Getting ready for a night out? Remember these 6 vital things!


There’s nothing quite like good friends, a few drinks and the opportunity to enjoy yourself. So, if a night out with friends is on the cards, you’re going to need to remember these 6 vital things before you leave for the night! 

Your ID and driver’s license

No ID? You’re probably not getting in. Even if you’re way over the legal drinking age, if security on the door or bar staff are being extra cautious they may ask to see your ID and if yours is at home, you’re not going to experience the evening you were hoping for. 

If you’re the designated driver then bringing along your ID is essential. You could be pulled over by the police in a random check so always have it on you. Alternatively, get a cab at the beginning and the end of the night, and if your friend says they can borrow their parents’ car to save money on a cab, decline. Driving without a license is illegal and you’re more likely to end up in a crash if they haven’t passed their test. 

Your credit or debit card

You won’t get very far without your bank or credit card, so make sure you have them on you before you leave. Even if your friends offer to pay for your drinks, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself if you’re running up a tab. Always have some spare change on you just in case. 

Your mask

These days things are a little different and depending on where you are in the world, you may be required to wear a mask when entering a restaurant, bar or event. You’ll usually be able to take them off again when you sit down to eat or drink, but you may be refused entry if you don’t have your mask on you. You should bring a spare just in case!

Portable charger

Photos, social media, maps, videos, uploads, ordering an Uber, even paying for drinks – your phone is certainly going to get a workout when you’re enjoying yourself. And a low battery warning isn’t something you should have to worry about. Keep your phone going all night by bringing along a compact portable charger. 

Lipstick and concealer

Whether you’re dancing, eating and drinking or just talking and laughing, as the evening goes on your makeup might start to fade. Wearing a mask may also leave your foundation and lipstick a little patchy. Keeping a concealer and a lipstick/gloss in your bag will keep you looking fresh and glam all night. 

And finally, your keys

Don’t leave home without these! Whether you’re still living at home and you need to get back in without waking your parents or you live at home and the only one with access is you, leaving your keys at home is a complete disaster! Don’t leave home without them and keep checking you know where they are as the night goes on. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first person who left their house keys on a bar!