A Step-by-Step Guide to Fainting on Purpose

how to make yourself pass out

How to make yourself pass out – You’d want to pretend unconsciousness for dramatic or comedic effect. Lightheadedness is the sensory system’s reaction to a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain, and it may occur when you get up too fast after lying down or sitting. Many people ask one question: how to make yourself pass out, as it provides you with a sensation similar to a coma. 

This dizziness is readily generated yet very hazardous since it may cause vomiting, nausea, and even death. Learn the proper techniques for how to make yourself pass out.

A Guide to Passing Out

The following techniques may prevent you from injuring yourself when fainting. Sit on the floor and swiftly alternate between deep and shallow breathing. Keep going for another minute, and then get to your feet. Remember to pause your breathing when you stand up. The question of how to make yourself pass out is frequently asked on the internet. 

 After that, you may begin oxygen consumption by either sprinting or spinning in circles. You’ll feel lightheaded and lose your peripheral vision before passing out. With this technique, you can pass out for a few seconds up to almost a minute. There are numerous answers to how to make yourself pass out

Don’t Breathe a Word

By not breathing, oxygen is cut off to the brain. As a result, the brain will enter “crisis mode” when oxygen levels drop. If you can hold your breath for a few minutes, you may induce temporary dizziness and lightheadedness.

Take a Deep Breath and Hold It against Your Thumb

How to induce unconsciousness. While standing, place your head between your knees and focus on breathing for 30 seconds. Then, stand up and try breathing against your thumb without pausing for a breath. Breathe against your thumb without letting any air escape. Keep going till you pass out. The answer to how to make yourself pass out is uncertain and unknown by many people. 

Don’t Eat

If you don’t eat, you may get dizziness and fainting. If a person with diabetes takes too much insulin or stops monitoring their nutrition, they may feel dizzy. 

Smoke It If You Can’t!

Inhaling a large quantity of cigarette smoke and keeping it in for a few minutes might cause severe dizziness. To induce unconsciousness, however, smoking is a harmful habit to develop.

Stop Taking Your Blood Pressure Medications

Patients with high blood pressure might fake faint by suddenly stopping their medication. However, this is not advised since it risks safety and health.

How to Fake a Pass Out Effectively?

Try this strategy if you want to fake a faint without really losing consciousness. The answer to how to make yourself pass out is described above. 

One, Live It Up

You may act like you’re about to faint by mimicking these symptoms. First, you should stroll while holding your head and saying you feel dizzy. Then, pretend to blink your eyes before admitting your weakness. While acting out the fainting scene, go somewhere you feel comfortable falling. If you want to pass out while seated, pretend to be feeble and sit on a chair.

How to Land Softly

When acting like you’re passing out, be careful how you fall. When sitting, bend at the waist rather than the knees. The safest place to land when you fall from a chair is on the back of your leg.

Relax and Stay Put

Stay on the floor in a relaxed, motionless position for a while. Relax your muscles, and provide no resistance if someone attempts to raise your arm. Let your arm fall to the ground without struggling, even if they do.

Awaken Yourself Gradually

Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths slowly. Make it like you don’t recall passing out and explain that it was as if the lights had been turned out. Try to stand, but don’t depend on your strength. Get a helping hand from a friend.


Passing out may result in significant injuries even if you know how to do it properly since it causes you to lose your equilibrium and fall. Therefore, you should not risk passing out intentionally. It’s not safe to pass out in public. It would help if you told someone you trust before you attempt to induce unconsciousness. You should go to a safe spot, so let them know you’re dizzy. They can provide treatment even if you are unconscious.

Find a wall to lean on as you fall if you feel dizzy when standing and there is no one around to catch you. If you pass out and fall, you risk injuring yourself by landing on a hard or sharp surface. The above-listed portion describes the answer to how to make yourself pass out.


How can I make someone faint?

Fainting often occurs because of extreme heat or confined spaces with limited ventilation. Fainting may occur by standing too long or rising too quickly from a seated or sleeping position—trauma to the psyche. Feelings of fear, pain, worry, or shock may bring on low blood pressure.

How about the three indicators of fainting?

Lightheadedness. Sweating. Alterations in your breathing rate and depth.

In how long do you pass out?

Most cases of fainting are temporary and not dangerous. A fainting spell often only lasts a few seconds, although the victim may feel terrible for many minutes afterward. Seek immediate medical assistance if the patient’s condition worsens.