How to Create Couples Drawing Bases?

couple drawing bases


There are several ways to create your own Couple Drawing Bases. All you have to do is to download a naked character, but it should not be too descriptive or colorful. All these characters on the internet are mostly animated and created for this purpose only. This technique is not suggested for every other artist. 

Alternatively, you may also simply draw a couple of bases by using items from your house, like the ambiance of your living room or a family photo. 

It is advised in this couple bases drawing that you should not copy and paste the items from the internet but rather use your own creative thinking.

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Male Couple Bases Drawing are non-descriptive naked characters that are majorly cute, animated, or a couple. These Cute Couple Drawing Bases can be created in several distinct poses, whereas this cannot be done with Real-Life couples. Popular poses are a group of friends, a single/independent figure, and an actual family photo. Sometimes, few artists do not prefer drawing bases; instead, they are more interested in drawing an authentic couple, a random material, or a bunch of friends. 

In a sketch of a male drawing base, you should think of creating a drawing of the kitchen’s internal scenario from your house with kitchen utensils or an original picture of your family. 


The main technique of drawing ‘Couple Sketches’ is drawing poses. These poses can be created with any place, object, or part of your body. However, poses require only a steady position, yet experience plays a major role in it. Not everybody has experience in posing; therefore, here are a few tips for making the drawing more elegant.

As we know, pose is an important part of the drawing base. To make it look effective, one must gather references of distinct poses because the higher the reference, the better the figures will be.

To make a compelling pose, you need to draw many lines. Where one line symbolizes the bat’s direction, the second line represents the body of the naked character, and the third line depicts the ball’s direction, which is opposite to the bat. 

RULE: begin from general to particular

Thus, do not get confused by the intent of lines.

While you are drawing a pose, begin with the least-complicated model. Select a few lines to practice the pose. Now, start adding the body parts. You must link the body parts with straight, curved, and angled lines. 

When you are drawing a pose, you need to be focused on the line because it helps naturally withdraw fluid. You should be aware of the movement of each body part.

Lastly, ensure that you are in the correct pose of the model as it improves your drawing. You also learn face gestures and body movements with the model’s body language. Figure drawings can be creatively made. 

NOTE: You may find the model’s poses in an art students League of New York Collection, “Academic Drawing of a Standing Female.”


In this article, we attempted to give you information about the Cute Couple Drawing Bases in which couple sketch pose are the utmost important attributes for making a drawing or Couple Sketch look elegant. 

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