List Of Best Grounding Crystals

grounding crystals

Grounding Crystals – The crucial link between ourselves and planet Earth is grounding. It enables the Root Chakra to receive healing energy from the Earth, bringing harmony to the spirit, the mind, and the body. Moreover, it balances harmful energy.

On the other hand, lacking a solid foundation can result in various problems, including negativity, fear, and insecurity. It is also challenging to remain present when there is a lack of foundation.

Clearing obstructions and enabling positive electrons to enter the Root Chakra from the Earth are two benefits of using grounding stones. You’ll feel grounded, less impulsive, and better able to make judgments as a result.

The therapeutic protection crystals listed below are among the best for grounding among the various stones, with healing characteristics that aid in this process.

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List Of Grounding Crystals


Hematite is the best grounding stone to use when you feel your foundations have been rocked. Hematite will help you regain your solid base while assisting you in letting go of tension, anxiety, and uncertainty.

The root chakra is linked to your body’s energy center for stability, security, and safety. Hematite may help your energy flow easily so you can feel rooted and in control no whatever life throws at you by dealing with the root chakra.

Hematite also has the benefit of being a stone of protection. This indicates that it will shield you from outside negative energy that can attempt to shake your firm foundation in addition to assisting you to experience grounded and balanced. Hematite is a powerful stone that can assist you in staying grounded and safe in various settings, including work, home, when driving or commuting, the grocery store, your in-laws’ residence, and everywhere in between.

These are some of my recommendations for potent hematite stones that you can carry with you or wear on your person all day.


Like hematite, obsidian is a powerful grounding stone for protection and aids in bringing your brain, body, and spirit back into balance. When this happens, it can help you return to your solid ground.

Obsidian is also that best friend who, rather than always telling you what you want to hear, tells you what you need to hear, in my opinion. Obsidian will keep bringing any suppressed internal negativity to the surface so you can deal with it.

You don’t have to deal with this criticism alone, though. Obsidian will act as a dependable tutor, clearing whatever negativity you may be experiencing and pointing you toward love and light. Like hematite, it is a strong protection stone that shields your energy from outside, internal darkness, and negative energy.

See some of my suggestions for potent Obsidian stones below.


Onyx is a grounding stone that aids with stress relief and internal balance, like hematite and obsidian. Onyx is unique in that it may help you navigate through fear.

When you experience fear, what emotions arise in your inner world? Stress? Worry? Anxiety and jitters? Regardless of how you feel, Onyx can help you regain confidence and self-belief by absorbing this negative energy. This makes it a powerful stone for any circumstance in which you could feel uncomfortable.

This might also be helpful when you are coping with future uncertainty or dread. Onyx will encourage you and lead you along your way with strength and bravery, even though the road ahead may be unclear.

Onyx is a potent all-purpose stone for mending your inner energy since it can operate with your third chakra, 3rd eye, or crown chakras in addition to your root chakra, which it is primarily connected with.

These are some of my favorite pieces of stunning Onyx jewelry you can wear all day.

4.Smoky Quartz

Like Onyx, Smoky Quartz is a potent stone for anchoring when feeling intense fear, anxiety, tension, or unease. It gently assists you in letting go of these unpleasant feelings and leads you to a peaceful, composed condition.

The capacity of Smoky Quartz to change negative emotions into more uplifting ones that promote your overall well-being is one of the stone’s most potent advantages. For instance, if you’re experiencing severe fear, Smoky Quartz can assist in turning that anxiety into insight, enabling you to solve your difficulties successfully without upsetting your inner serenity.

Moreover, Smoky Quartz frequently enhances and magnifies the energy of nearby stones. It becomes a potent amplifier when used alongside any of the other grounding crystals on just this list.

Here are a few of my favorite crystals and stones made of smokey quartz.

5.Red Jasper

When you’re feeling unsure and confused in your daily life, red jasper acts as a grounding and stabilizing stone that helps you reconnect with the earth and find your way back home to yourself.

Together with equilibrium and stability, this stone also brings tremendous courage, strength, and drive. When you’re feeling worn out and uninspired by daily life, it energizes your brain, soul, and spirits and helps you regain strength.

Red Jasper is one of my favorite stones because, even though its vivid red color shouts flame and energy, it is actually a very nurturing stone. When you’re feeling down or lacking inspiration and creativity, this is the gemstone you want to reach for. It replenishes your inner being with good energy and offers you the motivation and stamina to build the life of your desires.

