Genshin Impact: Genshin Weekly Bosses

genshin weekly bosses

Genshin weekly bosses – Travelers can compete against various villains in Genshin Impact for valuable riches. The following is a list of every Genshin weekly bosses, along with information on where to find them and what level you should be at to face them.

Genshin Weekly Impact Bosses in total

Since Genshin Impact’s release over three years ago, various adversaries have been added to the game through improvements. Visitors can upgrade their avatars and weapons by defeating these foes and obtaining exceptional prizes.

Although in Genshin, weekly bosses have an impact, gamers can take on bosses in addition to fighting against regular opponents. Visitors are awarded elevated treasure for taking down such bosses, empowering them as they traverse Teyvat.

You can battle various monsters in each zone for a specific quantity of original epoxy. Visitors can ingest fragile resins to swiftly replenish their resin stock because resin naturally replenishes over time. Remember that although you can fight bosses whenever you wish, you might need resin to get the prizes you earn. Additionally, in Genshin weekly bosses Impact, there seem to be two types of bosses: weekly bosses and global or area bosses. You may only tackle weekly bosses once each week. Visitors can take on global bosses anytime, provided they possess sufficient resin to reap the benefits.

Now there are sixteen of these opponents in Genshin Impact who are world or normal bosses. Seven of the seventeen “normal” or “world” bosses dispersed across Teyvat are found in Inazuma, as opposed to just four in the other two zones.

Similarly to Genshin’s weekly bosses, these bosses in Genshin Impact drop unique and essential items for character advancement. They also scatter character resources and antiques. Nevertheless, your world level also affects how rare or high-quality these gifts are.

To obtain the prizes after conquering the World or Normal Bosses, Visitors must pay 40 Original Resin. However, because you can harvest from these Opponents as often as you wish, they vary from Weekly Bosses.

However, please consider that it takes a while for these bosses in Genshin Impact to revive. The resurrection period for a world boss or normal boss is around 5 minutes. Furthermore, for the boss to successfully respawn, visitors must teleport themselves from its position.

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How many weekly bosses are in Genshin Impact?

Genshin weekly bosses are five currently available in Genshin Impact. There are two additional bosses within every area (Mokdktadt, Liyiy, as well as Inyhuma) that may be fought. Those opponents are essential for character advancement and group advancement because they can drop uncommon artifacts, resources for character advancement, and manufacturing ingredients.

Additionally, players will only need to pay a Genuine Resin amount to defeat the first three weekly bosses to receive their prizes. After receiving three awards from some of the other bosses, you can opt to face additional weekly bosses, but you’ll need 60 original resins to do so. They also refresh on Tuesday at 4:30 a.m. local time; however, you will only battle each individual.

Visitors can battle Andrius, Lupus Boreas, found in Wolvendom, Mondstadt, the third weekly boss in this area. The individuals below need the supplies that Andrius left behind. Continuing to Liyue, you may also battle Childe and Azhdaha, two weekly bosses. You need first to open the Golden Mansion to reach Childe, the twelfth Fatu forecast. He will be accessible in this area of Liyue as a weekly boss.

Azhdaha is located on Mount Hulao in Liyue. Nevertheless, Zhongli’s History Antiqua: Act II – Beyond Mere Rock task must be completed to open Azhdaha. You must have an experience level of at least 50 to complete this task.

What are the weekly bosses in Genshin?

Depending on a traveler’s world level, certain levels are suggested for taking down these weekly bosses (WL). The awards you may receive after beating a boss at a specific level also grow, even though the boss ranks are daunting. A weekly boss can spawn five-star objects if they are level fifty or fifty-one. Furthermore, two five-star personality Level-Up ingredients come from weekly bosses at levels 90 and 93.

Therefore, notwithstanding that the battle is a little challenging to win, it will be worthwhile, particularly if you’re developing your personality.

How many times can you fight weekly bosses, Genshin?

Stormterror Dvalin, Lupus Boreas, and The Wolf of the North Challenge may all be found in Mondstadt. Stormterror Dvalin is situated in the center of Mondstadt, Stormterror’s castle. Once fighting Stormterror Dvalin, the accompanying monsters will have high mechanical strength:

Name of the personalityElements they belong to

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You can take on two weekly bosses in the region that the Scarlet Samurai rules over. La Signora is the first Genshin Weekly Boss to achieve this in this area. And the Raiden Shogun herself is the most recent weekly boss to appear in Genshin Impact.

As we previously said, you must advance via the narrative or archon side missions to unlock these weekly bosses. One can now fight La Signora, the seventh of the Fatui Heralds, in Inazuma City, Inazuma, after completing Archon Hunt Part ii, Act 2. The Raiden Samurai is the final weekly boss on this roster. To access this Weekly Boss, you must finish Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest’s narrative arc. Afterward, one can combat Inazuma, the Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto, situated under the Great Narukami Temple.