Everything You Need To Know About Fedex Rewards

fedex rewards

The free My FedEx Rewards login programme helps FedEx small parcel carriers. Due to daily shipment, My FedEx Rewards allows shippers to accrue rewards like name-brand gift cards from top merchants.

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What advantages come with joining My FedEx Rewards?

  • Welcome incentives, promotions, and monthly rewards are given to new members.
  • Gift certificates and products from renowned stores.
  • FedEx Money-Back Guarantee allows you to request refunds or credits if an eligible FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipment arrives late.
  • Each dollar spent results in points.
  • Added benefits.
  • FedEx Office offers discounts.
  • Access to prestigious events and auctions. 
  • Memorabilia and entertainment are also included.

Money-back Promise for Members of My Rewards

● Available 100% FedEx Money-Back Guarantee.

● Any programme benefits you may have earned as a result of a shipment are unaffected if FedEx issues a credit and refund.

Requesting refunds and credits is a special feature

Get your shipment to an entirely novel level of trust. My FedEx Rewards members can now request a refund and credit if a qualified FedEx Express and FedEx Ground cargo is late. Through FedEx Billing Online, you can ask for credits or refunds for delayed shipments. So, make sure you’re registered.

My FedEx Rewards: How can I sign up?

The FedEx Rewards login customer loyalty programme can be joined at no cost. You can pick how to get rewards once you sign up and begin collecting points for FedEx shipments. You will also get 1,000 points as an initial incentive after registering; no further action is necessary. With up to 70% off delivery, you may earn points to every dollar you spend on FedEx shipments.

1. Visit FedEx.com/myfedexrewards in step.

2. Select “Sign up now.”

3. Type in your zip code and FedEx account number.

4. Finally, sign up. You are prepared!

How can I tell if My FedEx Rewards is a part of my membership?

Activate your FedEx account. Logging in will display My FedEx Rewards login when you click on the user profile icon. If you aren’t already a member of the rewards programme, you can verify if you are and sign up right now.

How can I join my account to a My FedEx Rewards programme?

Only one FedEx Office, one FedEx Express/Ground shipment account, and a single FedEx Freight account may be linked by you.

Do FedEx Rewards point to a shelf life?

Although points have no expiration date, they can become inactive if no redemption is made within 18 months. Remember that if the My FedEx Reward account is inactive for 18 months, it may be closed. As a result, use the gift card at least once every year.

Membership tiers

  • Member review once a month; The subscription tier depends on your yearly spending starting on Jan 1 of each year. 
  • Upgrades to the following tier are available once the annual spending reaches that level.
  • You will continue to be a member for the following year.
  • If you fall short of the yearly spending requirement for your current tier, your membership tier will be revised at the year’s final day.
  • From silver to gold via platinum, the deals get more remarkable as you move through the tiers.
  • Gold & platinum members might also be able to participate in VIP events.

Which services qualify?

Sending packages with an estimated FedEx shipping, the account number enrolled for the programme is required for parcel shippers to qualify for the gift card and My FedEx Rewards benefits. The following are all types of shipments that qualify: FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Particular attention Overnight, FedEx Standard for one night, FedEx 2Day, FedEx Express, FedEx 2Day A.M, FedEx Saver, FedEx 2Day Freight, FedEx 1Day Freight, FedEx has 3Day Freight, FedEx International Firstly, FedEx International Priority, and FedEx International Economic Affairs, FedEx International Priority Plus, FedEx international relations. MailService, FedEx Initial Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Normal Overnight, FedEx First Overnight.

Expiration of Rewards & Points

In general, points expire about 12 months, especially when your account becomes inactive. However, some programmes do not allow their points or awards to expire. FedEx It’s always an excellent choice to check the rewards website for the most recent expiry information because My FedEx Rewards can sometimes alter their expiry criteria.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How to redeem fedex rewards ?

Ans. 1. First, register for membership. When you open a new shipping account, use this website or the invitation email to claim the FedEx Rewards membership.

2. Earn by shipping. Send more qualifying shipments2 to continue collecting points and achieving reward milestones.

3. Sign in to redeem.

Q2) What are fedex rewards?

Ans.A complimentary programme called My FedEx Rewards was available to FedEx small package shippers. 

Q3) How does FedEx rewards work?

Ans. After registering, you will automatically receive 1,500 bonus points as an affectionate gift. You’ll receive points for each rupee you spend on qualified FedEx shipments.

Q4) What can you get with FedEx rewards?

Ans. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll automatically receive 1,500 additional points as an introduction bonus. On qualified FedEx packages, you will receive points for each rupee you spend.