Best Bathroom Towel Decorating Ideas For Incoming Guests

bathroom towel decorating ideas
Modern bathroom with two sinks and towels hanging on rack

Bathroom towel decorating ideas – Bathrooms being a part of your house, should not be left with an ordinary appearance. Some people are very passionate about the decor of their homes.

Neat and clean bathrooms, fresh toiletries, and decorative towels beautifully placed can be an impressive factor for people entering the bathroom. There should be open shelves and other accessories in your bathroom to keep the towels, making it easy for your guests to access.

Keeping towels in a closed or hidden place is inconvenient. Though some people prefer racks or drawers to put towels in, these racks should be modernized. There are countless ideas for decorating bathroom towels if one is willing to explore.

Here are some ideas for decorating your bathroom space with durable, reasonable, and aesthetic accessories.  

How to decorate towels in the bathroom?

Towel basket 

Talking about making your bathroom look attractive. You should consider putting accessories in the loo. Therefore, a towel basket is the most suitable way to put towels conveniently. Adding a towel basket gives an elegant look to the bath. Various options are available in the market for these decor items in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Whitewall mug with wooden deck

If you are thinking of renovating or refurbishing your bathroom, then a “white wall mug” can be a great choice. As white color is known for giving a royal look to everything you put it to. Though the white shade goes with every other color but white furniture/accessories with wooden items give an amazing finish. These can be considered as ‘farmhouse furnishings’.  But if a white wall mug is put together with a towel basket, ultimately, it will complete your aesthetic bathroom look.

Ceramic Accessories 

Ceramic items are known for some of their qualities like:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Attractive looks

They are very easygoing and user-friendly. It adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Pastel and neutral colors go well with ceramic accessories.

Wooden table with Dispenser and Stone Basin

People are interested in putting accessories in the loo to give a “rich and royal” look. However, stone basins and dispensers with wooden tables never fail to achieve this image. Not only a rich look, but it also provides a warm and calm environment for the person. As I said, wooden furniture and towels with beige or white color is like a “cherry on the top”. Some people also wish to add plants with other accessories in bathrooms as people help in keeping the environment neat and fresh.

Scented Candles with Potpourri

One thing that should be taken care of in toilets and bathrooms is “fragrance”. A very sensual and fresh vibe is a must, so scented candles are the best option. Along with appropriate decorative items and accessories. Your bathroom should be able to resist the smell and odor. For which “Scented candles and potpourri” are most recommended? Odor in toilets can be a big turn-off for people living in the house or for visiting guests. To avoid this embarrassment, these items should be in your bathrooms.

Shelving Unit with Modern Bathroom Accessories

We are here with yet another thoughtful approach to decorating bathroom towels. Shelves are the most important feature one must have in bathrooms because then it is very simple, convenient, and easy for us to find towels and bathrobes. If you have sectioned shelves, then items can be put in those with your clothing. Shelves act like two-in-one methods, working for both decorating and keeping stuff. Also, you will get to see the bold and modern appearance of your toilet/bathroom. Plus, a shelving unit can be added anywhere in your house. Not necessarily in bathrooms.

Terry bath yellow towels

Making your bathrooms look appealing can be a great deal. But, it has been made easy with these bathroom decorating ideas. Another one is, colours play a major role in catching people’s attention. Therefore, mustard or terry bath towels are very fulfilling for this purpose. It makes your bathroom space noticeable and mesmerizing at the same time. If you are putting yellow towels, then you can add other toiletries either in contrast or in the exact same color to enhance the look.

Stylish Towel Rings

In your homes, you must’ve seen a silver ring-type accessory attached to the wall near your wash basin. These are basically for hanging hand towels or napkins. As sinks are widely used for washing hands and other casual things, these rings are mounted at such a height that it is in everyone’s reach. The space on the wash basin counter is so small that the towel baskets cannot possibly be kept there. Due to this, silver rings are to the rescue. You can hang any kind of fancy towel on it according to your wish.

Simple Towel Hooks

These hooks allow you to hang towels on a small nail-like structure. These are very small, so only a certain size of clothing/napkins/towels can be hung. Some of you might relate to this as these hooks are also sometimes available behind our bathroom doors. Middle-class families prefer this decorative method for hanging towels as it is very pocket friendly. These hooks can be put in a bunch as well. Being small in size, changing towels from them is like child’s play.

Shelf Drawers for Towels

Not everybody likes their items out in the open. Some like to keep them hidden and not seen from the outside. To satisfy people with a similar mindset these shelf drawers are seen as the right fit. In these things like small napkins, towels and bathrobes are kept in the drawers keeping them from disturbing the look of their toilets.


Bathrooms are equally important to maintain the space as is the remaining house. People interested in decorations and interior might have got some inspiring ideas for the same from the above-given methods. Factors from colour to the odor of the toilet should be looked after.


Q1) How to maintain the Bath Towels?

Ans – Bath towels should be dried completely before each use.

Q2) How often should I wash the Towels?

Ans – You are recommended to wash the towels after every three uses.

Q3) Do the colours of Towels run?

Ans – As some are darker in color, they might run. You are advised to watch them under 40 c.

You can also add plant decor along with these bathroom decor accessories.

These bathroom decor accessories come in different shapes and sizes. You can always make the right choice to see what suits best for your bathroom.