What Are The Fundamental Garage Door Problems?

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Garage door repair santa monica b – Examine the many problems caused by the garage door, such as broken springs, heavy doors, loose panels, and more. Garage doors always have spring tension, so they usually break if they’re suddenly hit or if someone jumps or falls on them. But there are other ways your garage door can fail, like jamming when closing and not opening properly (a manual opener ceases to function) because of broken springs or cables. In this article, I will discuss the causes of these problems, how to fix them yourself, and why you should invest in professional repair services.

Problem 1: Broken spring on the garage door.

Small springs can break when they hit the door because the door doesn’t open properly, and there may be other factors, like a heavy car in the garage that hits the door and breaks it. The more air that goes through the unbalanced spring, the greater chance for failure. It may seem like a minor problem to replace springs, but you’re also replacing all kinds of small parts used to ensure your opener is working correctly. Also, new or improper garage door spring repair springs can be dangerous for your family because they can cause doors to close on you at odd times or not close at all. So always ensure that spring tension is set correctly, which may require replacing a broken spring.

Problem 2: Heavy door.

You can have springs that are too weak or too strong which causes doors to swing unevenly and eventually break. A heavy door can cause the garage to be at an angle, making it difficult for people to get into or out of the car. It can also damage paint and panels in your garage if you want to close the door with just your foot instead of lifting it with a bar across the top of the door panel. The door’s weight can be dangerous to you and your family, so ensure that the springs and cables are correctly adjusted.

Problem 3: Garage door comes off track.

It is common for garage door repair santa monica b to come off the track if a problem in their assembly or something hits it, like a car. The tracks are always made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and there are all kinds of different kinds, so it’s easy to over-tighten or under-tighten them, which causes the tracks to be uneven within the channel they ride on. DC motors also work with electric eyes, which tell your opener where to stop when opening and closing. Unfortunately, electric eyes can fail, so if your door is coming off the track or not opening and closing, it’s a good idea to check your electric eye.

Problem 4: Loose garage door panel.

If panels in your garage are loose, you could always re-attach them, but this requires a lot of work and is only a short-term solution. Instead, it’s better to have the whole door re-attached to the frame with screws. A poorly attached panel can be dangerous because it could break free and hit someone in the face or cause injury when you open the door and it flies forward due to poor attachment. You can also search on google for garage door repair near me.

Problem 5: Broken cables on the garage door opener.

Damaged or broken cables on your opener can be dangerous if they come loose, causing the door not to open or close properly. It could also cause the opener not to move unless you manually pull it across the floor and lift it vertically. However, if the problems with your cables are minor, there is a cheaper way to fix them than having them replaced altogether. Some garage door companies will have repair kits that you can use, which are made up of new electric eyes and cables that are used on older models of openers and cost very little but still make sure that repairs are done correctly.

Problem 6: Garage door not opening or closing all the way.

Many different things can cause this problem, like not having the opener appropriately installed or not correctly installed. You may have over-tightened the tracks or broken a belt that helps the motor move. It should work properly if everything is in proper working condition, but sometimes there isn’t anything wrong with your opener, and you need to make some adjustments. A belt-driven garage door must indeed have its alignment checked. Some newer openers, like chain-drive openers, don’t need to be aligned unless damaged.

Problem 7: Garage door falling during opening and closing.

Sometimes your garage door opener repair can fall off its tracks when opening or closing. It happens quickly because of their force during the opening and closing process. If your garage has a manual opener, ensure that the screws are correctly tightened and there is no sign of rust or corrosion because this causes problems when lifting the weight of a heavy door. It’s also a good idea to make an annual or bi-annual inspection at your local service center because everything can break or fail at some point.

Problem 8: Garage door breaking while opening and closing.

Sometimes your garage door will snap in half when it opens or closes, which is a big problem because you may lose your entire house’s contents. If you see any unexplained door problems, you may want to adjust the opener and the door for better alignment.

Problem 9: Garage door extension spring breaking.

Sometimes springs can break, which is a little more common than people think. Springs are made with steel and designed to be stronger than the cable they are attached to, but sometimes those attachments become over-tightened, or the spring weakens over time. It can cause a garage door opener to stop working suddenly, and it may even break on you when you try to open or close it.

Problem 10: Garage door opener motor not working correctly.

Not much can be done with a motor that has stopped working. It is pretty much because these motors are hefty duty when they are first installed, and they don’t break often, but it’s still good to have them inspected every so often just in case. For example, if you find that your motor is making sounds that are not normal, or if it starts to slow down over time and starts making grinding noises, there may be a problem with the motor itself. So it would help if you inspected your opener as soon as possible before it completely stops working.


All the problems you might have with your garage door opener are just minor by-products of using a garage door opener in general. However, by taking proper care of them, you will get the best use out of your opener and help it last longer. It is especially true if you have electric or belt-driven openers because those are some of the most durable types. Still, even with older type openers, it’s essential to take good care of them so they don’t fail and break something important.

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