Food And Supplements To Defend Depression

foods for fighting depression

Life is too short to make worries a part of it and live it sick and unhealthy. If you face the issue of depression and you are a food lover, then here is a list of foods for fighting depression . You can include these foods to fight depression in your diet for depression in order to make your mood happy.

In the current era, depression is amongst the leading disabilities suffered by people. It can be characterized as the state of mind where the person becomes dull and low and starts leading an inactive life. There exists a lot of antidepressant drugs that can not only help to let go of the depression but also can cause ill effects to the body and mind. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages and so is the case of here as well. There are even possibilities that it can also lead to increased depression to the highest stage which might further result in suicide. Besides that, it gives birth to strange mental conduct and behaviour of the victim. Hence they do not have much worth against your health, but this doesn’t imply that there are no mood boosters at all. What about replacing these antidepressant drugs with some healthy food which are not just healthy but are delicious! Yes there are foods to fight depression. So, it becomes easy for you to consume the foods for fighting depression.

Don’t be surprised because you read it right. Tasty and yummy fish dishes can be your mood uplifters and can help you to combat depression. There have been many studies done in the same regard which has proved that fatty fishes such as salmon, Pollock, Sardines and Tuna can spectacularly pull you out of depression. If we discuss the reality if these studies, it has been proved that women who preferred fish in their meals were 16% lesser prone to depression whereas for men the chances were 20% lesser compared to those who consumed very little or no quantity of fish in their meals.


You must be thinking what the reason after this is? Well, the reason behind the consumption of fish being such good remedy for depression is considered to be the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids in them. Now let us tell you what role does Omega 3 play? Omega 3 stimulates the condition of a brain by modifying the levels of two vital neurotransmitters namely dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is also known as happiness hormone. Dopamine is efficient in controlling the pleasure centres and energy channels of a brain. Hence both of them together, smartly play their roles in reducing the level of depression.

Are you worried because you are pure vegetarian? No… not to worry and don’t be unhappy even if you are strictly a pure vegetarian and eating fish isn’t your cup of tea. There are other depressions vegetarian foods  to include in diet for depression which are suggested specifically for you. They are such as Yoghurt, Apricots and Walnuts which will assist you to get out of that state of mind within very less time. Also, to add on, dark chocolates are superbly effective mood boosters and can immensely help in combating depression. For sure, this is something that you will have without giving a second thought. After all, there are hardly any of us who does no love chocolates. Here is a list of foods for fighting depression and the foods that you can include in your diet for depression.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) are most prominently found in fat layers of fishes of cold water streams. They have been proved to be the efficacious prevention to deal with depression and descending cognition. Omega -3 is also a vital component present in nuts and oil such as walnuts and algae oils. There are many supplements of Omega 3 that are also available in the market. But yes, the quantity and form of its presence differ in varied sources of supplements and food items. So, you can even consult a doctor before you prefer any of its sources.


There are various conclusions that have been achieved through many studies done in the same regard. Some of the statistics and observations have resulted in the fact that consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids are good to include in diet for depression as it can immensely protect you from the conditions of depression. For instance, one study was held by observing 22,000 Norwegian people, among which, some were made to consume cod liver oil regularly while others did not. The results of this study showed that people who were consuming it were 30 times lesser prone to depression than those who didn’t. So, with this study, you can understand the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in healing the stage of depression in anyone suffering from it.


Now that you know that Omega 3 and Depression are closely related to each other let us also learn how it can help us to come out of the gloomy mode in the best way. This fact cannot be ignored that depression is a definite signal of weak condition of the brain. Not just to fight depression, but it is also a crucial component that is needed to ensure the healthiness and active working of our brain. Hence omega 3 is a must nutrient to be consumed by everyone nowadays. In fact, it is a naturally required element, and you will be surprised to know that it is even present in mother’s milk so that a newborn can get all the required fats. To add on, it also ensures the development of a healthy brain and strong immune system.


A consumption strategy for Omega 3 can be beneficial in both; short run and long run. In the short term, it can help you to come out of depression blues and get all happiness back. However, in the long run, it can prevent us from getting into the depressed zone. Along with that, it precludes the occurrence or development of diseases and any disorders that are related to the aging of the brain. As a conclusion, it is a fact that if we intake the supplements of Omega 3 and the food items that are rich in it from day one, then it will work wondrously thereby optimising its goodness to the maximum.

