33 Websites to Get Free Textbook PDF

free textbook pdf

Free textbook pdf – Here is a complete article on 33 Websites to Get Free Textbook PDF. Whether you are a dull student or just someone who loves a good deal, these platforms can save you a lot of money while ensuring you have the resources you need for your studies. Let us talk more about it

33 Websites to Get Free College Textbooks

Here i have given a list of 33 websites to get free textbook PDF explaining all the benefits of these websites, how to use them, and what is special about these websites. Let’s begin:

Archive.org (The Wayback Machine)

Archive.org is more than just a digital time capsule. It has a catalogue of media, including online books, PDFs, documents, and even old YouTube tutorials.

You can download books in various formats based on your preferences. Plus, it is a treasure trove of content you will not find anywhere else.


Bookboon offers textbooks written and published by top lecturers from renowned universities.

Business, Economics, Literature, Science, Technology, and more. Bookboon also provides a skill-learning program for personal development.

BCcampus OpenEd

The mission of the website: Making higher learning tools accessible to the masses.

The main focus is on popular courses in British Columbia.

Subjects Included: Accounting, Sociology, Media, Arts, Biology, Business, Skill Learning, Trading, and Technology.


  • For science lovers: bioRxiv specializes in science-related textbooks.
  •  Topics covered: Dermatology, Ecology, Pharmacology, and more.
  •  Stay updated: Get notifications about newly published articles and papers.


  • Why it is popular: Bookshare is your go-to source for less mainstream subjects.
  •  What can you know: From cooking to literature to graphic arts, there is something for everyone.
  •  What is included: Need materials for SAT, MCAT, LSAT, or GRE exams? Bookshare has you covered.


  • Why popular? OpenStax provides peer-reviewed textbooks created by educators.
  •  Subjects included: From Biology to Sociology, they cover various disciplines.
  •  Quality: These textbooks are high-quality and free textbook PDF to download.
  •  Bonus: They also offer supplementary resources like quizzes and practice problems.


  • For audiobook lovers: LibriVox has free textbook PDF, audiobooks, including classic literature and textbooks.
  •  How it works: Volunteers record audio versions of public domain books.
  •  Listen and learn: Turn your commute or workout into a learning session.

Project Gutenberg

  • Why so popular?: Project Gutenberg hosts over 60,000 free eBooks.
  •  What is included: Find timeless works by Shakespeare, Dickens, and other literary giants.
  •  Textbooks: Look for older editions that are now in the public domain.

Google Books

  • Search and preview: Google Books allows you to search within textbooks and read limited portions.
  •  Tip: Use the “Advanced Book Search” to filter by free textbook PDF and full-text availability.


  • Collaborative effort: Wikibooks is like Wikipedia for textbooks.
  •  Why so popular: Authors and editors contribute to creating comprehensive resources.
  •  Subjects: You will find it here from Computer Science to Music Theory.

LibGen (Library Genesis)

  • Library: LibGen is a controversial but incredibly resourceful platform.
  •  What it offers: Access to millions of scientific articles, textbooks, and papers.
  •  How it works: Users upload and share content, making it a haven for knowledge seekers.
  •  What should you know: While it is not entirely legal, it remains a popular choice for students worldwide.


  • Free-eBooks.net hosts a diverse collection of free eBooks.
  •  From fiction to non-fiction, you will find textbooks alongside novels.
  •  Sign up for a free account to access the full library.

Textbook Revolution

  • Textbook Revolution has free textbook PDF from various sources.
  •  Math, Science, Engineering, and more.
  •  Users contribute and review resources.

Internet Archive

  • Internet Archive includes texts, audio, and video content.
  •  Explore their vast collection of digitized books.
  •  They also have historical textbooks and rare editions.


  • Wikiversity focuses on learning resources.
  •  Courses and modules: Dive into structured content on various topics.
  •  Collaborate: Contribute your knowledge or learn from others.

Project MUSE

  • Academic goldmine: Project MUSE offers scholarly content from reputable publishers.
  •  Subjects: Humanities, Social Sciences, and more.
  •  Access: Some universities provide free access to their students.


  • Classic literature and more: Bartleby hosts a collection of reference materials, including textbooks.
  •  feature: The Harvard Classics series is available here.
  •  Explore: Essays, poems, and historical documents alongside textbooks.

Google Scholar

  • Research: Google Scholar indexes scholarly articles, theses, and textbooks.
  •  Search tips: Use advanced search filters to find full-text versions.
  •  Sources: Check references for additional resources.


  • materials: MERLOT focuses on higher education resources.
  •  Subjects: Arts, Business, Education, Health Sciences, and more.
  •  Community-driven: Users rate and review content.

OER Commons

  • Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Commons has free textbook PDF and learning materials.
  •  Customizable: Adapt content to suit your needs.
  •  Collaborate: Connect with educators worldwide.


  • Scholarly articles and books: JSTOR is a digital library with a vast collection of academic resources.
  •  Access: Some universities provide free access to JSTOR for their students.
  •  Subjects: Humanities, Social Sciences, and more.


  • User-friendly interface: FreeTextbooks offers a simple platform for finding free textbooks.
  •  Search options: Filter by subject, author, or title.
  •  Formats: Download PDFs or read online.

College Open Textbooks

  • Collaborative effort: College Open Textbooks compiles open educational resources.
  •  Subjects: Math, Science, Humanities, and more.
  •  Quality: Reviewed by educators.


  • Smart citation tool: BibGuru helps you create accurate citations for your textbooks.
  •  Features: Generate citations in APA, MLA, and other formats.
  •  Bonus: It also offers tips on improving your bibliography.

MIT OpenCourseWare

  • Elite education, open to all: MIT offers course materials, including textbooks, for free.
  •  Subjects: Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities, and more.
  •  Lectures: Access video lectures alongside the textbooks.


  • For tech enthusiasts: Libraries.io focuses on programming and tech-related books.
  •  Languages: Find textbooks in Python, Java, C++, and more.
  •  GitHub integration: Discover open-source projects and their associated textbooks.


  • Coding Essentials: FreeComputerBooks caters to programmers and IT professionals.
  •  Formats: Download PDFs and eBooks, or read online.
  •  Topics: Algorithms, Databases, Web Development, and more.


  • Sister project of Wikipedia: Wikisource hosts free content, including textbooks.
  •  Languages: Explore textbooks in various languages.
  •  Collaborate: Contribute to digitizing rare texts.


  • Search engine for books: BookFinder scours the web for free and discounted textbooks.
  •  Comparison: Compare prices across different platforms.
  •  Formats: Find physical books or digital versions.

HathiTrust Digital Library

  • Digital preservation: HathiTrust collaborates with libraries to digitize and provide access to rare books.
  •  Access: Some materials are available for free download.
  •  Explore Historical textbooks and academic works.

Saylor Academy

  • Structured courses: Saylor Academy offers free courses with textbooks.
  •  Certificates: Earn certificates upon completion.
  •  Subjects: Business, Computer Science, Art History, and more.

Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press

  • Author-friendly: Project Gutenberg allows authors to self-publish their works.
  •  Genres: From textbooks to novels, it’s a diverse collection.
  •  Support: Discover indie authors and their creations.

Some FAQs

What are free textbook pdf websites? 

Free textbook websites are online platforms where students can download college textbooks at no cost.

Can I find any subject textbooks? 

Yes, these websites offer various subjects including Business, Science, Arts, and Technology.

Are the textbooks legal to download? 

Most websites provide legally free textbooks, but some, like LibGen, operate in a legal gray area.

Do these sites offer additional resources? 

Many sites offer supplementary materials like quizzes, practice problems, and audiobooks.