5 Common Health Problems in Children

Common Health Problems in Children

This article is focused on the common health issues in kids and how your children’s health in a better way.

Health is always the prior deed and needs for everyone, and when it comes to kids’ health, it required more consciousness as they get ill very quickly, Children are more sensitive than adults as their immune is quite weak because they are in developing age. Many health research claims that an average estimate of falling ill with common diseases among kids is counted as 7-8 times per year, as due to the still-developing stage of body immune.

To make the immunity strong and powerful in children you surely need to take care of their diet that should actually cover every essential nutrient which is entirely necessary for their growth and development in overall health scenario. The nutrients in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy beverages will precisely work in favor of turning the immune system strong with other health benefits.

With many so-called common health problems children are more prone to getting ill frequently, so let us know what those5 common health problems in children that make fall sick regularly are.

The Most Common Health Problems In Children:


Cold is one of the most common reasons for falling ill among people even in children. With an average catch of sinking ill due to common cold is estimated as 7-8 times annually which remark the sensitiveness of the immune system. More the immunity get stronger they will fight better with such common viruses and infections that cause cold and cough. The common cold lasts almost for a week among them with some issues of usual fever symptoms as well.

A Cough

kids coughing

A cough is another common health issue that is listed with cold. This is just so normal that if your kid is affected with cold, few symptoms and signs of other illnesses like fever and cough will right there too. The normal chest throat happens, and it helps the body to clear up the airways when the child is in the cold. But if your child faces issues in relation with breathing or feels high temperature or breathlessness, then it can be an adverse effect of chest injection or asthma, that need to be seen immediately for health professional for cure and treatment.


Ear infections are also quite common among children as they are also caused due to virus attacks during cold and cough. Ear infections can lead to pain, earache, and even high temperature in conventional means.

With many commonly found ear infections, there are some major ear issues, that can lead to signs and symptoms of pain, vomiting, loss/trouble in hearing, lethargy, fever, swelling, etc.

Firstly you should always seek the doctor, but if you know the common health issues and treatment, then you can give the child a dose of paracetamol in 12-14 hours. But do not put anything in the child’s ear as they are more sensitive. Avoid putting oils, drops, cotton buds in the ears without any health professional guidance. 

Allergies And Reactions

 health issues in kids

The adverse effect of anything whether it is from food, material or anything can lead to allergic reactions to children. These are actually ranged from minor to major and even severe reactions. From common yet adverse reactions such as rashes, redness, itchiness, watery eyes and congestion,  the severe can held such as anaphylaxis, shortness in breathing, swelling and more due to any foreign material negative reaction can be life-threatening.

The reasons for allergies and reactions among kids are:

Pollen, mold, dust, food, clothing, medications, insect bites and even latex, etc can lead to allergies.

Aerodigestive Disorders

Children usually get attacked with many common health issues that can often trigger the developing immunity among them, which in later years can also affect them with severe problems and aerodigestive disorder is one of the common yet severe health issues among kids. This actually includes various signs and symptoms when the child is affected by the chronic respiratory problem with gastrointestinal concerns at the same time.

The aerodigestive disorder involves health issues related to breathing, swallowing, and other matters in the aerodigestive tract such as nose, mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, and esophagus. This specific health issue is somehow linked with many other health disorders such as upper airway disorder, Esophageal disorder, a pulmonary disorder, with many symptoms.

Common Infections and Parasite Attacks

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There are many common health issues in kids that are commonly occurred and bound them in sickness frequently. Infections caused by bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites over the developing immunity defects the power the immune and leads to common health issues, often severe as well.  Fever, Cold, Cough, are some too common yet affect the immunity regularly. The most common symptom of any health issue is the fever that needs to be so prior and not be neglected.

Common infections that affect children are chickenpox, Bronchitis, Measles, Mumps, Head Lice, Words, Cough, Scarlet Fever, Roseola, Conjunctivitis, and more. If your child is continuously affected by any of the health issues, then seek a child’s care center to get completion of its medical course and treatment.

Diarrhea And Vomiting

Diarrhea is not that concerning issue among kids as they are in the habit of guzzling a lot of food, they can over diet themselves so they can also vomit it out. But still cannot be avoidable as health problems in children are sensitive and immunity is still in the phase of developing. Liquid diet plays a predominant role that actually covers the fluid loss of the body during diarrhea and vomiting. Excessive intake of fruits juice, soft drinks, or artificial beverages and make the condition of diarrhea more sensitive and worse.

If your child is having too many signs and symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting then immediately contact your doctor. Blood in diarrhea can be a severe health symptom, it lasts 2-3 days but still needs perfect advice of health professionals. Unbearable stomach ache or abdominal pain in a child’s tummy needs a complete rest so rush for the doctor immediately.

Gastroenteritis or bowel infection among kids can affect intestines that are caused by gastro viral infections due to allergic reactions of food and water which can make your child dehydrate and drowsy so keep sufficient among water and liquid diet on.

Final Verdict

The general and constant sickness among kids is often happened as through the ways of sharing, playing, with others. They are never for sure of touching things; they quickly get in contact with germs, viruses which are spread with means of senses.

We hope our content with common health issues among children will help you best to know the common sickness reason among your child with better cure and care advice. Your Kid, yes your kid might require protein powder for healthy growth and development.  View this post to get a list of best Protein Powder for Kids that are safe and healthy.