Family Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas


Family Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas: Birth flowers and their associated meanings have been around for over 200 years. Tattoos with them are a natural result of people trying to give additional significance to their marks.

Flowers can have several meanings depending on the flower, the color, the plant, and so on. Rose, the birthday flower of June, in particular, has a depth of symbolism, with the red rose frequently representing one of the filtered expressions of true love, while yellow roses represent sincere friendship.

So it’s no surprise that flowers are associated with every month to represent them. Birth flowers are given to months and are associated with certain personality traits and attributes.

Many individuals follow flowers and the gemstone associated with their birth month.

Adding animals, especially other symbolic insects like bees, geometric patterns, mandalas, and the like, to the floral basis allows for further customization and development.

If you’re looking for ideas for a birthday flower tattoo design, check out top examples below.

Meaning of Flower Tattoos

Floriography is a part of cryptographic communication involving flowers’ usage or arrangement.

Greek, Roman, Ancient Egyptian, and Chinese societies all kept written records of the meanings they assigned to various flowers.

It originated in Turkey in the 17th century and thrived particularly during the Victorian era in the mid-19th century. Because it was deemed inappropriate to express or discuss sentiments and emotions at the time, individuals used flower bouquets to send the secret messages to one another.

Sunflowers, for example, were popular in the late nineteenth century due to their symbolism of pleasure, joy, and longevity.

Blooms, plants, and special floral arrangements were used for communicating a coded message to the receiver, letting the sender express thoughts that were not permitted to be spoken in Victorian culture.

The passionate affection for flowers developed throughout the Victorian era, leading to the coining of the term “birth flowers” and its symbolism becoming increasingly popular.

Tattoo of January Birth Flowers: Zodiac sign-Capricorn

Carnation is a flower that grows in the Mediterranean region. It was formerly considered as a popular flower in Greece and ancient Rome. The term carnation translates to “flower of the gods,” which certainly fits their sumptuous, lavish, rich beauty and aesthetic effect.

Depending on their hue, Carnations may represent various things, ranging from luck and purity to passion, affection, and love for red carnations. Carnations may also represent spontaneity, thankfulness, adoration, and so forth. 

February Birth Flowers tattoo: Zodiac Sign- Aquarius

Because few flowers bloom in February, Aquarian might feel even more special for having the primrose as their natal flowers.

Violet is now one of the earliest blooming flowers and one of the first signals of the approaching spring season. This lovely purple heart-shaped bloom has a charming asymmetrical appearance. Some violets can also be diverse hues, such as blue and yellow, making them more distinctive. Violets are native to Asia and Europe, with over 400 kinds.

In terms of symbolism, this flower represents loyalty, reliability, and thoughtfulness; violet demonstrates self love and love for others. Violets represent humility, humbleness, and modesty in Christianity. A yellow violet represents richness and great worth, but a white violet represents purity and innocence.

March Birth Flower Tattoo

Daffodils represent new beginnings, rebirth, and joy. Getting this artwork tattooed might be one of the finest ways to show off your positive and playful side. It is stated that persons born in March have a natural optimism and are often joyful. That is why daffodils were selected to symbolise the month of April. This design has a basic black and white daffodil blossom tattooed on the individual’s upper arm. If you want a minimalist aesthetic, this may be your option. The most ordinary color chosen to emphasise a daffodil blossom is yellow. If you want to create colorful designs, then you may use this color.

April Birth Flower Tattoo

May birth flower tattoo: Lily of the valley tattoo

Because of the flower’s unique name and lovely design, this tattoo is an excellent choice for those tattoo enthusiasts born in May. This bloom is also known as the May Flower and represents purity, contentment, and humility. There are several tales related to this flower. Lily, for example, fell profoundly in love with the singing of a nightingale who only sang in May. As a result, every time the  the lily bloomed in May and nightingale sang,

One such comparable pattern of a lily of the valley blossom is etched on the individual’s torso. It has a really strange appearance.

This artwork was created entirely using black ink by the artist. These simple yet appealing appearances are quite popular, particularly among women. Hawthorn is also a flower associated with May.

June Rose Birth Tattoo

Rose is the birth flower for June babies. Roses are so well-known for their links with love, romance, and passion that they have also made their way into the birth month.

Roses have played a significant role in some of history’s most significant events, shaping the very essence of humanity at the time.

These beautiful, elegant flowers come in various hues, each with its specific meaning.

July Larkspur Birth Tattoo

Larkspur is the birth flower for July. Its elongated, lofty shape exudes a heartfelt openness to the world.

The name is derived from the Greek word “delphis,” meaning “dolphins.” The names are derived from the conical form, which resembles the snout of this popular marine monster. It is also known as delphinium because the sea connection connotes expansive horizons, promise, and a brighter future.

Giving someone this flower conveys the message that it is time to shift and find the beauty of this life and adventure.

August Poppy Flower Tattoo

The deep red color poppies are the most popular designs of a poppy flower tattoo. Two enormous and noticeable red poppies are tattooed on the individual’s forearm. They represent the pinnacle of love and passion. Because opium is produced from the poppy flower, it is associated with slumber and oblivion. Gladiolus is also a flower associated with the month, August. Do you know that the Latin word for sword is gladiolus? As a result, gladiolus is frequently used to signify power and strength. If you like colorful tattoo designs, then you can use it as a guide the next time you get one.

September Birth Flower Tattoo

October Marigold Birth Tattoo

The marigold, often known as the “herb of the Sun,” represents passion and bravery. This flower is distinguished by its golden color, which is akin to that of a lion’s mane. Marigold and cosmos are the birth flowers for October. The above image features a lovely design of a basic marigold flower colored with orange and green ink.

Nothing compares to floral tattoos in beauty, elegance, and deep meaning. This is why, even in today’s society, they are such a popular option among all tattoo enthusiasts.

November Birth Flower Tattoo

December Birth Flower Tattoo

Sum Up

That’s all; these are the most popular birth flowers tattoos of the year, as well as the flowers associated with each zodiac sign. Hopefully, having them all in one spot will make your search for the right tattoo design much easier. All displayed tattoos are merely for inspiration; you are not permitted to reproduce any of the designs since they are the artistic property of the various tattoo artists. So, feel free to be inspired by attempting to collaborate with your tattoo artist on a unique, customized design.

Best wishes, and may you obtain the tattoo of your dreams.