Genshin impact codes April 2021

genshin impact codes April 2021

Genshin impact codes April 2021 – MiHoYo invited all participants to participate in a current Genshin Impact picture tournament to win various rewards. Additionally, they promised to provide Protogemas to anyone and everyone if the 25,000 competitors were exceeded! Regardless of their participation in the competition, everyone can accept this nice gift of Sixty complimentary proteges! This article on genshin impact codes April 2021 will help you.

Number: TT8BVJNPL508

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Are there any Genshin codes right now?

Do not prematurely wait to start using it until it’s too old, as the firm hasn’t said how long it will be available. Note that MiHoYo mentioned that it would only be available for a short time.


Primogems 55x (All Servers)


8x Expedition Experience and 25x Primogems (All Servers)


11,000x Maha 60x Primogems (All Servers)

25x Primogems and 5x Expedition EXP, 153YuSaenh (All Servers)


11,000x Lora 60x Primogems (All Servers)

How do I redeem my 2021 Genshin codes? 

Remember that your experience level must be 12 or greater to redeem this. You will only get rewarded if your rank is under 11.

Following version 1.0, it is now possible to use passwords inside the gameplay, unlike earlier codes. This is correct; we won’t have had to enter them manually into the computer anymore; follow these simple instructions instead:

  • Open the main menu of the play.
  • “Preferences” can be chosen from the screen.
  • Go to the “Registration” area by navigating.
  • The “Redeem Code” choice will be available.

If you type the password correctly (case-sensitive), it’s getting your gift. After you’ve received the complimentary products, the procedure will be finished.


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