What is meant by Stump Removal?


When a tree falls off naturally or through human-made activities, it leaves a part of its trunk behind along with its roots still sunken deep inside the earth. This stump, which is left behind, can cause huge troubles and obstructions to mankind; hence, it is necessary to get rid of it. There is a total of two ways to get rid of that eyesore nuisance – stump removal

 and stump grinding.

Before choosing for the means to get rid of it, you have to take into consideration several other important things like the size of the stump, the extent to which its roots are penetrated into the earth, etc. One might consider stump removal or tree removal cost as an easy job, but it is not so because removing or grinding a huge part of a tree needs, equipment, expertise, or professional help. And the work is not completely done even after the removal or grinding because after that you have to get rid of the waste as well. You can find amazing Stump Removal in Warrenton VA with just a click now.

Why opt for Stump Grinding Services? 

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  • First of all, the sheer sense of hiring a professional to help you get rid of the stump is due to safety issues. The electronic and heavy-weight equipment used in the grinding of a stump can cause life-endangering accidents to an amateur. 
  • Secondly, if you have decided to do it on your own, you would have to either rent or buy the power equipment for the grinding. The purchase of such heavy-weight instruments could cost you a lot more when compared to the expense incurred on hiring stump grinding services.
  • Thirdly, when you hire stump grinding services or a professional for this task, you can be at ease. Because then you have nothing to worry as they tend to take care of both the grinding and removal of the stump. You might have to make additional payments for removal of the residue, but at least you can relax with a professional working for you. Also, it is a cost-effective means of getting rid of a stump.

How is stump grinding done? 

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As we have mentioned earlier, stump grinding is a cost-effective method of getting rid of a stump, but it is also less time consuming only if it is done by a professional. A stump grinder is a machine that does the shredding of the stump into small chips. The arborist might first take a look at all the stumps you want to get chipped; then, he would do the task for you in the best possible way and without consuming much time. Then, they will grind the stumps to small wooden chips until nothing is visible on the ground. 

The experts have proper knowledge of getting it done while making sure that the stump is ground in such a way that enough damage has been done to the underlying roots to destroy their capability to regrow. This process might take an hour to complete or even less, depending on the number of stumps to be removed and available labor. They destroy the stump from a few inches below the earth and then cover it with surrounding dirt or soil, which, in the later years, decays into the earth. 

Stump Grinding cost

There are many factors that might influence the cost of stump grinding, such as a number of stumps, diameter, soil type, type of tree stump, etc. 

  1. A number of stumps – companies offering services might cost you according to the number of stumps to be ground like for one they might charge around $100-$150, and for each additional one, they might charge an extra of $30-$50 each.
  2. Diameter – companies charge around $2-$3 per inch of a stump’s diameter. Anyways, companies set a minimum charge, which could be $100 per project.
  3. Soil type – soil type is also a set criterion for the cost of stump grinding. The coarse or rockier the soil, the more it would cause damage to their equipment.
  4. Type of tree stump – the more rotten the stump is, the easier it would be to grind it. Also, the tougher the wood, the harder it would be to grind it.

What all do we have to look out for a while hiring Stump Grinding services?

It would be quite senseless to just go with the first stump grinding service providers you come across. You might not know, but different companies offer different types of packages and prices so, it would be better to do a bit of research. In this way, you won’t be fooled or robbed. Some things you need to be sure about are – 

  1. Discounts – if you are an estate owner and you want to get a large space cleared off, then you should look out for companies that provide discounts on large-scale projects. 
  2. Size of the project – as mentioned before, the larger the project more are the chances of getting a discount. Also, companies tend to charge on an hourly basis, like $150 per hour. You should do proper research to find yourself the best deals in case of large-scale projects.
  3. Extra expenses – companies might charge you extra for getting rid of the residual matter from your property while some might do it for free. If the service providers have to travel a lot to reach the site, they might even charge you the travel expenses. You should enquire about all such information in detail before hiring anyone. 

Is it okay to rent or buy a stump grinder?

If you do a lot of yard work, cutting trees, and stump grinding are one of your regular work then, you should definitely buy a stump grinder. And if you come across such situations only once in a while, then it is better to rent a stump grinder, which might cost you around $150-$200 per day. Buying a stump grinder can only prove to be effective when you need it quite often, and you know how to use it without causing trouble. Otherwise, you would have to hire a professional every time you need to make use of your own machinery.