Introduction to StreamElements

stream elements

Stream Elements – Beginning with cloud-based overlays, a chatbot, broadcast statistics, and merch and tipping options, StreamElements is a feature-packed platform for streamers. For the majority of streamers, it’s a one-stop-shop. With a plethora of tasks to do, stream elements is a smart pick as it centralises all your tools. In order to start streaming like a pro in no time at all, this article will show you the ropes. The bot, a help page, and an overlay will all be added step by step.

Join in

To start, go over to StreamElements’ website. This is the place you’ll go to whenever you want to change anything about stream elements. Your Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube account will work to log you in. This tutorial will be conducted on Twitch. The Twitch login prompts you to enter your credentials and then requests permission to access your Twitch account when you click the link.

The Control Panel

You will see the Dashboard when you log into StreamElements. Here is a rundown of the basics for those who are new to stream elements: Launching the Chat Bot, configuring tips, adding overlays, and importing data from other sources.

The streamer’s Dashboard displays statistics about their broadcast, including data for tips (if enabled), followers, subscriptions, bits, hosts, raids, and merch. Along with updating your stream and game titles, you have the option to mute the bot from the dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of the stream elements control panel. Since this is a brand new Twitch channel, we don’t yet have any analytics to work with.

The AI Programme

Minigames, chat commands, timers, spam filters, and notifications may all be handled by the StreamElements Bot.

On your Dashboard, you’ll see the Join Channel button—located under Bot Settings—that you may use to activate the bot. You may remove a bot from a conversation by clicking the “Part Channel” button if it is already in your channel.

Take note that you may keep the bot on your channel by clicking the “Mute” button, but you won’t get any alerts or notifications until you unmute it.

The bot may be customised in various ways now that it’s functioning. Locate the Bot menu item on the left side of the page to accomplish this. Various choices are available:

Add mini-games and conversation notifications to the modules.

Administration of users: Allow other users to control the chatbot.

Controls for the chat — Enable or disable predefined commands and add your own.

Find out how the bot handles chat spam with the help of spam filters.

Schedule when the bot will send out chat messages automatically.

We could go on and on describing the bot’s inner workings, but you may want to check out Spam Filters first. To prevent spam links from appearing in your channel’s chat, you need enable Link Protection.

Find the Spam filter list and the Link Protection toggle.

You have the option to choose which user groups will not be subject to link publishing timeouts. Regulars, Subscribers, and VIPs are all part of this category. There are number of twitch streamers who are willing to go to this category. 

The Whitelist feature allows you to choose a group of trustworthy URLs that will bypass the filter.

You have the option to build a blacklist of URLs that are deemed hazardous and will not be shown in chat.

Additional filters and settings for the bot will be covered in a subsequent post.

Altering the Tip Settings

Tips from your viewers may be easily received using stream elements. An account with PayPal is necessary for this. Click on Tipping settings in the Revenue area of the left navigation bar to begin setting up tips.

Once you’ve clicked on Tipping settings, this will appear:

Click Connect after entering your PayPal email address. Take note of the provided URL, since it will lead you to your tip page. Channel panels, tip commands, and timers should all have this connection. This is the URL that viewers will use to tip you. You may see the suggestions you got from this link in your dashboard analytics as well.

Coverage methods

Given that we are just scratching the surface of stream elements, its Super Themes are a good place to start. All the scenes and warnings in a Super Theme are ready to go at the press of a button.

Go to the left-hand navigation bar and find the Alerts & Overlays area. Go to the Gallery of Themes.

Themes, Super Themes, Alerts, and Widgets are all shown in a gallery. Incorporate a Super Theme.

Some of the available Super Themes are seen above. Pick a theme that suits your taste from our collection. To examine a Super Theme in more detail, click the Preview icon. Press the Create button next to the theme you prefer when you’ve found one.

Select “Create My Overlay” and give the overlay a name. Before you is this screen:

Every scene from the Super Theme is included here.

Your broadcast programme may easily include each scene by adding it as a browser source.

To copy the URL of a scene, click on its link icon (it’s on the left side of the screen).

In order to access the scene, copy and paste the URL into the browser source (in OBS, StreamLabs OBS, etc.).

You should now see this updated scene in your broadcasting programme.

Make a new scene in your programme, add a source from your browser, and then copy and paste the StreamElements link from each scene.


You may personalise your overlays in stream elements in a lot of ways. The most appealing aspect of using StreamElements to construct scenes is the ability to store them online. Overlays may be made and accessed from any location. You have apparently activated your bot, enabled tipping, and added additional overlays. Very well done, streamer. Excellent, that is. You have successfully completed the StreamElements beginner course.

What is the purpose of stream elements?

An arsenal of interrelated tools designed to improve your broadcast, StreamElements is the pinnacle of platforms for streamers. Thanks to StreamElements’s cloud architecture, you can access your stream configuration from any device, at any location.

What percentage of contributions does StreamElements keep?

Your contributions will not be retained by Streamlabs or StreamElements. But, depending on the mode of payment you choose, you will be required to pay transaction fees.

In what ways does stream elements use manifest?

When it comes to livestreaming, StreamElements has been around for a long time. Thanks to recent scandals involving rivals like Streamlabs, the free platform has grown to accommodate over 1.5 million Twitch and YouTube channels.