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Want to go for a nose piercing? Do you know the aftercare tips for piercing? It is one of the most common and kind of compulsory customs for Indian females to get their nose pierced before marriage. But, do you dread getting this thing done? Well, if you are, let me tell you some tips and facts to heal a nose piercing which is not-so-happy practice.

After an earlobe piercing, the nose piercings are the second prominent place to be pierced. Getting your body pierced is always a rousing inclusion to your look. This excitement can change into incubus if the area gets infected after piercing.

Use the aftercare tips for piercing to avoid all this such as cleaning your piercing. Having your nose pierced is such a wonderful way to adorn or accent your face but wait, are you pampering it right?

The healing process after nose piercing takes quite a time. Familiarize yourself with genuine care techniques so that your piercing heals as quickly and uneventfully as possible and if you clean your piercing daily, the process can be more rapid.

It’s very important to follow the aftercare tips for piercing.

 aftercare tips for piercing


    Avoid Touching

    Touch your piercing as little as possible. But when you touch it, always wash your hands and clean your piercing, and do not let anyone touch your piercing at least for six weeks.

    Clean Regularly

    Clean your piercing regularly with antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Antimicrobial soaps work better because they eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Use branded antimicrobial soap.

    You can also try to speed up your nose piercing healing with Almay’s Hypo-care. Soaps with a high content of dyes and scents can irritate your piercing, so make sure to avoid them. This is one of the best piercing healing tips.

    Stay Away From isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

    Never use hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol. Both of them are excellent germ killers, but they are only used for unbroken skin. They will dry out your skin or otherwise hinder your nose piercing healing.

    Avoid Makeup

    Avoid putting makeup on your piercing and remove the stale makeup that’s been placed near it until nostril piercings are fully healed. Dry the area by patting it with a paper towel or facial tissue as a cloth towel carry too many germs. use this as the piercing healing tip for yourself.

    Do Not Use Cosmetic Products

    Do not use cosmetic products such as hair sprays or skin lotions unless you are sure that you have taken appropriate measures to protect your piercing. They contain ingredients that can irritate your healing skin.

    Do Not Smoke

    If you smoke, then slow down or stop until your piercing heals. It’s true that tar, resin, and smoke residue can accumulate on or around the piercing site.

    Use Antimicrobial Soap

    If your piercing begins to look infected, you might see a yellowish boil or a pimple. If you have oily skin, antibacterial soap is used but you can also use warm salt water soaks to relieve discomfort and to help the skin heal.

    It’s best to look for a saline product that contains sea salt; the iodine in table salt can irritate your piercing.

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    Do Not Remove Jewelry

    Do not remove your nose jewelry unless your piercing professional instructs you to do so, because you run the risk of trapping the infection inside your skin. wait until your nose piercings completely heal.

    Use Saline Solution on Nostril Piercing

    A sea salt solution is a good idea while your piercing heals if there is no infection. The saline solution provides a good way to remove the crusts that accumulate around the piercing or on the nose piercing jewelry.

    It will also draw impurities from the skin. Many people also say that saline solution feels comfortable and relieves itching during their nose piercing healing process!

    No Swimming

    Avoid swimming while your nostril piercing heals, but if you must go then cover it with a waterproof bandage.

    Sleep on your back

    Try to sleep on your back or on the side; away from your septum piercing. It will heal faster if you don’t have your face on the pillow and the jewelry will be less likely to pull on your healing abilities.

    Stay Hydrated

    Drink plenty of water, eat extra protein as it helps your body to build new skin tissue. These are really good recommendations while you are recovering from healing!

    Use Fine Jewelry for nose piercings

    Always look for fine-quality jewelry for your piercing. Nothing less than 14k gold or possibly stainless steel should be used for your new nose piercing jewelry.

    These were some of the aftercare tips for piercing.

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    Sometimes a piercing will obviously be infected. Other times, the infection might not be so easy to identify.

    When you first get a piercing done, there might be some initial bleeding, swelling around the piercing site, sensitivity, bruising, itchy irritation, and a whitish-yellow discharge (which is not pus) coming from the piercing.

    The discharge can form some crust on the jewelry, but that crust formation is okay and normal. Knowing the difference between normal side effects after having a piercing done, infection side effects can help you treat your infection better.

piercing healing tips


  • Signs of improper healing of new nose piercing

    Here are some of the common signs of improper nostril piercings healing. If you notice any of these symptoms reach out to the piercer to provide medical advice.

    • disruptive itchiness
    • redness
    • thick or dry skin
    • formation of blisters
    • a bad smell
    • unusually colored skin
    • pain or burning sensation around new nose piercings
    • piercing tender to touch
    • coloured discharge

    Do some nose piercing area hurt more than others?

    In general, there are three major types of nose piercings:

    • traditional nostril piercing
    • center placement septum piercings
    • high nostrils piercing

    septum and traditional piercing are easy to get and heal. whereas high nostril piercing can be a bit uncomfortable and get swelling that lasts for weeks.

    This is why it is recommended people with experience of getting and carrying for piercings only should get them.

    How long does the new piercings pain last?

    when done properly by a professional piercer, most piercings take half the time than an actual piercing procedure.

    Afterward you may experience mild soreness, it will be so minimal that you will not be able to notice it during your everyday activities.

clean your piercing


  • Can You Smoke After Nose piercing?

    It is best to avoid smoking after a new nose piercing. as blowing smoke out of the nose can cause complications which can, in turn, lead to scarring on the site of the piercings.

    Final Words:

    The healing time of piercing largely depends on the professional who did the piercing. Nose piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely and it also depends on the skin type.

    Once you are pierced, you should not change your jewelry at least for 6 to 8 weeks and if you want to change your jewelry in the healing times you should proceed to the professional piercer to do so. Do not do it by yourself.

    Well, to sum up, you need to take these proper measures to let it work for you or if something bad happens, immediately consult a doctor. But, do it all without fear!

    Because as they say: Girls, you need to bear some pain to have some gain! Cheers!

    Feel free to leave the comments or any queries below! Happy piercing!

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Do not remove your jewellery unless your piercing professional instructs you to do so, because you run the risk of trapping the infection inside your skin.