10 Best Gender Reveal Party Games


Along with the traditional baby showers, these days people are hosting a gender reveal parties to celebrate the upcoming of their newborn in a new way. Well, whether you call it an excuse for celebration or a much-needed one, gender reveal games are always super fun.

Gender reveal parties are not some common announcement parties, instead, it’s a mix of socializing, celebration and fun. Along with balloons, invites, silly decorations, themed cake, and many more, the celebration is never complete without some fun games.

As gender reveal parties are getting more and more popular, it’s getting difficult to make your gender reveal party a unique and exciting experience. But, How about we tell you that we have some best gender reveal party games to make your party more fun? 

Yes! You heard it right, if you’re looking for some best gender reveal game ideas and inspirations then keep reading.

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Gender reveal party games

Without any more delay, let’s move on to the list of 10 super exciting games you can organize for your gender reveal party to make the celebration super fun:

 Drink pong:

You all must have heard of or played the game ‘beer pong’ during your college days, so why not alter it a little and have your guests play this game ‘drink pong’.

The steps are simple:

  • Divide the guests into two teams, team boy and team girl
  • Have some glasses filled with pink and blue liquids
  • Ask the team members to throw the ping pong ball into their respective cups 
  • And let the team with more balls in the cup win.

For adding more fun, you can have the losing team drink something or reward the winning team with some small gifts.

This game is very easy to organize without much preparation and is among the best gender reveal party games.

 Baby Name Race:

If you want your guests to feel more involved in the celebration then this game can turn out to be a perfect choice. This simple no preparation game is very easy to play:

  • Divide the guests into two teams ‘team boy’ and ‘team girl’
  • Set a time limit and ask each one of the team to come up with a list of names, starting with each alphabet
  • ‘Team boy’ is supposed to write only male names, while ‘team girl’ can only write female names.
  • Whichever team completes first within the given timeline wins

This game will not only keep your guests engaged, but also provide you with a good list of names to choose from, for the baby.

 Pink, Blue Cornhole

Cornhole is among the popular gender reveal party ideas, you can too include this game in your party with a little alteration.

Cornhole is a lawn game, in which players take turns throwing a fabric into the cornhole board until one of the teams wins. 

For the alteration, you can color the fabric blue and pink and divide the guests into two teams.

And reward the winning team with some rewards.

 Pop the mommy’s belly:

You can organize this game, if you want to reveal the gender of your baby using a game. 

For this, you need to blow up some balloons and fill them up with the pink or blue colored powder. Then, Ask every guest to pop one of the balloons one by one, and reveal the gender of your baby with the color most popped.

To make it more fun, you can keep some balloons empty and assign some funny tasks to the person who pops an empty balloon.

 Gender Reveal cup-cake:

Gender reveal cake is just another way of revealing the gender of your baby to the guests in a surprising way.

 For this, you can have some cupcakes baked in a specific color as per your baby’s gender, for eg: blue in the case of a boy and pink in the case of a girl. 

Then decorate those cupcakes with some random colors. Finally when it’s time to reveal, ask everyone to take a bite of the cake and TaDa!

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 The Starwars way:

If you’re a fan of StarWars then why not reveal the gender of your baby using some lightsabers. Get two lightsabers, when it’s time for the big revelation ask your partner to turn on the lightsabers, which will either glow blue or pink. It will glow in a specific color revealing your baby’s gender.

 Lottery Ticket:

Who doesn’t love to try out a little luck with the lotteries? 

Well, this can be a super fun game to keep your guests engaged in the gender reveal party. For this gender reveal game – grab a bowl or a bucket and ask each one of the guests to guess the gender of the newborn, write it on a paper chit along with their names and keep them in the bucket. 

After gender revelation, pick any one of the correctly guessed paper chits and reward that guests with some amazing gifts.

 Treasure hunt:

We all have played treasure hunt during our college years, why not include it among the gender reveal games in your party with a little twist. 

  • Prepare some series of cues that can refer to any picture or item in your place, each having some element colored associated with the gender of your baby
  • pass them to your guests
  • Ask each one of them to collect as many of those pictures and items as possible 
  • Reward the person who collects the maximum items within the given time limit with some cash or other gift item

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If you already have a kid in your house, then pinata can be the right choice among the other gender reveal party games for you.

Pinatas are made of pottery or scrap paper. So if you plan to go a little crafty with your party preparation then go for making some pinatas. 

You can fill this pinata with some same colored candies for the gender reveal like blue or pink.

When it’s time to reveal the gender, ask your kid to pop the pinata and surprise!

Old wives tales:

When it comes to predicting the gender of the baby, there are multiple old wife’s tales available on the internet for the prediction based on some specific symptoms.

To make gender reveal more fun, you can divide the guests into two teams and ask each member of each team to predict the gender based on some old wives’ tales.

The team which has the higher number of right guesses wins.

These are some of the best gender reveal party games, however, there are plenty of other gender reveal game ideas too for you to choose from like pin the pacifier, baby charades, don’t say baby, and many more.

To make the party more exciting you can also organize a theme-based party and choose the games accordingly. You can select the theme based on some of your favorite childhood shows or movies like Disney frozen, minions, marvel cinematic universe, etc.

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Organizing a gender reveal party games is easier but making it fun is where the real task begins. With the above listed 10 best genders revealing party games ideas you can make your party super fun and exciting.

In case you can’t organize a gender reveal party physically, then these games are also a perfect fit for the virtual celebration with your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Organize your party with a bang and surprise everybody. Don’t forget to share your gender reveal party experience in the chatbox below.