Get Rid of Pigmented and Chapped Lips with Natural Lip Care Routine

dry lips treatment

If you are facing the issue of dry and chapped lips, then you definitely need a natural lip care routine. Our lips do not have protection of their own as they have lesser oil glands. Moreover, they also lack the ability to develop natural melanin. Dry air, wind, and sun damage our lips and make them chapped and pigmented. Normal lip care products are not enough to keep lips healthy. Now, if you are wondering, why are my lips always dry and peeling? Or how to take care of lips naturally? Don’t fret! Here is everything that you need to know about how to keep your lips healthy, supple, and soft. Moreover, we have got you a list of natural lip care home remedies for adequate lip care treatment.

Why are my Lips always Dry and Peeling?

The first step for adopting a natural lip care routine is to figure out why your lips are dry and peeling. Here is a list of reasons for dry lips.

  • Exposure: Lips are covered with delicate and thin skin, which elemental exposure can lead to dry lips. It is better to protect your lips with a face mask or scarf when you go outside.
  • Toothpaste: Some toothpaste comprises chemicals harmful to your lips. Such lips can irritate your lips, and if consistently used, such chemicals can lead to dryness.
  • Dehydration: Chapped and dry lips are a sign of dehydration. If you do not drink sufficient water, then it can lead to dry lips. You can solve the issue by drinking water and consuming more fruits. This is one of the common answers to the question of why are my lips always dry and peeling?
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: If you have a low amount of vitamin B or zinc in your body, then you might find cracks on the side of the mouth or dry lips. In order to overcome the issue, all you need to do is add vegetables and fruits to your diet.
  • Too Much Licking the Lips: Every time you lick your lips, they get more dry and chapped. The chemicals present in saliva damage the skin present around the lips. It is better to take a sip of water every time you feel like licking your lips.
  • Diet: It is one of the answers to the question, why are my lips always dry and peeling? If your lips are cracked or dry, then it is better to avoid salty and citrus foods as they irritate the lips and lead them to further damage.

How to Take Care of Lips Naturally? 

You can opt for natural lip care products for adequate lip care treatment. In order to manage healthy lips, it is crucial to follow the natural lip care routine. Here are some natural lip care products that you can use to take care of lips.

  1. Natural extracts: It is one of the best ingredients for dry lisp treatment. These are the best substitutes for artificial flavors. They add extra benefits to your lip care routine. For instance, the extract of calendula is one of the best lip care products to include in your dry lips treatment. It is loaded with antibacterial properties, which is beneficial for healing dry, cracked, and chapped lips.
  2. Sugar: It is one of the best natural ways to remove dead skin cells from your lips. You can use your lips for exfoliation, which will help in keeping the lips soft and supple. The best part about sugar is that you can just rinse it and go out; you don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts. It is an effective ingredient for dry lips treatment.
  3. Natural Oils: Natural oils provide your lips with healthy fats and nutrients. It helps them to stay nourished and smooth naturally. These oils are also good to heal dry skin and are best for dry lips treatment.
  4. Beeswax: It naturally develops a barrier on your lip’s surface. It helps in keeping lips moisturized and also relived discomfort and itching.
  5. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water is the most important thing to heal dry and chapped lips. Like your skin, your lips also need to stay hydrated from inside.

Now stop wondering why my lips always are dry and peeling and try the above-mentioned products to keep your lips healthy and beautiful. If you are facing the issue of dry skin, then go through our post regarding winter skincare tips.