Here are a handful of my favorite Red Jasper stones you can buy now.

6.Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is renowned for being a powerful protective stone; when you go outdoors while holding or carrying a piece of black amethyst, imagine that you are traveling with an unseen shield encircling your complete existence, including your brain, body, and soul.

Black tourmaline will shield you from negative vibrations and poisonous energy that might try to undermine the inner positivity and stability you’ve worked so hard to build. It strongly connects to your body’s root chakra, which governs stability, security, and grounding.

Black Tourmaline will support you in remaining strong, steady, and brave as you go about your day by keeping your chakra open and stimulated. Use black amethyst as your bodyguard to protect your energy and make you feel grounded and comfortable as you navigate the world.

Here are a couple of Black Tourmaline stones that I consider particularly potent and shielding.

7. Shungite

Most stones you find in crystal shops are crystals; however, shungite isn’t one of them. But don’t let that discourage you. One of the most powerful healing stones available, this fuel stone is most frequently utilized for mental, emotional, and spiritual protection.

Use this stone for protection to release toxic energy and purge your soul of any negative that has found its way inside when you’re feeling heavy and exhausted. Shungite is a barrier against procrastination and outside noise, helping you center your energy and focus on your work and goals.

Shungite is also frequently used as an EMF (electromagnetic field) shield. If you are near electrical devices, this stone can shield you from any potentially dangerous frequencies they release.

Here are a few of my recommendations for potent Shungite gemstones.


Because it was created from fossilized wood, a jet is a mineral rather than a true crystal. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic stone for grounding.

Jet has been employed to reduce uncertainty throughout history. Also, its dark tones make it quite effective at absorbing negativity.

Hence, the jet is an excellent stone for protection to utilize if you are experiencing heavy energy.


Bloodstone is excellent for protection grounding because of its strong connection to the Root Chakra. This stone, along with crystals like carnelian and turquoise, is one of my favorites for raising energy levels.

Bloodstone was thought to have been created when Christ’s blood touched Jasper at the cross’ base during His crucifixion.

Bloodstone’s powerful pulsating energy helps you get to the bottom of a situation and move forward as it centers and roots you.

When a related concern results from a previous life or a hereditary predisposition, this love stone for protection is also fantastic for conquering those anxieties. It encourages resilience and enables you to accept the advantages of going through this challenging situation through grounding.

10.Petrified Wood

Strong anchoring energy in petrified wood connects your Sacral Chakra to the Ground.

The energy of transformation can be more effectively grounded with the help of this gem. It guarantees a certain degree of tolerance and fosters patience throughout the process.

Petrified wood, a stone for protection against change, inspires tenacity while you’re adjusting. That will encourage you to choose an alternative course.

Scared to death wood is the crystal to utilize if you want to achieve equilibrium and build a solid foundation for future change.

11.Moss Agate

A wonderful grounding crystal that looks like a mossy lawn is moss agate. You couldn’t ask for a more rustic crystal to harmonize your yin-yang balance, given its connection to nature.

When the Heart Chakra resonates with it, the energy is highly nurturing. It is ideal for grounding because it vibrates lower than most Heart Chakra crystals.

You will be firmly grounded on Earth thanks to this protection crystal. Grounding excess energy will calm a hectic life, improve your ability to manifest, and help you realize your full potential.

12.Black Obsidian

Lava that has cooled quickly forms black obsidian. Obsidian is a very exceptional crystal for grounding since it contains the components of fire, earth, and water.

It has a deep connection to Mother Earth and is a wonderful protection crystal to re-ground yourself after engaging in spiritual activity.

Your auric field can accumulate excess energy and negativity, which black basalt can ground through to the Root Chakra. If you’re feeling overly reactive, this helps you feel calm and serene.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What are grounding crystals?

Ans. Grounding Crystals are one of the finest ways to regularly practice grounding, energy cleansing, and shielding practices to maintain a sane mind and healthy body.

Q 2) Where to find grounding crystals?

Ans. Rock layers with metal veins, road cuts, rivers and riverbanks, disused mines, and old mine dumps are some locations where you can strike it rich. Abandoned rock and debris mounds from industrial excavation.

Q3)How to use crystals for grounding?

Ans. Start your routine by protecting crystals in a hot bath and watching them melt as you whirl. Dip your entire body into the aromatic water, breathe in its nourishing aroma, and set your purpose to let go of all negativity.