How To Go Away With Dark Lips? Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

lighten dark lips

This article helps you get tips to lighten dark lips naturally at home with easy and simple remedies.

Lips… Lips… Lovely Lips!!

Soft and pink lips are the dream of every woman! Why not! After all, it adds a lot to her beauty and grace thereby making her smile as the most beautiful smile in the world. But with the changing time and hectic schedule, the problem of pigmentation and having black lips has also increased. There are various reasons behind it like surplus consumption of tea and coffee, excess vulnerability to the sun, the attitude of negligence, improper care etc. Apart from these, one of the major reasons of having black lips is the habit of smoking. So, if you have any such habit or are not paying required attention towards your lips care, then it is high time to start caring about the same. Using costly lip balms or scrubs are not a good idea especially when it is about lighten dark lips and polishing off pigmentation rather try to make the best use of nature. There are many natural gifts of Almighty that works wonder if you know the proper use of them. So, here we bring for you such wondrous ways to lighten dark lips that will leave you amazed.

If you want to get pink, soft, and plumpy lips overnight, then these below given tips will help you surely. These are 100% result giving tips that most of beauticians and celebrities use to keep their lips healthy and supple naturally.

Check out some informational on tips to lighten dark-lips. We hope that these ideas will be a great help to you in alleviating dark lips and that without any side effects:

1. Lemon Honey Lip Serum:

tips to lighten dark lips

An excellent home remedy and tip to lighten dark lips is lemon honey. This helps to make  the tanning over from your lips! Here is a simple and quick process: Squeeze a fresh lemon juice in a bowl and mix some honey to it. The lemon honey serum is ready for use. Apply this over your lips for one hour and when the time is over clean it with a soft wet piece of cloth. Now how does it work? Lemon is a citrus fruit which is capable of alleviating the tan and honey nurtures the lips to give them a pinkish look. You can apply this without any limitation of sometimes to say goodbye to the problem of pigmentation and tanning. If you are a busy person and cannot spare much of time, you can prepare this serum and keep in the refrigerator which can be used for a week time but not more than that. So, isn’t it a superb idea that can be prepared at home? At least, give a try.

2. Sleep With Glycerin:


There are many reasons behind the darkening of lips which cause pigmentation, and few of them are: Excess exposure to sun, dryness, not properly maintained and taken care of etc. So, spare few seconds out of your busy schedule and take proper care of your lips. Here is a simple way out through which you can overcome the darkness of your lips, and all you need to do is to apply glycerin on your lips. You can do this by your finger (make sure you wash your hands properly for this) or by cotton bud before you jump to your bed at night. Do this regularly and see the change. You must be thinking, how glycerin works? Let us tell you, glycerin contains plentiful of moisture within it and when applied to the lips it leaves it moisturising feature on the lips thereby removing dryness, which is the main reason behind dark lips. Another awesome idea to get natural pink lips!

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Keep your body hydrated

One of the best and easy tip to lighten dark lips is drink plenty of water. We are lucky to be bestowed with a healthy body by the Almighty and thus taking care of it so that it can remain healthy forever is completely our responsibility. Every part of the body has a direct connection with each other, and so if we eat and drink healthy, overall body is sure to remain healthy. Drinking sufficient water also plays an important role. It not only glorifies the skin but also assist us in attaining beautiful lips. Hence, make it a habit to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will help you in many other ways too apart from preventing dehydration which is one of the causes of dark lips.

4. A Beetroot Slice:


This is one of the surprising tips to lighten dark lips you come across. Right from the grocery section of your kitchen, here is an amazing home remedy which has not fallouts but a lot of benefits. What needs to be done is to cut a slice of beetroot and store it in your refrigerator for some time. Now when you are ready to spend some minutes on your lip care, take out the slice and gently massage it over your lips. While massaging, you will notice that the juice of beetroot will hydrate your lips. You can even do this while watching T.V. or talking to someone. You don’t need a particular timetable to be followed. This will not only assuage the darkness and tanning from your lips but will also colour them pink. Also, beetroot is also considered very healthy for the body as well. So, one idea with numerous benefits! Mind you, that you need to do this regularly for desired results.

5. Check Your Lip Products:


Are you fed up with the crumby and allergic lip balms that are helping you in no ways rather increasing the problem of your dark lips? Then, what are you waiting for? Kick all of them hard; out of your house and introduce a natural way of caring your lips. Do not ever try local branded products instead you can use soft herbal lip balm. Though, they are friendly to your pocket but hazardous for you. The best idea is to pull fresh pulp of fruits and apply them like lip balm. All the damage caused due to suntan will be repaired soon, and the trouble of pigmentation will also disappear. So, add fruits to your regular diet and use them as fresh lip balms.

