Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Complete Guide – Be the Champion of the Tek-Hen|

Far cry 6 cockfighting

Far cry 6 Cockfighting – When you think you have seen everything in the gaming industry, some maker drops a Goofy nuke. And this time, it’s none other than Far Cry 6 with their new game Far cry 6 Cockfighting. As funny as it looks is as funny as it can be. Having an uncanny resemblance to Tekken.

Suppose you are or are familiar with Tekken. In that case, you will not get any difficulty with Far cry 6 Cockfighting as it involves the same gaming structure in which you have to place bets and fight with NPC to play multiplayer, and as you win, you will unlock new levels and characters.

And in this guide, you will learn how to use your gaming interest and knowledge to get your cock to win the street fight and earn some money. Please read further below:

Choose your Rooster|

First, choose your character, and in this case, choose your rooster. Roosters look different from each other and have different speeds and abilities, and as you move up by clearing levels on the map, new characters with better skills will unlock.

Starting the Cock Fight in the Far Cry 6|

In the start, since you might need to become more familiar with the moves, it’s better to learn some of the moves in the training section or level down the difficulties if you plan on playing it right away because one wrong move will get you a long blow to the head or, worse, a combo.

And to raise the excitement level, the maker didn’t add the blocking the moves feature, and you have to dodge every blow of the opponent by sidestepping or ducking. 

The player gets three types of movements in this game: A short-range Attack. A Far throw attack and  A jump attack. Let’s find out below:

Short Range Attack

As the name suggests, short-range attacks are done at a close range but don’t do enough damage to the opponent. But the only problem with using this technique is that after the second or third blow, your opponent will be thrown away and may get a greater advantage of using a Far Range attack on you.

So only use the short-range attack when necessary and resort to heavier blows and combos and sidestep any short-range attacks that come your way.

Far Range Attack

Far Range Attack has a longer range and can be used if your opponent is far away from you and will do good enough damage to your opponent if the blow connects. But since this attack takes time to startup, use it only when you have a good enough distance and you are sure before your opponents come close, the attack will connect.

And if you are caught on the receiving end of the far-range attack, don’t sidestep it or dodge it because the range of the blow is quite far and will take you anyway. 

Jump-Up Attacks|

Unlike short-range attacks, it has a better range but is shorter than the Far Range Attack but has sped up a startup. With this attacking technique, you can jump your rooster up in the air and have it come down the other side to catch your opponent off guard and then blow some attacks.

Since this technique isn’t that beneficial damage-wise, it will give you a chance to catch your opponent off guard and give you an idea of the battleground.

Rage Meter|

This game even has super attacks that can only be achieved after your rage meter is full and can be used to do good damage to your opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)| Far Cry 6 Cockfighting

How do you win in far cry 6 cockfighting?

The player has to win fights against their opponents on the map to unlock all the stages, levels, and characters. The user can even play this game in multiplayer mode.

Where is the best rooster in Far cry 6?

The best rooster in Far Cry 6 is the La Bestia Blanca, and it is also the most difficult to get in far cry 6. It is the last one to find and can be found in Esperanza at the Casas del Lodo Residence.

What happens when you collect all the roosters in far cry 6?

Unlocking all the roosters in Far cry 6  will get the player a Recrooster trophy or achievement. 

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