on the sides of your mouth, and the index fingers on both the sides of your eyes and gives a pull to your skin with the help of your fingers. Stay the same for few seconds, then relax and replete the same. This will stretch your face muscles very well.

14) For a steady jawline and strengthened cheeks, go for this exercise every day. Elevate your face in the upwards direction and looking at the ceiling is the best way to do so. Then exhale the air out of the mouth, and that’s it. Do repeat this for some seconds and notice the result gradually.

15) Here comes an exercise named Fish Face exercise which is very easy to perform. Just like the name, the exercise is performed. Take in your cheeks with the help of your lips, and you will see you have a fish like a face. Now smile broadly as much as you can. Make the repetition of this facial yoga for about ten to fifteen times in one day.

16) Strengthening of the face muscles will return your entire glow and grace. Now the question is how to do that? Open your mouth very broad as best as you can and stay in the same posture for the maximum time you can easily do. In case, if you start feeling pain due to excess stretching, come to the relaxing position instantly. Then give a try again.tongue out 17) For next facial yoga, follow these steps: You need your palms and eyes to be kept open broadly and then breathe out through your mouth and also stick the tongue out. It is as simple as mentioned. Make the repetition of this exercise for only three to four times in a day.

18)The last one… but this one is the dose for one in all because it will boost up all your facial muscles at once. Place your middle and index fingers on both of your cheekbones and stretch the skin upwards to your eyes. Then open your mouth in such a way that it figures out to be an oval shape. Hold on to the same position for few seconds and then sigh relax. Once relaxed, give it again another try.pressing stress points

Above given were some of the exclusive exercises for face, but there are many other activities apart from them which also work equal to these. Chewing is such an exercise in itself that it stiffens your cheek and jaw muscles very well. Loosening of the skin is also reduced to a good extent. So, chewing gum is the best option to perform this exercise. Also, they help you to prevent bad breath also. There are varieties of chewing gums available in the market so you can choose the one as per your wish. For the ones who are diabetic and are advised not to intake sweet things, there are various sugar-free chewing gums available in the departmental or medical stores. So, exercise while enjoying, is not at all a bad idea, isn’t it? All you need to do is to incorporate the facial yoga into your routine life and then enjoy the benefits of facial yoga exercise.

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