6. Almond Oil:

Are you ready to hit the bed? Wait, just a second! Quickly pick up your almond oil bottle and pour few drops of it on your palm. Apply some almond oil on your lips with the help of finger. Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned. Almond oil is such oil which is considered excellent for good hair, rich skin and even for the muscles (used in massaging). When applied to lips, almond oil removes the darkening of lips and also make them soft. So, use it regularly and experience the magic!

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7. Cucumber Juice:

Do you love cucumber so much that you never forget it to include in your daily salad? Then, you are sure to love it more. The cooling property of cucumber works wonders when applied over the lips. All you need to do is to grate the cucumber and squeeze its juice into a bowl. Then gently mask your lips with it and after an hour or so, wash it. It will assuage darkening of lips and also remove dryness thereby adding hydrating them.

  1. Rose Leaves:

Rose… The first choice of every woman in the floral shop! The fragrance and soothing colour of rose make you fall in love with it again and again. Take some fresh leaves of rose flower and pluck its leaves. Now crush those leaves properly and also mix little honey to it. The natural lip lotion is ready to be applied. Keep it on your leaves for about ten to fifteen minutes and after that remove it from a moist cotton ball. In case, if you are struggling with pigmented leaves, then also add one teaspoon of milk powder o this rose and honey mixture and see how the magic works. The magic of rose turns your lips pinkish and honey and milk powder help in lightening the dark colour of your lips.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is a quick home remedy to lighten and brighten your lips. Pull out some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it to hydrated lips. Especially, when you have an urgency to go out in the sun and do not want to harm your lips because of it, then applying aloe vera gel will work in the best way. It does not let the harsh sun rays adversely impact your lips. So, make a habit to mask aloe vera gel before you step out of your place in the hot sun. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Do share it with your friends too and become the beauty queen of your group.

  1. Balm of Your Own:

As you know, lemon is bestowed with natural bleaching elements and so assists smartly in getting rid of dark lips through the natural means. When lemon is accompanied by honey, it is sure to create the wondrous effect. Go through this two minutes process and create a lemon balm of your own. Take a small bowl and integrate one teaspoon of lemon and honey, both. Also, add about half a teaspoon of castor oil to it and mix them properly. Now before you get lost in your lovely dreams at night, mask your lips with your own created balm. Lips will absorb the same during the night. For desired results, do not miss this remedy even a single day in a period of a fortnight.

  1. Flax Seed Oil:

Gain the lost beauty soon!

Flax seed oil is robust in possessing fatty acids along with nurturing properties too. It can diffuse in the deep tissues of your lips thereby repairing them and turning them very soft and bland. So, all that needs to be done is to softly apply flax oil over your lips for some hours (best would be during the night) and leave it as it is. Do apply it regularly and see how your lips change into the most beautiful ones. A work done with sincere dedication gets the best prize, after all!

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Tips to Lighten Dark Lips – SOME DO’S & DON’TS:-

  • Always carry a herbal lip balm with you and keep applying it often. This will reduce the dryness gradually thereby making them hydrated and lighten dark lips.
  • Choose any good oil that is rich in Vitamin E and masks it over your lips before you go to bed at night. You can even try for small capsules that are easily available in the chemist shop. Vitamin E is a great source of moisture. In the morning, you will wake up with softer and lighten dark lips.
  • Avoid mouth breathing even in fun because it speedily dries up your lips and causes further problems like pigmentation.
  • Before you put a coat of lipstick, make sure that you apply any qualitative herbal lip gloss so that they had moisture to your lips and do not let dryness impact them which is caused due to lipstick. Avoid using matte lipstick as they make your lips drier.
  • Do not prefer dark colours of lipsticks as they pull out the natural pinkness and cause pigmentation. Use only branded lipsticks and those which are soft or transparent shades.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water because it is the primary cause of pigmentation over your lips. So, drink water which is free from chlorine.
  • Do not worry at all about the hyper pigmentation induced because of pregnancy or any illness as they will disappear within the passage of time.
  • These were some fabulous home remedies along with some do’s and don’ts which will be a major help to you in attaining soft and radiant lips. Hope you appreciate our efforts. Also, comment and let us know how do you take care of your lips and what home remedy has turned to be a magic trick for you.
  • If you are habitual of biting your lips now and then, it’s high time to stop doing this. The reason is that biting your lips continuously or even normally takes away all the moisture from your lips and result in pigmentation, dark lips  and waterlessness.
  • Followed by the previous one, Say a big NO to the habit of licking your lips as well and the reason stays the same.
    What products or remedies are you using to get lighten Dark Lips? Please comment and share.Image Source: Flickr