SUPPLEMENTS to Fight Depression

Our body requires Omega 3 fatty acids in abundance and ample quantity to battle the evil of depression. Hence, a big dose of Omega 3 supplement is a primary requirement of anybody. However, you do not need to intake supplements of any other Omega fat such as Omega 6 or 9. This is because Omega 6s should not be increased as it inversely affects the state of mind. So, to attain a balanced ratio of both; Omega 3 and Omega 6, it is better not to increase the quantity of Omega 6s in the body. Also, it is preferred to consume olive oil rather than taking supplements of Omega 9s. Thereby, we advocate you to stay away from ingestion of Omega 6 & 9 supplements and advice you not to opt for a combination of all the three together of these omega fatty acids. You might suffer a huge health loss if you do so.

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FOODS To Fight Depression

Regular diet plays an important role in managing and enhancing the functions of the body. Same is the case here as well. You would require a diet for depression in the long run. In the current times, people consume more of Omega 6s than that of Omega 3s (unknowingly) which further leads to more mental instability. The reason behind is, the uneven ratio of two fatty acids in the body, disturbs it wholly. So, you will need to cut down the quantity of intake of Omega 6s and eat those food items which are rich in Omega-3s so that there is an increment in Omega 3s.

There are also a lot many eatable oils, but you will need to choose the best oil which contains the correct amount of Omega 3s  in order to include them in your diet for depression. This will in return help you to overcome the problem. Along with this, cold water stream animals, specifically fishes are a good source of the correct proteins and fatty acids. Apart from animals living in water; grass-fed beef’s or sheep’s liver also contains a considerable amount of Omega 3s but does not show as appropriate results as that of cod liver oil or seafood items.

Are you a vegetarian and eating seafood and beef meat is completely out of your league? If yes, don’t get disappointed because we also have some vegetarian solutions for you. Flax seeds are the best vegetarian alternative to adapt. However, if you are comfortable with eating eggs, then egg of a chicken who has been roaming and feeding freely on bugs and weeds would be an enormous source of the required fatty acid. So, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, for both, it becomes mandatory to consume the required amount of Omega-3s.

Nevertheless, if you are allergic to fish items or seafood then completely avoid it and follow the diet of vegetarian people as it will serve a great help to you. Moreover, don’t even consider to intake supplements or liver oils, instead settle up for either a plant-based solution or good quality eggs. Another option could be to reduce the Omega 6s level in the body instead of increasing the amount of Omega-3s. This will maintain the ratio between the two fatty acids and thus will dissent depression. You will enjoy your life as normal.


Mark a point that trans fats are absolutely of no use for the body. They not only add the calories and fats in your body but also restrict the capability of your body to absorb Omega 3s fatty acids. So next time; while grabbing those French fries, keep in mind that it is not only increasing the fat layers in your body but also making your body unable to induce a vital nutrient to your brain. Hence we suggest you avoid them and rather go to the nearby seafood restaurant to redevelop Omega 3 levels in your brain to combat depression and ascertain right working of brain and body.

LIST OF Foods for Fighting DEPRESSION:

  • Salmon and liver of pork, lamb, beef and chicken are the preferable food to include in diet for depression for many people as it enhances the presence of Omega 3s fatty acids is the body and affects the brain. However, we advocate you to stick to the liver of those animals who have been grazing over grass because in this case, the content of fatty acid in the liver is appropriately high, besides that is also rich in vitamin B.
  • Also, as mentioned earlier, you need to hike up your consumption of nuts such as apricots and walnuts along with the regular intake of yoghurt in a good quantity as they are good foods to fight depression. The reason is that these are also antidepressant agents but can be an equal help you to get out of the depression hole if you have already stuck with it so it is a good food to include in your diet for depression.
  • Are you a chocolate lover? If yes, then it is time to be happy because there could not be any better mood booster then chocolates and are effective foods to fight depression. It is because of the stimulants present in cocoa which thus make it a quick and tasty remedy to fight dull mood. However dark chocolate could be of more help in combating depression and cognition than milk based chocolates.

An ancient Chinese proverb states that “The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.” Hence, no matter if you are already going through the problem it is the right time to deal with it and not letting it grow further. Also getting depressed would not find your solution to your issues so always stay happy and fight back all the evils of the life with a pretty smile on your face.

Promise us that you won’t let depression be a part of your life ever. Even if you are grasped with it, right from today begin to kick it off far from your life and never let it enter again. Live life, king size!

Image Source: Peter Dressel & Alleko